Written by Stanley Collins
Work of Stanley Collins
111 pages (Hardcover), published by Will Goldston, Ltd.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
21 entries
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Stanley Collins Foreword
Stanley Collins The Wooden Slab and Flying Card Experiment Cards attached on a board with rubberbands, spectator peeks at a card and remembers the value, then he counts to that value in a fan and remembers the card. Card transposes from the deck with the peeked card on the board
Stanley Collins Making Of False Index Cards
Stanley Collins Cards and Coincidence three selections and three packets, cards at number, faced deck method
Stanley Collins The Omega Ace Experiment ace assembly, one packet sealed in envelop, with a card stand for better visibility, duplicates
Stanley Collins False Count removing four as three cards from the deck, milking extra card
Stanley Collins False Envelope Insertion only part of the cards are inserted into the envelope
Glide False Count with extra card
Stanley Collins Will! fifteen cards stick to the hand, all fall except three selections, gaffed card and ring
Stanley Collins The Siamese Bloodstone deck in hat, which is balanced on edge of a plate, selected cards jump from hat
Stanley Collins Le Dernier Cri Mutilated Card Experiment card cut into four pieces, three are burnt and found restored in nest of envelopes
Related to 46
Stanley Collins A Question of Memory spectator selects one of three cards and puts it in pocket, another cards is taken from the deck and put in performer's pocket, cards transpose, duplicate
Related to 52
Stanley Collins Thought Anticipated and Precipitated one of six cards vanishes and appears at impossible location
Stanley Collins The Guessing Game spectator guesses correctly on of three cards he has in pocket, then it change places with one of the other two cards
Related to 63
Stanley Collins The Spider pips of card vanish and appear on paper, pip eating spider
Related to 67
Stanley Collins Billet Switch on clip, with a deck of cards, while removing cards
Related to 69
Stanley Collins The "Knee" Plus Ultra Handkerchiefs a yellow handkerchief is tied on left leg and a green one on the right leg, then the yellow handkerchief penetrates the leg and the green one travels knotted on the other leg
Stanley Collins A New Ropes and Rings Experiment similar to Grandmother's Necklace, with jacket, ropes and rings
Related to 84
Albert Fellows Ginger and the Apple doll in miniature cannon ends up in hat, held by spectator
Stanley Collins The Filtering Ink Experiment two tumblers inverted with glass plate, ink from a glass disappears and appears in bottom tumbler
Stanley Collins The Inktubators ink travels from one vessel to another, under cover only an amount of liquid travels
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