Written by Joseph Barry, John Cottle
Work of Joseph Barry, John Cottle, Various
135 pages (Paperback), published by The Modus
Illustrated with photographs
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Joseph Barry, John Cottle Welcome
1 Feb. 2016 3
Joseph Barry Echoed three progressively fairer locations of a card
Inspired by 1 Feb. 2016 5
Joseph Barry Charlier Shuffle Key Placement
1 Feb. 2016 5
Ian "Sav" Saville The Worker Interview
1 Feb. 2016 6
Joseph Barry Impromptu Bug constructing bug/table-holdout for a card from card case
1 Feb. 2016 8
John Cottle Portable Bug hiding bug/table-holdout for a card at card case
1 Feb. 2016 8
Joseph Barry Another Stop Trick.. Really? spectator stops at card, its value is used to count down to selection, no set-up
1 Feb. 2016 9
Joseph Barry Red/Black Location using chunks of one color in shuffled deck
1 Feb. 2016 9
Joseph Barry Justin Higham
1 Feb. 2016 10
Justin Higham Illogical Revolve-Cut Production
Related to 1 Feb. 2016 11
John Cottle Card at Date card fairly lost, appears at day of the month of birth, two handlings
Inspired by 1 Feb. 2016 12
Joseph Barry No Thanks to Zarrow riffle cull without Zarrow or blocking off
Inspired by 1 Feb. 2016 13
Joseph Barry The Stacking Drill
Related to 1 Feb. 2016 14
Joseph Barry, John Cottle Year One in Photos photos of Joseph Barry and John Cottle on conventions and magic meetings
1 Feb. 2016 16
Joseph Barry Casual Strip-Out Shuffle shuffle in hands, strip-out on table
1 Feb. 2016 18
Michael Weber, Joseph Barry A conversation with Michael Weber interview on persona, exposure, Charlie Miller, Ricky Jay
1 Feb. 2016 20
Michael Weber The Card Problem fairly removed card named by phoned person, strict conditions, posed as problem
1 Feb. 2016 22
Michael Weber Killer 21 performer repeatably wins despite shuffling and cutting
1 Feb. 2016 23
Joseph Barry The Modus Guide to Cards "What do your cards say about you?"
1 Feb. 2016 25
Joseph Barry Seal of Approval color of USPCC seal gives place of production
1 Feb. 2016 25
Joseph Barry Swivelosis cards apparently up-jogged from various places, stripped out and given to spectator, actually order retained
Inspired by 1 Feb. 2016 26
Joseph Barry, John Cottle Welcome
2 Dec. 2017 3
Tom Rose Instant Cutting Production tabled, retains order
2 Dec. 2017 4
Justin Higham Self-Working Turnover Pass
  • Tabled Handling
  • Swing-Cut Handling
  • Stand-up Handling
2 Dec. 2017 6
Bradley Hodgins, Ross Tayler Eagle Eye four-of-a-kind produced after spectator's shuffle, misspelled Taylor
Inspired by 2 Dec. 2017 10
Theodore Annemann Spectator Shuffles and Cuts
Related to 2 Dec. 2017 10
Ross Tayler, Bradley Hodgins Dead Aim performer cuts off named number of cards, four Aces produced, misspelled Taylor
2 Dec. 2017 13
John Cottle Target Practice shuffle tracking a (crimped) card, then dealing a good hand with it
2 Dec. 2017 14
Joseph Barry Flying with Balloons magician or spectator cuts to the Aces
Inspired by
  • Marlo's methods in New Tops
2 Dec. 2017 17
Joseph Barry Fake Removal card apparently transferred from tabled packet and placed in left hand
2 Dec. 2017 17
John Cottle, Joseph Barry 2 Way Out two outs for lost selection
2 Dec. 2017 18
Joseph Barry Stuart's Strip Poker spectator thinks of card, shuffles and removes it, cards dealt and missing card completes straight
Inspired byRelated to 2 Dec. 2017 20
Luke Jermay, Joseph Barry Luke Jermay on creativity, NLP, card magic vs. mentalism, boredom, ethics & disclaimers
2 Dec. 2017 22
Luke Jermay Pick a Card Poker four chosen cards are shuffled into a poker hand
Related to 2 Dec. 2017 29
Cull Stacking
2 Dec. 2017 29
Luke Jermay Four Card Blackjack Ten Card Poker style routine for Blackjack
2 Dec. 2017 30
Joseph Barry, John Cottle Welcome
3 Sep. 2017 3
Luke Jermay Two-Card Dowsing two card thought of, deck shuffled and cut into three piles, performer names pile and position of first selection, then position of second selection in full deck
3 Sep. 2017 4
Ross Tayler, Charlie Ordania One for the Boys #1 out-of-hand selection procedure with shuffling, spectator cuts and looks at card in packet, risky
