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The Bammo Dekronomicon
The Holy Grail of Card Magic Discovered at Last

Title Subtitle Year
For Close-Up Magicians' Eyes Only! 1980
Dimensional Relativity 1981
Magic from which Memories are Made! A work on Close-Up Magic 1981
Prime Hole Card 1983
Out Of His Mind! 1985
Midnight Special 1985
Fandango 1986
1 a.m. The Sequel 1986
1986 World Lecture Tour Notes 1986
When Creators Collide... The Close-up Creations of Jay Sankey & Richard Sanders 1987
PSI Poker A Playing Card Prediction 2011

Title Subtitle Year
Off the Wall 1988
Mad Fax and other Mysteries 1990
Digital Card Scanner The Magic of 2001 Here Today! 1991

The Journal of Contemporary Mentalism
1994 - 2003

Title Subtitle Year
More Magician Foolers A Further Collection of Magic Designed to Fool Magicians ... 1990
The Breather The Ultimate Crimp — Routines and Applications 1992
The Breather 2 The Ultimate Crimp — Further Routines and Applications 1993
Cards to Pocket Plus Close-Up Tutorial 1 1995
Five-Star Magic 1996
Flight Four Close-Up Tutorial 2 1997
Private Notes The Previously Unpublished Magic of Bob King 1999
Great Britain 2001 The magic of Bob King 2000
The Breather 3 The Ultimate Crimp — Final Routines and Applications 2002
New Magician Foolers Private Lecture Book 2003

Title Subtitle Year
The Shiels Effect A Manual for the Psychic Superstar 1976
Lovecraftian Ceremonies Seven Occult Dramas for the Magickal Performer 1979

Pseudo-Mentally Yours
Supplement No. 2 To Invocation 1977

Der Zauberspiegel
Illustrierte Fachzeitschrift für Salon-Magie — Vol. 1-5

Tricks with Cards
A Complete Manual of Card Conjuring