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Title Subtitle Year
G.T.F.M. A.K.A. Vernon's Influence 2017
Gadabout Coins Revisited Private Studies Series No. 1 1998, 2000
Gaetan Bloom 86 Clever New Magic From France's Foremost Creative Magician 1986
The Gagnon Spread Control 1998
Gagnon Unfiltered 2019
Gambit Unterlagen zum Seminar 2003 2003
Gambit Technique, Routines & Jetsam with Playing-Cards 2009-2010
The Gambler's Expose Act 1936
Gambler's Third Lesson 1979
The Gamblers' Palm Revisited 1977
Gambling Notes 2000
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 1 Forte Years of Research 2020
Gambling Sleight Of Hand — Volume 2 Forte Years of Research 2020
Gambling Tricks with Cards — Part One 1975
Gambling Tricks with Cards — Part Two 1975
Game Changer More Extraordinary Card Magic 2018
Garrett Does The U.K. 1991
Garrett In The U.S.A. 1992
Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle A Handling of Herb Zarrow's Full-deck False Shuffle that ... 2004
Die Geisterschrift 2007
Geld und Schein 2010
Gellerism Revealed The Psychology and Methodology behind the Geller Effect 1985
Gems of Mental Magic 1947
Gene Anderson — The Book pure GENEius 2016
Gene Finnell's Card Magic 1973
Gene Maze And The Art Of Bottom Dealing 1994
The Gene Maze Card Book 1980
Genii The Conjurors' Magazine 1999-2022
German Card Top Twenties 1989
Das Gespiegelte Kartenspiel 1992
Get Outta My Way, I'm Going to Hell Astonishing Essays 9 2021
Ghostly Seconds An Entirely New and Revolutionary Method for Performing t... 1949
The Ghostwriter 1991
The Gift 2009
The Gift of Magic: Amazing Moments Precautions and Approaches 2012
Gimmick Das monatliche Zaubermagazin 1985-1987
Glaces 1981 ca.
Glemme 2008
Glimpse into My Mind Discoveries & Thoughts 2015
Der glücklose Würfelspieler Eine Dice-Stacking-Routine 2000
Goldstein's Gallery A Collection of Polychromatic Card Magic 1979
Good Turns Twistwist 1977
Goodies 1991
Gourmet Card Magic 2012
Grace 2017
The Graduate An Effect Ten Years in the Making 2010
Grand Livre de Cartomagie 2019
Grant's Inner Circle Magazine Official Publication for Members of Grant's Inner Circle 1948-1949
Great Britain 2001 The magic of Bob King 2000
The Great Divide 1972
Great Tricks Revisited Thoughts on Classics 1995
Greater Card Tricks 1942
Greater Magic 1938
The Green Angle Separation 1995
The Green Book of Mentalism Color Series — Part 3 1977
Green Eggs & Cam 2009
The Green Mirror-Count 1997
The Green Northern Lights Magic 2008
Grundgriffe der Close-Up Zauberei 1995
Guarded Secrets Revealed! 1988