Related to 3 Sep. 2017 8
John Cottle, Ben Joffe Ice Cold Decks six gambling stacks for Texas Hold'em that can be cut, yet the dealer wins, for two, three, four or eight players
Variations 3 Sep. 2017 10
Joseph Barry, John Cottle 10 Commandments for Attending a Card Session
3 Sep. 2017 13
John Cottle How to Really Cheat at Cards discussion of several books on gambling
3 Sep. 2017 14
John Cottle (reviewer) The Expert at the Card Table by S. W. Erdnase 3 Sep. 2017 15
John Cottle (reviewer) Scarne on Cards by John Scarne 3 Sep. 2017 15
John Cottle (reviewer) Phantoms of the Card Table by David Britland (written by Gazzo Macee) 3 Sep. 2017 15
John Cottle (reviewer) K. C. Cards Co. Catalogue 3 Sep. 2017 16
John Cottle (reviewer) Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich 3 Sep. 2017 16
John Cottle (reviewer) Repeat Until Rich by Josh Axelrad 3 Sep. 2017 16
John Cottle (reviewer) Road Hustler by Robert Prus 3 Sep. 2017 17
John Cottle (reviewer) Gambling Scams by Darwin Ortiz 3 Sep. 2017 17
John Cottle (reviewer) Poker Protection by Steve Forte 3 Sep. 2017 17
Joseph Barry A Lie Detector Routine featuring a fair control sequence where the spectator cuts to a card and buries his pile
3 Sep. 2017 19
Gary Plants, Joseph Barry A Conversation with Gary Plants
3 Sep. 2017 20
Gary Plants Tips on Technique
  • Hand Position
  • The Grip
  • Rhythm is Everything!!
  • How to Practice
3 Sep. 2017 27
Gary Plants Group Effort card named, spectators touch cards which are reversed and added up, at the total is found the named card when counted down in the deck
3 Sep. 2017 29
Gary Plants "This is Why I am Here" replacing glimpse after spectator's shuffle with set-up and shuffle strategy
Inspired by 3 Sep. 2017 30
John Cottle Border Control on using border-less cards, control, location, fingertip peek force
Related to 3 Sep. 2017 32
Joseph Barry Turning Around & Going Home card chosen, four more cards named, they turn over cleanly, then all back except selection, using four 3/4 double backers
3 Sep. 2017 34
Edward Marlo Future Reverse
3 Sep. 2017 35
Joseph Barry The Psychological Spread Force cards fanned before the spectator's eyes
3 Sep. 2017 37
Joseph Barry, John Cottle Crossword crossword puzzle
3 Sep. 2017 38
Joseph Barry, John Cottle Welcome
4 Dec. 2018 3
Joseph Barry The Stacking Drill #2 pseudo stacking for Hold'em, chosen cards stacked, Full House received on flop
Related to 4 Dec. 2018 5
Jared Kopf, Joseph Barry Quick-Fire Questions with Jared Kopf
4 Dec. 2018 6
Jared Kopf Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind
  • Scenario One (overhand shuffle sequence)
  • Scenario Two (tabled riffle shuffle sequence)
  • Scenario Three (in-the-hands riffle shuffle sequence)
  • Scenario Four (hindu shuffle sequence)
Inspired by 4 Dec. 2018 8
John Cottle, Joseph Barry 10 Commandments for Attending a Magic Convention
4 Dec. 2018 14
Derrick Chung Ice Cold Decks - Part 2 Hold'em stack to win with two to six players
Inspired by 4 Dec. 2018 16
John Cottle Blankjack blank deck kicker
Inspired by
  • Luke Jermay routine
4 Dec. 2018 18
Steph Lacasse The Real Secrets of Card Trimming about Slim Card Co
4 Dec. 2018 20
Steph Lacasse Trimmers Explained... different types of trimmers and cutters
  • Rotary Trimmer
  • O'Hare Stripper Jig
  • Negative Trimmer
  • Lassen Trimmer
  • Bushey Trimmer
  • Corner Rounder
4 Dec. 2018 26
Steph Lacasse Strippers Stripped Bare... pros and cons
  • Wedge Stripper (Tapered Deck)
  • End Stripper
  • Combination Wedge Stripper
  • Shakeouts
  • Belly Stripper
  • N-Stripper (negative)
4 Dec. 2018 30
Ollie Mealing Persistence cards handed to performer while he is looking away, performer names cards, final phase with card in case, using Mickael Chatelain's "M-Case"
4 Dec. 2018 32
Justin Higham Double Shared Prophecy two spectators name a card each and stab a Joker in the deck, it ends up between the two named cards
Inspired by
  • "Shared Prophecy" (Justin Higham, Prophecy Moves and Effects, 2012, p. 12)
4 Dec. 2018 34
Justin Higham Discrepant Dribble Force bold
4 Dec. 2018 36
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