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Mr. Gadfly
A Journal for Card Magicians

Title Subtitle Year
Persönliche Notizen zum Seminar 1993
Kartenkunst für Salon und Bühne 2003
Sharing Secrets The 52 Most Important and Practical Strategies in Magic 2021

Title Subtitle Year
Prethoughts 1990 /1999
Psychokinetic Time 1992/1999

Title Subtitle Year
Royal Runaway or S.B.S.ing with Himber 1973
The Magic of Gerald Kosky 1975
The Ascanio Spread 1976
Lecture Notes 1 1976
Good Turns Twistwist 1977
The Magic of Tan Hock Chuan 1977
Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram 1978
Arch Triumphs 1978
The Paul Fleming Book Reviews — Volume III Appraisals of Works on Sleight-of-Hand, Mind-Reading, Pse... 1979

Title Subtitle Year
Close Up Cues Novel routines of close up magic for the up-to-date perfo... 1975
Intermediate and Advanced Coin Technique 1982
Close-Up of the Damned 1985
Card File 1993
Mystification 1993
Fechter The Magic of Eddie Fechter 1993
The Magic of John Riggs The Man with $1.98 Hands 1995
Trephine A Collection of Magic 1997

Title Subtitle Year
Lessons in Dishonesty 1938
12 Tricks with a Borrowed Deck 1940
Card Fan Productions 1941
Deck Deception 1942
Bull's-Eye Coin Tricks 1942
Shoot the Works A Complete Manual of Dice Manipulation 1943
Off the Top 1945
Future Reverse 1945
Tricks with Daub 1945
Marlo In Spades 1947
Controlled Miracles 1949
For Card Men Only 1949
Lucky Aces 1950
Unknown 1951
Manipulating with Leech 1952
The Cardician 1953
Miracle Card Changes Revolutionary Card Technique — Chapter 1 1954
The Magic Seven A Masterly Routine of Repetition 1954
Handbook Of Card Sleights 1954
Kornfidentially Yours 1954
The New Phoenix 301-348 February 1954 — March 1958 1954-1958
Action Palm Revolutionary Card Technique — Chapter 2 1956
Fingertip Control Revolutionary Card Technique — Chapter 3 1956
Pretty Sneaky 1956
Side Steal Revolutionary Card Technique — Chapter 4 1957
The Tabled Palm Revolutionary Card Technique — Chapter 5 1957
Coining Magic 1957
The Faro Shuffle Revolutionary Card Technique — Chapter 6 1958
Faro Notes Revolutionary Card Technique — Chapter 7 1958
The Close-Up Magician 1958
Seconds, Centers, Bottoms Revolutionary Card Technique — Chapter 8, 9, 10 1959
Marlo Meets His Match 1959
Cardmanship 1959
Steranko on Cards Volume One 1960
ESP Handbook and Workshop Kit 1960
The New Phoenix 351-400 November 1960 — December 1965 1960-1965
The Multiple Shift Revolutionary Card Technique — Chapter 11 1961
Card Switches Revolutionary Card Technique — Chapter 12 1961
Estimation Revolutionary Card Technique — Chapter 13, 14 1962
Early Vernon the magic of Dai Vernon in 1932 1962
The K. M. Move 1962
The Bold and Subtle Miracles of Dr. Faust 1963
Super Card Man Stuff 1965
The New Modern Coin Magic 1966
The Bongo Book 1966
Charlie Miller Lecture Notes 1967
Piet Forton Lecture Notes 1967
On the Acrobatic Cards 1968
Newspaper Magic 1968
You, Too, Can Read Minds 1968
Fun With A Handkerchief Volume I — Stand-Up, Close-Up Series 1969
Expanded Lecture Notes 1970
The Roy Johnson Lecture Notes 1970
Off-Color Card Tricks 1970
Those Wild, Wild Aces A New One, Full of Intrique 1971
Canadian Card Control 1971
Marlo's Objectives 1973
Into the 4th Dimension... and Beyond 1973
Two Second Deals 1974
The Master Palm 1975
Early Marlo Enlarged Edition 1976
Close Up, French Style 1976
Card Tricks, French Style 1977
Dynamite Mentalism 1979
Al Leech's Legacy 1980
The Magic Pendulum 1980
Let The Audience Do The Show 1980
A New Angle 2017
Theseus A Magical Journey 2021

Title Subtitle Year
Magicomedy A serious look at some humorous magic 1981
Ideas 1982
Carney Knowledge 1983
Versatile Card Magic 1983
Theatrical Close-Up 1984
Seabrooke's Book Around the World With a Baking Tin 1986
The Cervon File 1988

