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Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Fifteen Fabulent Experiences with an Ordinary Deck of Pla... Peter Duffie Peter Duffie 1997
Derrick Chung Derrick Chung 2022
The Quantum Leap For Billet Kings Al Mann Al Mann 1994
on Close-Up Magic Jerry Andrus Jerry Andrus 1964
Román García Román García 2010
Victor Farelli Nate Leipzig 1952
Ryan Murray Ryan Murray 2021
David Acer David Acer 1995
David Acer David Acer 1999
"Cartomagia de Salón" Roberto Mansilla Roberto Mansilla 2017
Various, Alexander Hansford Various 2019-2023
Alexander Hansford Alexander Hansford, Bradley Hodgins, Andrew Frost 2023
Roger Smith Roger Smith 1970-1974
Robert J. Nedbalski Robert J. Nedbalski 1978
Become Better Benjamin Earl Benjamin Earl 2017
Three Complete Lessons in Professional Card Presentation Stephen Minch Larry Jennings 1987
Helder Guimarães Helder Guimarães 2015
Roberto Giobbi Roberto Giobbi 1987
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1991
Pavel Pavel 1983
Kabinettstücke und Ratschläge für Zauberer "Joro" Bruno Hennig "Joro" Bruno Hennig 2004
Paul Curry Paul Curry 1975
Jerry Mentzer Various 1975
Michael Feldman, Ryan Plunkett Michael Feldman, Ryan Plunkett 2017
Das unabhängige magische Magazin von Alexander de Cova Alexander de Cova Various, Alexander de Cova 2012-2014
Joseph K. Schmidt Joseph K. Schmidt 1995
Karl Fulves, Neal Elias Karl Fulves, Neal Elias 2001
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1996
Stephen Tucker Stephen Tucker 1991
Mike Bornstein, Gloria E. Kindred Mike Bornstein 1990
August Roterberg Various 1897
20 New Card Creations Peter Duffie Peter Duffie 2000
Astonishing Routines with Gimmicked Cards José de la Torre José de la Torre 1976
Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series Lewis Ganson Lewis Ganson 1978
Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series Lewis Ganson Various 1978
Richard Kaufman, Philip T. Goldstein Various 1988
Private Lecture Book Bob King Bob King 2003
Juan Tamariz Juan Tamariz 1995 ca.
J. B. Bobo Various 1966
Society of American Magicians - New Orleans, Louisiana, J... Mike Caveney René Lavand 1993
Karl Fulves, Don Tanner, Jay Marshall, Norman Jensen Various 1954-1960
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 2001
Martin Breese, Bob Gill Various 1992-1994
Karl Fulves, Doug Edwards, Adam Fleischer, Tom Gagnon, Irving V. Gonzalez Various 1972-2000
David Britland Various 1986 - 1987
Thomas Hierling Thomas Hierling 1987
Michael Weber, Dean Dill Michael Weber, Dean Dill 2005
Richard Kaufman Various 1982
Richard Kaufman Various 1983
Stephen Minch, Adam Fleischer Various 1984
Stephen Minch Various 1985
Stephen Minch, Philip T. Goldstein Various 1986
Bob King Bob King 1994
The Creative Card Conjuring of Dr. Gábor G. Szabó Gábor G. Szabó Gábor G. Szabó 2003
Gene Anderson, Frances Ireland Marshall Various 1968
Daniel Garcia Daniel Garcia 2002
David Berglas David Berglas 1987
Im Fokus Nr. 2 Christian Scherer Christian Scherer 2018
Theodore Annemann Theodore Annemann 1928
A New Power For Magicians (1984 reprint used) Louis Nikola Louis Nikola 1927
Houlin Li Kiyoshi Satoh 2022 ca.
Houlin Li Kiyoshi Satoh 2022 ca.
Lecture Notes MOTM 2001 New Orleans Ted Karmilovich Ted Karmilovich 2001
5 Approaches to Even Money Proposition Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1998
20+ Techniques, Methods and Effects using Sleight of Hand Justin Higham Justin Higham 2012
R. Paul Wilson R. Paul Wilson 2003 ca.
Philip T. Goldstein Philip T. Goldstein 2000
Father Cyprian Father Cyprian 1983
Get cute girls, free drinks and higher fees! Docc Hilford Docc Hilford 2005
Jerry Mentzer, Jim Krenz, Steve Beam Jim Krenz 1994
Juan Tamariz Juan Tamariz 1979
John Carney John Carney 1986 (ca.)
FISM 1997 Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra Adrian "Ramblar" Guerra 1997
Mortenn Christiansen Mortenn Christiansen 2023
Dan Sperry Dan Sperry 2010
John Galsworthy John Galsworthy 2020
Routines - Techniques et des Cartes Alain Poussard Yves Carbonnier 2016
Bébel, Philippe Billot Bébel 2014
Bébel, Philippe Billot Bébel, Philippe Billot 2014
The Motor City Lecture Notes Tony Cabral Tony Cabral 2014
William Goodwin William Goodwin 1993
Gary Kurtz Gary Kurtz 1995
Gary Kurtz Gary Kurtz 1996
Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1973
German Lecture Notes Guy Hollingworth Guy Hollingworth 1996
Justin Higham Justin Higham 2009
As performed at the Pony Club December 28, 1974 10:45pm-1... Jeff Busby, Gene Matsuura Frank Shields 1975
Philip T. Goldstein Philip T. Goldstein 2004
Steve Beam Steve Beam 2008
A Magic Lecture David Gabbay David Gabbay 2012
Ricky Smith Ricky Smith 2015
White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) White (陈怀宇), Bob (张熙禹) 2022
Minimal Miracles & Disproportionate Marvels for the Stand... Jim Steinmeyer Jim Steinmeyer 2015
Jared Kopf Jared Kopf 2016
Philip T. Goldstein Philip T. Goldstein 1978
Lu Brent Lu Brent 1932
Lessons in Sleight of Hand Bill Tarr Bill Tarr 1976
Doug Edwards Doug Edwards 2013
A Series of Card Effects Based on a Single Principle Francis Haxton, Stewart James Stewart James 1954
Docc Hilford Docc Hilford 2005
Carlos Vinuesa Carlos Vinuesa 2013
A new approach on the "antiquated moss-covered ruses" Dan Buck, Dave Buck Dan Buck, Dave Buck 2001
More approaches on "antiquated moss-covered ruses" Dan Buck, Dave Buck Dan Buck, Dave Buck 2002
final approaches on "antiquated moss-covered ruses" Dan Buck, Dave Buck, Randy Campbell Dan Buck, Dave Buck 2003
Philip T. Goldstein Philip T. Goldstein 1990
Cards and Cases — Part 3 Karl Fulves Karl Fulves 1979