Written by Joseph Barry
Work of Joseph Barry
26 pages (Stapled), published by The Modus
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
20 entries
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Joseph Barry Introduction
Joseph Barry Dream Poker three-handed game, hands and draws are predicted
Also published here 4
Joseph Barry Undoing Riffle Shuffle removing demo cards
Joseph Barry A Two Card Location card cut to and card thought of small pile, one's position named and other card produced from pocket
Joseph Barry A Ruse for Magicians... fine strip out
Also published here 8
Joseph Barry Beginner's Luck spectator first gets a flush in hearts, then a straight flush in spades
Inspired by 9
Joseph Barry A Blackjack Production four blackjack hands produced
Also published here 10
Joseph Barry, John Benzais Double Benzais Spinout two cards
Also published here 10
Joseph Barry E-CAN fairly peeked-at card, at position named by spectator
Red/Black Shuffle around Position overhand shuffle with a card at known position
Related to 11
Joseph Barry A Multiple Card Location four cards
Joseph Barry Losing Procedure four cards placed in different position while dealing through deck
Joseph Barry Reverie (almost) any card thought of, divined immediately
Joseph Barry Number Card Limitation verbal ploy
Joseph Barry Another Ruse for Magicians... spectator shuffles, card is on top or at least under control
Also published here 17
Joseph Barry Thoughts on the Psychological Spread Force spectator thinks of cards while performer fans them with faces towards spectator
Joseph Barry Don't Stop Thinking stop trick at thought-of card, think stop, then spectator stops at performers card
Joseph Barry A Narrowed Thought card thought of and after small dealing procedure it is named, hands-off
Inspired by
  • "Mind Reader's Lucid Dream" (Justin Higham, Clairvoyant, Mental Topper and The Mind-Reader's Dream, 2011)
Joseph Barry A Memory at the Card Table card chosen, deck apparently memorized, blackjack and poker hands apparently riffle stacked, rest recited and last card is selected one
Also published here 24
Joseph Barry On-the-fly Stacking culling, arranging, pile-cutting, ...
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