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Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Lewis Ganson Dai Vernon 1957
John C. Wagner John C. Wagner 1978
Harry Lorayne Ken Krenzel 1978
Mike Maxwell Larry Jennings 1986
Mike Maxwell John C. Wagner 1987
Three Complete Lessons in Professional Card Presentation Stephen Minch Larry Jennings 1987
The Lost Inner Secrets Stephen Minch Dai Vernon 1987
More Lost Inner Secrets Stephen Minch Dai Vernon 1988
Marlo in New Tops (June 1963 to April 1968) Edward Marlo Edward Marlo 1988
Mike Maxwell Larry Jennings 1988
and other assorted Mysteries Mike Maxwell Bruce Cervon 1989
Further Lost Inner Secrets Stephen Minch Dai Vernon 1989
the close-up magic of John Bannon John Bannon John Bannon 1990
Mike Maxwell Michael Skinner 1990
A Compilation of Modern Wonders Stephen Minch Various 1990
Stephen Minch, Bruce Cervon Bruce Cervon 1990
Transitional Studies Jon Racherbaumer Jon Racherbaumer 1990
Stephen Minch John Carney 1991
Lance Pierce Roger Klause 1991
Michael Ammar Michael Ammar 1991
Stephen Minch Alex Elmsley 1991
Notes On The Work Jon Racherbaumer Various 1992
A Modular Experiment Jon Racherbaumer Various 1992
November 1967 — 1976 Karl Fulves Various 1993
November 1969 — October 1973 Karl Fulves Various 1993
November 1965 — October 1969 Karl Fulves Various 1993
November 1973 — 1977 Karl Fulves Various 1993
Sid Fleischman Sid Fleischman 1993
Aldo Colombini Aldo Colombini 1994
Stephen Minch Alex Elmsley 1994
A Modern Treatise on the Art of Card Magic Justin Higham, Roger Crosthwaite Various, Roger Crosthwaite, Jack Avis 1994
Marlo in New Tops (May 1968 to May 1979) Edward Marlo Edward Marlo 1995
The Close-Up Magic of Michael Kaminskas Michael Kaminskas Michael Kaminskas 1996
Michael Skinner Michael Skinner 1996
John Luka Various 1997
Harry Lorayne Doug Edwards 1997
Nick Trost Nick Trost 1997
The Close-Up Magic of Simon Lovell Simon Lovell Simon Lovell 1997
1978 — 1988 Karl Fulves Various 1997
All You Ever Wanted To Know About The Himber Wallet — A... Harry Lorayne Harry Lorayne 1998
Bruce Cervon, world-renowned magician, shoots out more ma... Stephen Minch Bruce Cervon 1998
New Edition John Derris Various 1998
More Close-Up Magic of Simon Lovell Simon Lovell Simon Lovell 2000
Jon Racherbaumer Don Alan 2000
Lance Pierce John Cornelius 2001
Notebooks 1, 2, 3 (1964-1965) Bruce Cervon Various 2007
Al Schneider Al Schneider 2011

My Week with a Stripper
A Stimulating and Provocative New Look at the Stripper Deck

Leichte Zauberei
Eine Sammlung von Zauberkunststücken ohne und mit Appara...

The Magic Book
A Conjurer's Collection of Dazzling Effects for Parlor an...

Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
A Complete Manual of Coin Conjuring Jean Hugard Various 1935
Edward Victor Edward Victor 1937
Martin Gardner Various 1941
January 1942 — December 1943 Bruce Elliott, Walter B. Gibson Various 1942-1943
December 1943 — February 1946 Bruce Elliott, Walter B. Gibson Various 1943-1946
Dai Vernon's Pet Effects — No. 1 of a Series Ralph W. Read Dai Vernon 1945
February 1946 — May 1948 Bruce Elliott Various 1946-1948
May 1948 — April 1950 Bruce Elliott Various 1948-1950
April 1950 — March 1952 Bruce Elliott Various 1950-1952
Bill Simon Bill Simon 1952
Milbourne Christopher Milbourne Christopher 1952
Bill Simon Bill Simon 1954
Tony Kardyro Tony Kardyro 1955
Louis Tannen Various 1961
Cliff Green Cliff Green 1961
Harry Lorayne Harry Lorayne 1962
Sam Leo Horowitz, John J. Crimmins Jr. Sam Leo Horowitz 1963
Harry Lorayne Harry Lorayne 1965
Alton Sharpe Various 1971
Father Cyprian Father Cyprian 1971
Karl Fulves, Doug Edwards, Adam Fleischer, Tom Gagnon, Irving V. Gonzalez Various 1972-2000
Larry Becker Larry Becker 1978