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Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Dial A Date Deal Bob Hummer Bob Hummer 1955 (ca.)
Alexander de Cova Alexander de Cova 2003
Lewis Ganson Dai Vernon 1957
Lewis Ganson Nate Leipzig 1963
A Special Presentation for FISM Quebec 2022 David Ben Dai Vernon 2022
A Journal of Ingenious Magic Tricks, Creative Process & M... Edo Huang Various 2017
The True Secret of Professional Mindreaders Docc Hilford Docc Hilford 2004
Jerry Mentzer Jerry Mentzer 1976
Including "Coins: HowToWhatToWhenToWhyTo" and "Words: Scr... Curtis Kam Curtis Kam 2004
Where Mentalism Meets Illusion Docc Hilford Docc Hilford 2004
Neil Kelso Ben Hart 2020
Darwin Ortiz Darwin Ortiz 1988
Lecture Notes No. 2 Darwin Ortiz Darwin Ortiz 1979
Darwin Ortiz Darwin Ortiz 1976
Daryl Martinez Daryl Martinez 1988
Stephen Minch Daryl Martinez 1985/87
or The Jolly Jumping Jokers Daryl Martinez, Richard Kaufman, Mike Maxwell, Lainee Schroeder Daryl Martinez 1985
3. Magisches Happening Michael Skinner, Piet Forton Michael Skinner, Piet Forton 1979
The Incredible Close Up Magic of Dave Campbell Peter Duffie Dave Campbell 2004
Professional Magic for Magicians David Berglas David Berglas 1976
1976 Brighton Convention David Berglas David Berglas 1976
David Solomon David Solomon 1990
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves, Sam Schwartz 1997
Allan Zola Kronzek Allan Zola Kronzek 2024
Mark Tams Various 2008
John Bannon John Bannon 2004
Scotty York Scotty York 1980
Stanley Collins Stanley Collins 1920
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1992
Notas de conferencia Victor Piña Victor Piña 2022
Edward Marlo Edward Marlo 1942
Peter Duffie Peter Duffie 1998
Harry Lorayne Harry Lorayne 1967
David Britland David Britland 1983
Bob Farmer Bob Farmer 1989
Al Mann Al Mann 1983
Michael Weber Michael Weber 2011
MagicCon 2010 Derek DelGaudio Derek DelGaudio 2010
Simon Lovell, Rich Marotta Derek Dingle 2004
Philip T. Goldstein Philip T. Goldstein 1996
Five insubordinate pieces Tom Stone Tom Stone 2004
Creating the Illusion of Impossibility Darwin Ortiz Darwin Ortiz 2006
The Magic of Marc DeSouza David Acer Marc DeSouza 2001
Kunststücke aus der Praxis mit vielen Kleinigkeiten für... Axel Hecklau Axel Hecklau 2008
Ron Bauer Don Alan 1999
Ted Lesley Ted Lesley 1992
Aaron Shields Aaron Shields 2004
A Book of Routines for Modern Stage Conjurers Jim Steinmeyer Jim Steinmeyer 1991
George Blake George Blake 1959
A Collection of Card Tricks Roy Walton Roy Walton 1969
Even More Strangely Self-Working Conjuring Jim Steinmeyer Jim Steinmeyer 2015
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico 1948
Jamy Ian Swiss Jamy Ian Swiss 2011
Instructions for over three dozen sleight-of-hand moves a... Justin Higham Justin Higham 2008
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson 2004
Steve Beam Steve Beam 1980
Astonishing Essays 3 Anonymous Anonymous 2018
Mentalism, Mental Magic and the Difference Jamy Ian Swiss Jamy Ian Swiss 2012
Karl Fulves, Martin Gardner Martin Gardner 1995
The Magic of 2001 Here Today! Ben Harris Ben Harris 1991
The Thimble Magic of Joe Mogar Steve Beam Joe Mogar 1997
Ben Harris Ben Harris 1981
Lecture Notes Derek Dingle Derek Dingle 1971 ca.
