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Title Subtitle Year
The First Book of William 1947
Minds in Close-Up A Collection of Mental Mysteries using Small Accessories 1954
Minds in Duplicate Easy-to-do Mental Mysteries for Two People 1956
Fingertip Fantasies 1968
My Kind of Magic 1970
The Roy Johnson Experience 1970
Second Time Around 1971
Practical Sorcery 1976
Third Dimension 1977
Final Call 1979
The Magic of the Cube Featuring Magic and Mentalism for Stage and Close Up 1982
Silver Special The Lost Treasure of Roy Johnson 1989

Title Subtitle Year
Sleightly Surprising 1976 ca.
Zennerism 1980

Title Subtitle Year
Successful Magic 1970 ca.
Neue Magische Ideen 1983

Title Subtitle Year
Scams & Fantasies with Cards 2002
Designing Miracles Creating the Illusion of Impossibility 2006

Title Subtitle Year
Twisted Sisters The Ultimate Thought-Card Tranposition 1993
Las Vegas Kardma 1994
The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 Pieces of Strange to Unleash the Moment 1996
The Art of Astonishment — Book 2 Pieces of Strange to Unleash the Moment 1996
The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 Pieces of Strange to Unleash the Moment 1996

The Graduate
An Effect Ten Years in the Making

Title Subtitle Year
Acidus A Method for Thought-Reading 1976
Mental-Ettes A Collection of Provocative Mental Effects 1976
The Third Ecstasy Fabulous Card Feats for the Mentalist 1976
Master Slate Secrets — Part I 1976
The Sibylline Messages 1977
Break Through Piercing the Time Barrier 1977
The Photon Shield For the Thought Reader 1977
Classified 1977
Of Words and Wizards The Secrets in Books 1977
Psycho-Mentisis Pychic Magic 1977
The Apodosis 1978
The Tesseract 1978
The Lexicon Phenomena 1978
Magic Castle Lecture 1979
Acidus Plus A Method for Thought-Reading 1979/80
The Shattered Chalice 1981
The "H" Factor 1981
Phanta-Graphs For the Mentalist 1981
The Wocus Legacy 1982
Through a Wall, Mistily! Psychic Seeing 1982
Six Columns 1982
The Knight's Gambit 1982
Tr-Id The Fine Art of Reading Minds 1982
Cero-Mentics A Study In Thought Prints 1982
Of Gifts and Talents 1982
Eff-Oes A Study Of Flying Objects for the Mentalist 1982
Dunninger's Act 1983
Mastermind Headline Predictions 1983
Selected Sealed Message Reading Methods Dunninger's Mystic Series Mns. "A" 1983
A Simplified Crystal Gazing Speciality Dunninger's Mystic Series Mns. "B" 1983
Master Billet Tests Dunninger's Mystic Series Mns. "D" 1983
101 Psychic Tests Magic, Mentalism, Mediumship, Feats of Strength, Hypnotis... 1983
The Delphian Oracle 1983
Phantom Voices Miracles by Telephone 1984
Publicity Secrets Dunninger's Mystic Series Mns. "C" 1984
The Incredible Dr. Stanley Jaks 1984
High Domain A Method for the Private Reader 1985
Double Incidence The AME Major Arcana Series III 1986
Scorpio's Curve Occult Business with a Business Card 1988
The Quick and the Dead The AME Major Arcana Series XII 1993
The Naked Thought The Quantum Leap For Billet Kings 1994
Challenges The AME Major Arcana Series XVII 1994
Mind Your Poker The AME Zodiac Series Part II Pisces 1997
Acidus 2 Advanced Billet Technique 1997

Title Subtitle Year
Horizons Seminarunterlagen von Alexander de Cova 1990
The Magic is You 1990
Das Buch zur Body-Servante 1990
Zodiak nach Ideen von Ken de Courcy, Ted Lesley und Alexander de... 1990
Avantgarde Magic Ein magisches Journal von Alexander de Cova 1991-1993
Prinzipien in der Praxis Professionelle Routinen für den Close-up Bereich 1992
Seminarnotizen Steyr 1993 1993
Arbeitsbuch Misdirection 2016

Title Subtitle Year
Dusheck's Thumb Tip Magic Dusheck Magic Series No. 1 1991
Dusheck's Coin Magic Dusheck Magic Series No. 2 1992
Dusheck's Card Magic Dusheck Magic Series No. 3 1992
Dusheck's Mental Magic Dusheck Magic Series No. 4 1993
Dusheck's Close-Up Magic Dusheck Magic Series No. 5 1994

Title Subtitle Year
Dominatricks 2006
Sometimes it's Hard to be a Cardman Featuring ten new card tricks and five new moves from And... 2006
Movers & Shakers 10 new card moves from the funky repertoires of Tyler Wil... 2007
The Magician's Ltd Cookbook Jack Parker presents... 2007
52 Memories 2007
T and A Tour 2007
Hello Columbus! MAGI-Fest 2009 2009

40 Years at the Forks
Close-Up: Clever + Entertaining = Commercial

Title Subtitle Year
Home Schooled The Self-Taught Creations of Rick Merrill 2005
Antinomy Perception & Deception 2005-2011

The Mental Magic of Larry Becker

Title Subtitle Year
Avant-Cards Original Sleight of Hand 2011
Cased Card Controls 2011
Too Hot for the Devil Original Sleight of Hand 2013
Gagnon Unfiltered 2019