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Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Reginald Scot Reginald Scot 1584/1995
Richard Kaufman Various 1979
Richard Kaufman Gene Maze 1980
Richard Kaufman Various 1981
Richard Kaufman Various 1981
Richard Kaufman Derek Dingle 1982
No. 1 — 6 Jon Racherbaumer Jon Racherbaumer 1983-2017
Richard Kaufman David Roth 1985
Jon Racherbaumer Don England 1985/93
Reflections On The History And Performance Of Seances Eugene Burger Eugene Burger 1986
Richard Kaufman Jay Sankey 1986
Eugene Burger Eugene Burger 1987
Richard Kaufman Ron Wilson 1987
Richard Kaufman Hiroshi Sawa 1988
Darwin Ortiz Darwin Ortiz 1988
Richard Kaufman, Philip T. Goldstein Various 1988
Richard Kaufman Brother John Hamman 1989
Eugene Burger Eugene Burger 1989
Richard Kaufman David Williamson 1989
Richard Kaufman Jay Sankey 1990
Richard Kaufman Gary Kurtz 1990
Richard Kaufman Shigeo Takagi 1990
John Bannon John Bannon 1991
A Handbook of Improvised Impossibilities Michael Weber Michael Weber 1991
Collected Trickery Jerry K. Hartman Jerry K. Hartman 1991
Richard Kaufman Various 1992
1982-1987 Richard Kaufman Various 1992
Richard Kaufman Steve Draun 1993
Stephen Hobbs Gene Maze 1994
Richard Kaufman, John Northern Hilliard Various 1994
Karrell Fox Karrell Fox 1995
More Card Trickery Jerry K. Hartman Jerry K. Hartman 1995
Peter Duffie Peter Duffie 1995
Joseph K. Schmidt Joseph K. Schmidt 1995
Darwin Ortiz Darwin Ortiz 1995
Jon Racherbaumer Dominique Duvivier 1996
Ed Brown Harry Riser 1996
Richard Kaufman, Mark Phillips Lou Gallo 1996

Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Modern Card Magic John Bannon John Bannon 1986
Ken Krenzel Ken Krenzel 1987

Coin Snatching
The Reputation Builder

Tullock — The Phantom Founder of Trade Show Magic
The Real Truth About Trade Show Magic and a lot more!