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Title Subtitle Year
Hand Mucking The Art of Switching Cards in Play 1982
"The Overhand Shuffle" Action Palm 1982

Billiard Balls
A Message from Garcia

The Conjurors' Magazine

Expert Card Technique
Third Edition

Title Subtitle Year
El Manuscrito 2007-2016
Card Cemetery Monographic About the Torn and Restored Card 2008
7 Efectos de Cartomagia 2014
Rutinas I 2014
Rutinas II 2014
Ases de Mano a Mano 2014
Ases Evanescentes / Ases Flash / As Padre 2014
El Libro de los Triunfos 2014
Card in Bottle Professional Act & Semi-Automatic Routine 2018
Freedom of Expression A Study of Psychological Forces and the Psychology of For... 2021
Five 2022

The Perfect Key Bending
An Amazing Mental Effect