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Title Subtitle Year
Lecture Notes 2007
Card Cemetery Monographic About the Torn and Restored Card 2008
Card in Bottle Professional Act & Semi-Automatic Routine 2018
Semi Automatic Retreat 2019 2019
Freedom of Expression A Study of Psychological Forces and the Psychology of For... 2021
Five 2022

Title Subtitle Year
Calling All Cards 1964
Patently Obscure 1964
My Card Sir! 1967
Round the World with a Pack of Cards 1968
At the Drop of a Match 1971
Pentertain Fifteen Minutes Impromptu Entertainment with Pen and Paper 1973
Son of Pentertain The Sexy Sequel to Pentertain 1975
Even Stephen An "Even Bet" Gambling Routine 1976
Mistress of Pentertain Fiddling with Figures 1976
Cabaret Card Divination 1978
After Dinner Technique 1980
Cards in Cabaret 1980
Super Spell 1980
The World's Fastest Card Trick 1980
Blue Spotitis And Other Odditites 1980
Accusation with further ideas 1980
The Blood Feast of the Sun 1980 ca.
Creditable Conjuring Magic with Credit Cards 1982
Four Ace Intro's 1983
Hammanesque Hot Ice No. 2 1985
Entertaining ESP A Book of Tricks with the Royal Magic ESP Deck 1999

Ueber das Wesen der Mentalmagie
und deren Anwendung im allgemeinen Zauberprogramm

A Titillating Effect from Jason Dean

Title Subtitle Year
The Magic of Eric DeCamps Compendium I 1985
The Coin Connection Masters of Magic, vol. 2, no. 1 1986

Title Subtitle Year
Supplément A La Magie Blanche Dévoillée 1785
Testament de Jérôme Sharp Professeur de Physique amusante 1786

Title Subtitle Year
Spain 2011 2010
Derek DelGaudio MagicCon 2010 2010

Title Subtitle Year
Let's Fake a Deal 1979
DeSouza's DeCeptions The Magic of Marc DeSouza 2001

Magical Mathematics
The Mathematical Ideas That Animate Great Magic Tricks

Title Subtitle Year
Intimate Miracles The Magic of Dean Dill 1997
A New World 2005

Title Subtitle Year
Dingle's Deceptions with Cards and Coins 1971
Dingle's Deceptions Lecture Notes 1971 ca.
Innovations a new series of close up miracles 1972-1976
Additional Deceptions Lecture Notes No. 2 1975 (ca.)
The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 1982

Title Subtitle Year
Dobson's Choice 2002
Dobson's Choice 2 The Sequel 2003
Dobson's Choice 3 The Final Cut 2004
More Look No Hands 10 More Incredible Hands Off Routines 2013

The Cardiste
"Dedicated to the Art of Cardistry"

Title Subtitle Year
Alternative Card Magic 1982
Close-Up to the Point 1984
Contemporary Card Magic 1984
Quartet Four Exclusive Card Effects 1986
Inspirations 1987
Card Selection 1993
Applications New routines and moves with unprepared cards 1993
Duffie's Card Compulsions 1995
Method in Effect 1996
Open Secrets 1996
Untold 1996
With Cards 1996
Effortless Card Magic 1997
N.D.E. — A Near Deck Experience Fifteen Fabulent Experiences with an Ordinary Deck of Pla... 1997
Covert Concepts 1998
Deck Direct 1998
New Inspirations 20 New Card Creations 2000
Cards By All Means 2001
Card Conspiracy — Vol. 1 2003
Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 2003
Diamonds from Coal 2004
Killer Koncepts A Koncise Kollaborative Kompendium of Kommercial Killer K... 2004
Subtle Miracles Further Card Magic by Peter Duffie 2004

Title Subtitle Year
Tribute A Close Up Card Routine 2004
Tubthumping 2005

Title Subtitle Year
Dunninger's Act 1983
Selected Sealed Message Reading Methods Dunninger's Mystic Series Mns. "A" 1983
A Simplified Crystal Gazing Speciality Dunninger's Mystic Series Mns. "B" 1983
Master Billet Tests Dunninger's Mystic Series Mns. "D" 1983

Title Subtitle Year
Lecture No. 1 1980 ca.
Lecture Notes 1980 ca.
The Dusheck Vest 1985
Dusheck's Thumb Tip Magic Dusheck Magic Series No. 1 1991
Dusheck's Coin Magic Dusheck Magic Series No. 2 1992
Dusheck's Card Magic Dusheck Magic Series No. 3 1992
Dusheck's Mental Magic Dusheck Magic Series No. 4 1993
The Original Dollar Punch And Routines 1993 ca.
Dusheck's Close-Up Magic Dusheck Magic Series No. 5 1994