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Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
The Nacho Card Notes Derrick Chung Derrick Chung 2022
Conundrum a curiositiy-filled magazine for the discerning magician Marc Trudel, Sophie-Anne Vachon Various 2022

Made in France
Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
The New Phoenix 301-348 February 1954 — March 1958 Jay Marshall, Norman Jensen Various 1954-1958
The New Phoenix 351-400 November 1960 — December 1965 Karl Fulves, Don Tanner Various 1960-1965
Intermagic Ein Magisches Journal Rudolf Braunmüller Various 1973-2001
How Magic Works David Williamson David Williamson 1990 ca.
The Magical Record and Thoughts of Wesley James Close-up Expert Shares his Magical Thoughts Wesley James Wesley James 1997

Early Vernon
the magic of Dai Vernon in 1932