Written by Jared Kopf

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44 pages (Paperback), published by Dark Arts Press
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jared Kopf Preface on "traveling to impossible location" effects and using their methodology for predictions 5
Jared Kopf The Card in the Envelope named card predicted in envelope 9
John Wilson Open Index Location with Riffle Shuffle 15
Jared Kopf Steal this Trick three-word-phrase predicted in ShoGun wallet 19
Jared Kopf The Oneiromancer's Index four nightmares written on blank cards, performer give them to correct spectators with some cold reading, one nightmare predictedInspired by 31
Jared Kopf Living and Dead Dreams suggestion 41
Jared Kopf Impromptu Marking System for pseudo psychometry, originally from "Behind Your Forehead" (Kopf, 2013) 41