Title Subtitle Year
Stop Fooling Us Lecture Notes Newly Revised and Illustrated, Second Edition 1990
Pasteboard Perpensions 1990
The Magical Record and Thoughts of Wesley James Close-up Expert Shares his Magical Thoughts 1997
Pristine The Cleanest — Easiest — Most Magical — The Most Co... 1998
Ambitious Undertaking Notes on The Ambitious Card Plot 2000

Title Subtitle Year
The Essential Stewart James 2007
Spins & Needles The Magic of Allan Slaight 2008
A Cut Above 2011
The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 2015
The Magic of Johnny Thompson 2018
Dai Vernon: The Spirit of Magic A Special Presentation for FISM Quebec 2022 2022

Hot Stacks & Cold Decks
Jogging Around the Deck

(Island of Cards)

Title Subtitle Year
Chap's Scrapbook July 1938 — Juni 1940 1938-1940
Hugard's Magic Monthly Vol 1-4: June 1943 — May 1947 1943-1947
I'll Read Your Mind 1953
Elastrix Rubber Bands — Tricks, Stunts and Puzzles 1979
The Best of Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism Book II 1979 / 1989
The Coin and Card Magic of Bobby Bernard 1982
Kane 1982
The Cardmanship of Roberto Giobbi 1984
More Money Magic of Mike Bornstein 1984
The Best of Close-Up Magic by Britain's leading Magicians 1984
The Pat Way to Con The original magic of Pat Conway 1987
Elastrix — Volume 2 The Rubber-band Magic of Joe Rindfleisch 1995

Kranzilla Unleashed
The Magic of Nathan Kranzo

Better Than Hartz 4
Tricks, Ideen und Anregungen

The Lexicon
Volume One

Title Subtitle Year
What's Up Deck? A notebook on card magic 1995
Throw in the Sponge A Funny and Commercial Sponge Ball Routine 1996
Standing Room Only A Lecture on Stand-Up Magic 2000
Killer Koncepts A Koncise Kollaborative Kompendium of Kommercial Killer K... 2004

Title Subtitle Year
The Chop Cup Book 1979
Variations 1979

The Hindu Cups
An Expose of the Greatest Mystery in the Orient

Title Subtitle Year
Facelifter 2002
Mayhem 2003
Light Storm Andrew Mayne illusion impact series 2 2004

Angels May Shuffle but the Devil Still Deals
The Card Hustler's Secret Weapon

Title Subtitle Year
Quarks & Quirks 2000
Slink Pocket Mysteries Series — Issue One 2001

Title Subtitle Year
Close-Up Hallucinations 1982
Off the Wall Lecture Notes 1983
Finger Secrets An Adventure in Finger Magic 1985
Twisting Arm Illusion 1989
Memorable Magic English / French Edition 1993
Magical Wishes 1994
Predict-Perfect Meir Yedid's Professional Performance Series Issue Two 1994
The Piatt Envelope 2000
Visual Coin Assembly 2002

Title Subtitle Year
The L. W. Card Mysteries 1928
Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets 1955
Doorway to Delusion 1972
The Conjurors' Book of Stage Illusions 1974
The Book of Thoth Tarot Trickery 1974
Ever So Sleightly The Professional Card Technique of Martin A. Nash 1975
Mind & Matter A Handbook of Parapsychokinetic Phenomena 1975
The Amazing World of Mentalism 1976
Any Second Now Part Two of the Professional Card Technique of Martin A. ... 1977
Creations of a Magical Madman A Theater of the Absurd For the Close-up Performer 1977
Sleight Unseen Part Three of the Professional Card Technique of Martin A... 1979
Mind Novas 16 Advanced Rhine-Card Experiments 1980
Mind Runes A Unique New Prediction Effect 1980
The Robin Hood Caper 1982
Eyeless in Gaza The Blindman's Bluff — A Complete Mental Act without Sight 1984
Mind Melds A Precognitive Hexameron 1984
Gellerism Revealed The Psychology and Methodology behind the Geller Effect 1985
Killer Klose-Up 1986

Title Subtitle Year
French Pasteboards 1980
Martin's Miracles The Magic of Martin Lewis 1985
The New Orleans Soirée Society of American Magicians - New Orleans, Louisiana, J... 1993
Magic From The Soul 1993
Wise Guy from the street to the screen 1993
Drawing Room Deceptions 1999
Variations Revisited 2003
Wonders the long, slow process of creating magic for the real world 2013
The Conference Illusions research, rethink, rebuild, and restage classic illusions... 2013

Title Subtitle Year
Temporarily Out of Order The Redford Stack 2017
Hypnotic Pull 2018
Sleightly Out Of Order 2019

The Card Puzzle
and Other Diversions

Title Subtitle Year
Magic Atlas 1999
Constant Fooling 1 2002
Constant Fooling 2 2002
A New World 2005
Switch Unfolding the $100 Bill Change 2006