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Title Subtitle Year
Wabi-Sabi 2017
The Warpsmith Returns 1996
Watch Me Closely 1937
Watch This One! A Collection of Choice Magical Effects with Small Objects 1947
Way Out of this World 1992
Weapons of Mass Deception 2009
Weapons of Mass Destruction 2004
Weber's Winning Idea 2010
Wednesday Nights 1994/1999
West Coast Quarterly Winter/1984 & Summer/1984 1984
West End Card Session 1989
What If? Chuck Smith Notes 1994
What's Up Deck? A notebook on card magic 1995
When Creators Collide... The Close-up Creations of Jay Sankey & Richard Sanders 1987
When Psychics Play Poker 2004
The Whispering Spirit 1941
Who is this Dr. Jaks? The Dr. Jaks Lecture 1951
Why Not? Chuck Smith Notes 2000
The Wild Card Kit A Modular Experiment (Second Edition) 1992
Wild Card — Plus 1973
Wild Cards Primera With Deck Series Vol. 2 1997
Wildcard Miracles 1977
Williamson's Wonders 1989
Wireless II 1982
Wisches A Magical Lecture Tour 1979
Wisches II A Magical Lecture... with the motivational touch 1981
The Wisdom of Solomon Magic With Playing Cards 2007
Wise Guy from the street to the screen 1993
With Cards 1996
Without 1989
The Wizard Is Dead 2004
Wizardry With Watches 1927
The Wocus Legacy 1982
Wonderful Routines of Magic 1969
Wonderful Routines of Magic — The First Addendum 1973
Wonderful Routines of Magic — The Second Addendum 1994
Wonders the long, slow process of creating magic for the real world 2013
Word Play Impromptu Playing Card Memory 2007
Word Work II 2008
Workers Number 1 Routines form the Professional Repertoire of Michael Close 1990
Workers Number 2 More Routines form the Professional Repertoire of Michael... 1991
Workers Number 3 Further Routines form the Professional Repertoire of Mich... 1993
Workers Number 4 Yet Still More Further Routines From The Professional Rep... 1994
Workers Number 5 1996
A Workers Series Sampler 1994
Working Alone 1994
Worknotes On Brainwave 1983
The Workshop — The Notes of Mike Pisciotta 2017
A World of Clocks 1984
World of Super Mentalism 1978
World Tour Lecture Notes — Set 1 2004
World Tour Lecture Notes — Set 2 2004
World Tour Lecture Notes — Set 3 2004
The World's Fastest Card Trick 1980
The World-Famous Bowl Routine A Practical, Powerful And Entertaining Routine For the Bi... 2005
Would You Believe It? 1935
Wrestling With Magic All the Secrets Unexplained 2015
Die Würfel sind (nicht) gefallen! 1996