Written by John Luka

Work of Various

143 pages (Hardcover), published by L&L Publishing
Illustrated with drawings by John Luka.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
John Luka Acknowledgments i
Gordon Miller Introduction ii
Milton Kort Foreword iii
Ron Bauer The Lie Detector three packets, selection is found on top of remainder, impromptu versionInspired by 1
John Luka The Homing Card Inspired by 9
Ron Bauer Double Lift from Small Packet 9
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 12
Unknown Wild Card Move 13
Paul Chosse Diagonal Palm Shift getting into it from having a card selected from a spreadInspired by 14
Ron Bauer Key to the Draw three cards, twenty-six keyInspired by 20
Milton Kort Okito Less Box Routine with invisible Okito box, four coins through hand 27
John Luka The Turnover Pass 32
John Luka The Smiling Mule Variation Inspired by 35
Edward Marlo, John Luka Convincing Control variation 37
Eric DeCamps Very Strange Exchange Part II card and coin transposeInspired by 40
Eric DeCamps Bottom Palm 41
John Mulholland Mulholland Slide Related to 42
Eric DeCamps Through The Fist Flourish variation 42
Larry Jennings Coin Cut 42
Michael Ammar Card in Match Book three cards turn out to be the signed selection, then they transform into the mates and selection is found folded in matchbox 44
Unknown Quick 3-Way with extra card 45
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 46
Michael Ammar Flash Fold 48
Chris Carter Mental Prediction shuffled deck, from thirteen cards a spectator choses best possible poker hand, performer divines it and had predicted it too 51
Bill Kalush The Fidgeting Card Related to 57
Edward Marlo Center Reverse future reverse 58
Bill Kalush Center Reverse card reverse while doing convincing controlRelated to 60
Bill Malone Card Reverse card in center turns face up, hole deck is turned secretly 63
Ron Bauer The Magic Coin coin on forehead, has huge nail on back when removedInspired by 65
John Morgan Wide Open Prediction instantly repeatableInspired by
  • Jon Racherbaumer's "Wide Open Prediction"
John Luka Simple Arithmetic II four variations, using a three-spotInspired by 73
Ron Bauer Second Sight comedy triple prediction, heads or tails, total of numbers from date of the coin and a card, three envelopesInspired by
  • David Britland's "Second Sight" in "Sorcerer Vol.1"
Unknown Coin Ruse apparently coin is taken from a handful of change from spectator, coin force 78
John Morgan The "Birthday" Book birthday book, shuffled deck one card freely selected 83
John Luka Zarrow Shuffle Finesse 87
John Luka Chromo Balls different colored balls, with color change beginningInspired by 93
Milton Kort Chromo-Sphere Switch 93
John Luka, Edward Marlo, Daryl Martinez, Frank Garcia Kings on a Fling selection vanishes from between two kings into deck between other kings several times, then kings change to aces and are found by cutting to themInspired by 99
Ron Bauer Biddle Steal no break handling 100
Edward Marlo Scoop Addition 107
John F. Mendoza Snap Over Change Variation 109
Ron Aldrich One Coin for Connoisseurs actually several coins, coin under lapel 111
Bob Hummer, Gregory Wilson Coin Production flipping invisible coin in the air and catching it on the back of the hand, where it becomes visibleInspired by 115
Paul LePaul, Ron Aldrich Horizontal French Drop 116
Ron Aldrich Invitation to Imagination presentation for B'Wave with envelope 118
Paul Cummins Overtwist Transposed combo with Hofzinser Problem ending 124
Eddie Fechter Cutting Force timing 126
Ron Bauer Devilish Trickery 133
Ron Bauer The Take-Back Count Switch Inspired by 139
John Luka Epilog 143