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By Forces Unseen
The Innovative Card Magic of Ernest Earick

Title Subtitle Year
Seeing with Photo-Electric Eyes Lecture Notes by Benjamin Earl 2007
Gambit Technique, Routines & Jetsam with Playing-Cards 2009-2010
How to Fool a Physicist A Tantalizing Playing-Card Proposition for the 21st Century 2010
Dr. Strangehand An Exhibition at the Card Table 2010
Less is More 2012
Less is More 2 2013
Less is More 3 2014
Less is More Bonus 2015
F for Fiction Exploiting playing-cards and pockets for magical effect 2015
Switch Transpositions with cards and coins via legerdemain & craft 2015
Psychologica 2016
Face Value A reconstructed "modern classic" 2016
Eye Candy A sugar rush for the eyes 2016
Red Herring A truly impossible card location 2016
This is not a Box Real magic, nothingness and somethingness 2016
Less is More 2017
Neo-Movement Become Better 2017
Roleplayer 2018
The Shift #1 effects — technique — theory 2019
The Shift #2 effects — technique — theory 2019
Real Magic Retreat 2019 2019
The Shift #3 effects — technique — theory 2020
Inside Out 2021

A Shot in the Act
From a Working Repertoire — The Magic of Doc Eason
1991 ca.

Title Subtitle Year
Cardmania 1978
Doug Edwards Packs a Wallop! 1997
Brass Knuckles Hard Hitting Magic 2006
Nukes 2013

Title Subtitle Year
Second Thoughts 2006
Erdnase — Past, Present and Future 2008
From the Cellar Notes on the Bottom Deal 2009
Jammin' With the Fellas Summer 2009 Lecture Notes 2009
Texas on a Saturday Night TAOM 2012 Lecture Notes 2012

The Expert at the Card Table
Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge at the Card Table

53 Friends
Card Tricks for Everywhere