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73 books
Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
A.K.A. Vernon's Influence R. Paul Wilson R. Paul Wilson 2017
Private Studies Series No. 1 Ron Bauer Ron Bauer 1998, 2000
Clever New Magic From France's Foremost Creative Magician Gaëtan Bloom, Paul Stone, Super Fafa Gaëtan Bloom 1986
Tom Gagnon Tom Gagnon 1998
Tom Gagnon Tom Gagnon 2019
Tom Gagnon Various, Tom Gagnon 2022
Unterlagen zum Seminar 2003 Alexander de Cova Alexander de Cova 2003
Technique, Routines & Jetsam with Playing-Cards Benjamin Earl Various, Benjamin Earl 2009-2010
U. F. Grant U. F. Grant 1936
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1979
Dan MacMillan Dan MacMillan 1977
Karl Fulves, Neal Elias Neal Elias 2000
Forte Years of Research Steve Forte Steve Forte 2020
Forte Years of Research Steve Forte Steve Forte 2020
Nick Trost Nick Trost 1975
Nick Trost Nick Trost 1975
More Extraordinary Card Magic Jason Ladanye Jason Ladanye 2018
Advanced Techniques and Strategies for Pictionary Michael Weber Michael Weber, Tim Trono 2023
Dan Garrett Dan Garrett 1991
Dan Garrett Dan Garrett 1992
A Handling of Herb Zarrow's Full-deck False Shuffle that ... Stephen Minch Gary Plants 2004
Carl Montada Carl Montada 2008
Christoph Borer Christoph Borer 2007
Jörg Alexander Weber Jörg Alexander Weber 2010
The Psychology and Methodology behind the Geller Effect Ben Harris Ben Harris 1985
Arthur H. Buckley, John Brown Cook Arthur H. Buckley, John Brown Cook 1947
pure GENEius Gene Anderson Gene Anderson 2016
Karl Fulves, Gene Finnell Gene Finnell 1973
Stephen Hobbs Gene Maze 1994
Richard Kaufman Gene Maze 1980
The Conjurors' Magazine Richard Kaufman, Various Various 1999-2023
Lecture Notes Richard Kaufman Geoffrey Latta 1981
Gerd Winkler Gerd Winkler 1989
Christian Scherer Christian Scherer 1992
Astonishing Essays 9 John Lovick John Lovick 2021
An Entirely New and Revolutionary Method for Performing t... Vynn Boyar Vynn Boyar 1949
Gary Kurtz Gary Kurtz 1991
Steve Beam Steve Beam 2009
Precautions and Approaches Garrett Thomas Garrett Thomas 2012
Das monatliche Zaubermagazin Steve Bryan, Pedro, Mark Vincent Steve Bryan, Pedro, Mark Vincent 1985-1987
Enlarged and Revised Edition Lewis Ganson, Hugh Miller Various 1968
Ray Grismer Ray Grismer 1981 ca.
George McBride Various, George McBride 2022
Patrick G. Redford Patrick G. Redford 2008
Discoveries & Thoughts Allec Blanco Allec Blanco 2015
Eine Dice-Stacking-Routine Christian Scherer Christian Scherer 2000
Andi Gladwin Andi Gladwin 2017
Bruce Bernstein Bruce Bernstein 1994
A Collection of Polychromatic Card Magic Philip T. Goldstein Philip T. Goldstein 1979
Twistwist Jon Racherbaumer Various 1977
Karrell Fox Karrell Fox 1991
Steve Beam Steve Beam 2012
Yohei Kawabata Yohei Kawabata 2017
An Effect Ten Years in the Making Aaron Fisher Aaron Fisher 2010
Alain Poussard Yves Carbonnier 2019
Official Publication for Members of Grant's Inner Circle U. F. Grant Various, U. F. Grant 1948-1949
Tom Stone Tom Stone 2003
The magic of Bob King Bob King Bob King 2000
Harry Lorayne Harry Lorayne 1972
Thoughts on Classics Robert Parrish Robert Parrish 1995
Jon Racherbaumer Eddie Fields 1997
Eddie Joseph Eddie Joseph 1942
John Northern Hilliard Various 1938
Lennart Green Lennart Green 1995
Color Series — Part 3 Philip T. Goldstein Philip T. Goldstein 1977
Tyler Wilson Tyler Wilson 2009
Ellison Poland Lennart Green 1997
Lennart Green Lennart Green 2008
Refreshner Notes August 20, 1977 Scotty York Scotty York 1977
Eugene Burger Eugene Burger 1996
Christian Scherer Christian Scherer 1995
Ken Simmons Ken Simmons 1988
Bob King Bob King 2003