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Title Subtitle Year
So Soon? Las Vegas Dessert Seminar Lecture 1989
That's It 1990

Title Subtitle Year
Successful Magic 1970 ca.
15 Mikrotricks 1971
M wie Magie Magnetische Magie 1995

Title Subtitle Year
Master Slate Secrets — Part I 1976
Classified 1977
Kane 1982
Of Gifts and Talents 1982
Six Columns 1982
The Quick and the Dead The AME Major Arcana Series XII 1993
Mind Your Poker The AME Zodiac Series Part II Pisces 1997

Title Subtitle Year
Thinking About Magic Eight Effects 1985
The Magic of Michael Ammar 1991
Life Savers A Handbook of Improvised Impossibilities 1991
Wise Guy from the street to the screen 1993

Title Subtitle Year
Magicolor Magia del cambio de color 1977
La Magia de Pablo Domènech 1996

Shadow & Shake
The Ultimate Ace Transposition Routine

Back to Back
Jeff Busby's Small Packet All Backs Routine

The Sticky Blue Book
New 2009 Edition
Publications written under other names: Philip T. Goldstein.

Magic from which Memories are Made!
A work on Close-Up Magic

A Teen's Routines
A booklet filled with insight and invention from the mind...

Super Swindle!
a super card fooler!

Title Subtitle Year
ZauberKunst Das Jörg Alexander Weber Seminar 1995 1995
7 Close-Up 1996
The Book Don't Forget To Point 1998
ZauberKunstStücke — Band 1 2000
Geld und Schein 2010

Title Subtitle Year
Mental Magic 1949
The Secret Ways of Al Baker 2003

Workers Number 4
Yet Still More Further Routines From The Professional Rep...

Title Subtitle Year
Kreationen 2011
Toastmaster Produce any Champagne Glass from a Flat Envelope 2011
Seminar 2021 2021

Title Subtitle Year
Carney Uncovered 1987
Carney Up Close 1987
Lecture Notes Collection [untitled] 1987