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Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Under, Over An Inside Guide for Young Magicians and their Parents Joshua Jay Joshua Jay 2008
Green Eggs & Cam Tyler Wilson Tyler Wilson 2009
Route 52 Steve Reynolds Steve Reynolds 2009
A Clockwork Apple Chris Mayhew Chris Mayhew 2009
High Spots Caleb Wiles Caleb Wiles 2009
One Degree John Guastaferro John Guastaferro 2010
Above the Fold Rich Aviles Rich Aviles 2010
Moments More Superlative Magic From Troy Hooser Joshua Jay Troy Hooser 2010
Finding The Center Antonio Zuccaro Antonio Zuccaro 2011
Calculated Chaos Chris Westfall Chris Westfall 2013
Confident Deceptions The Extraordinary Card Magic of Jason Ladanye Jason Ladanye Jason Ladanye 2013
Nukes Doug Edwards Doug Edwards 2013
Blomberg Laboratories Andi Gladwin Tomas Blomberg 2014
Close Culls Harapan Ong Harapan Ong 2014
Hidden Agenda Roberto Giobbi Various 2016
Light and Heat Selected book reviews by Jamy Ian Swiss Jamy Ian Swiss Jamy Ian Swiss 2017
Less is More Benjamin Earl Benjamin Earl 2017
Secrets John Lovick, Anthony Owen Anthony Owen 2017
Preserving Mystery Jamy Ian Swiss Jamy Ian Swiss 2017
The Session 2017 and The Event Various Various 2017
Evergreen Astonishing Essays 1: Timeless Magic in the Age of Trends Steve Cohen Steve Cohen 2018
A, B, Z's of Magic Astonishing Essays 2 Rob Zabrecky Rob Zabrecky 2018
Diary of a Prison Magician Astonishing Essays 3 Anonymous Anonymous 2018
Dying to Change Astonishing Essays 4: How I Used Magic to Kill My Professor Lawrence Hass Lawrence Hass 2018
The Trickster Spirit Astonishing Essays 5 Robert E. Neale Robert E. Neale 2018
Roleplayer Benjamin Earl Benjamin Earl 2018
Principia Harapan Ong Harapan Ong 2018
Game Changer More Extraordinary Card Magic Jason Ladanye Jason Ladanye 2018
Pure Imagination Andi Gladwin, John Campbell Scott Robinson 2018
The Illusioneer Carlos Vaquera, Vincent Delourmel, Frantz Réjasse Carlos Vaquera 2019
Focusing on Magic Astonishing Essays 6: How to Study Magic Effectively Andi Gladwin Andi Gladwin 2019
Finding the Spotlight Astonishing Essays 7: An Introvert's Journey Tina Lenert Tina Lenert 2019
Personal Revelations Retreat 2019 Andi Gladwin Andi Gladwin 2019
Semi Automatic Retreat 2019 Dani DaOrtiz Dani DaOrtiz 2019
Icons Retreat 2019 Paul Vigil Paul Vigil 2019
Real Magic Retreat 2019 Benjamin Earl Benjamin Earl 2019
Triptych Retreat 2019 Joshua Jay Joshua Jay 2019
The Darkest Corners Neil Kelso Ben Hart 2020
Distilled Ryan Plunkett Ryan Plunkett 2020
Parlour Tricks Rhys "Morgan" Jones, Robert "West" Tay Rhys "Morgan" Jones, Robert "West" Tay 2020
The Conjurer's Conundrum Astonishing Essays 8: My Life in Magic and Skepticism Jamy Ian Swiss Jamy Ian Swiss 2020
The Boy Who Cried Magic Andi Gladwin Andi Gladwin 2020
The Session 2020 Various Various 2020
Before We Begin Asi Wind Asi Wind 2021
Stage by Stage John Graham John Graham 2021
Get Outta My Way, I'm Going to Hell Astonishing Essays 9 John Lovick John Lovick 2021
Something More Retreat 2022 Daniel Garcia Daniel Garcia 2022
Ubuntu I Am Because We Are (Retreat 2022) Andi Gladwin Andi Gladwin 2022
Reaching Into Flames A Glorious Tribute to Myself and My Ideas (Retreat 2022) Joshua Jay Joshua Jay 2022
Slow Motion Cups & Balls Featuring Flapping (Retreat 2022) Guy Hollingworth Guy Hollingworth 2022
Talk About Tricks The Complete File 2001-2013 Joshua Jay Various 2022
MagiFest University Class of 2022 Various Various 2022
Topping the Deck Jamy Ian Swiss Jamy Ian Swiss 2022

The Astor-Deck
Das Wunder-Kartenspiel
1967 (ca.)