Harry Lorayne Derek Dingle 1971
Paul Vigil Paul Vigil 2007
The One That Fools Them All Paul Curry Paul Curry 1976
A card disappearing routine Gert Malmros Gert Malmros 1980
Tom Dobrowolski Various 2021-2022
Issues 1 to 10 Karl Fulves Various 1999-2005
Reginald Scot Reginald Scot 1584/1995
John Guastaferro John Guastaferro 2013
Ryan Plunkett Ryan Plunkett 2020
A Treatise on Misdirection with Cards Andrew Galloway Andrew Galloway 1980
A Treatise on Misdirection with Coins Andrew Galloway Andrew Galloway 2006
(Part One) Dick Koornwinder Dick Koornwinder 1984
Colin McLeod Colin McLeod 2014
Lee Asher, Keith "Kip" Pascal Lee Asher 2005
Private Studies Series No. 7 Ron Bauer Ron Bauer 1998, 2002
Robert Parrish, Oscar Weigle Robert Parrish, Oscar Weigle 1939
Wayne Dobson Wayne Dobson 2002
The Sequel Wayne Dobson Wayne Dobson 2003
The Final Cut Wayne Dobson Wayne Dobson 2004
Tyler Wilson Tyler Wilson 2006
Jon Racherbaumer Don England 1985/93
Kevin Kelly Don England 2001
Technical Knock Outs John F. Mendoza Don England 1981
The Real Secrets of 3 Card Monte Frank Garcia Various 1978
The Magic of James Swain James Swain James Swain 1992
The Innovative & Creative Magic of David Stahl John F. Mendoza David Stahl 1978
Helder Guimarães Helder Guimarães 2008 (ca.)
You Are MAGIC! No. 7 Father Cyprian Father Cyprian 1979
Paul Vigil Paul Vigil 2017
Paul Siegel Paul Siegel 1972
Lisp Series — Part 4 Philip T. Goldstein Philip T. Goldstein 1987
Markus Beldig Mike Porstmann, Markus Beldig 2019
Andi Gladwin, Michał Kociołek Michał Kociołek 2018
The AME Major Arcana Series III Al Mann Al Mann 1986
Andrew Frost Andrew Frost 2022
R. Paul Wilson R. Paul Wilson 2003 ca.
Chad Nelson Chad Nelson 2008
Rafael Benatar Rafael Benatar 1993
Jon Racherbaumer Daryl Martinez 1979
Harry Lorayne Doug Edwards 1997
Lecture notes on the card technique of Andrew Wimhurst Andrew Wimhurst Andrew Wimhurst 1998
Band 11 der Eperny-Manuskriptserie Charly Eperny Dr. Stanley Jaks 1961
An Exhibition at the Card Table Benjamin Earl Benjamin Earl 2010
Guy Hollingworth Guy Hollingworth 1999
Gary Ouellet Gary Ouellet 1993
Roger Smith Roger Smith 1975
A New Theory Dribble Pass Aaron Shields Aaron Shields 2001
Peter Duffie Peter Duffie 1984
Peter Duffie Peter Duffie 1995
Al Mann Joseph Dunninger 1983
Ein Trickprinzip von Helge Thun Helge Thun Helge Thun 2000
Walter H. Woolbaugh Steve Dusheck 1985
Dusheck Magic Series No. 3 Steve Dusheck Steve Dusheck 1992
Dusheck Magic Series No. 5 Steve Dusheck Steve Dusheck 1994
Dusheck Magic Series No. 2 Steve Dusheck Steve Dusheck 1992
Dusheck Magic Series No. 4 Steve Dusheck Steve Dusheck 1993
Dusheck Magic Series No. 1 Steve Dusheck Steve Dusheck 1991
Astonishing Essays 4: How I Used Magic to Kill My Professor Lawrence Hass Lawrence Hass 2018
Practical High-Impact Effects Jeff Busby, Richard Osterlind Richard Osterlind 1999
George B. Anderson George B. Anderson 1979