Written by Robert A. Nelson

Work of Various

75 pages (Stapled), published by Nelson Enterprises
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Robert A. Nelson Foreword 5
Robert A. Nelson Bob Parrish short bio on Robert Parrish 7
Robert Parrish Coptic Enigma automatic writing turns out to be the name of selection, when looked at in mirrorInspired by 7
Robert A. Nelson Robert (Bob) Nelson short bio on Bob Nelson 8
Robert A. Nelson The "Impossible" Prediction prediction of anything named, on a piece of paper, two versions 8
Robert A. Nelson A Mental Do As I Do 10
Robert A. Nelson Life Savers with an ESP Flavor bag with different flavored Life Savor candies, spectator takes one and eats it, performer divines taste 11
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes brand of cigarette is divined 11
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes idea for headline prediction with Nelson Mental-Gimmic 11
Robert A. Nelson Mental Card Elimination one card is removed, 51 cards are shown once to spectator and he names missing card, method for value and suit 12
Robert A. Nelson Color Vision Outdone die with different colors placed in box, selected color is predicted, with Nelson Mental Gimic 13
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes ideas for X-Ray act 14
Robert A. Nelson Brain Waves Deluxe "I knew you would select this card" written on back of named card 15
Robert A. Nelson Frederic Kolb short bio on Fredric Kolb 15
Fredric Kolb Business Card Telepathy symbols drawn on business cards, selected one is divined 15
Robert A. Nelson The Amazing Maurice short bio 17
The Amazing Maurice Mental Currency one of four bills is put in an envelope, performer divines which, olfactory method 17
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes ideas for Mental Curency 17
The Amazing Maurice ESP Tumblers chip is placed under any cup, performer divines where 18
The Amazing Maurice A Spectator Performs Telepathy spectator divines number from a bill by looking into a glass of water 19
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes ideas on routines where spectator divines number or cards with a crystal ball 19
The Amazing Maurice Maurice's Handy Andy impression method with envelopes and a note pad, carbon paperRelated to 20
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes comment on the Handy Andy impression device 20
The Amazing Maurice Newspaper Ad Test five ads are cut from a newspaper and put on a board, one is selected and divined by performer 23
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes comment on switching devices 23
The Amazing Maurice ESP Card Effect with cards and envelopes 24
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes 24
The Amazing Maurice Mental Telephone Telepathy stranger names selected card, probability method 24
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes comment on Mental Telephone Telepathy 25
The Amazing Maurice License Plate Numbers cards with license plate numbers and states, one is selected and performer divines ten digit number and state 25
Robert A. Nelson Al Mann short bio on al mann 26
Al Mann A Mental Puzzle cards are put in a bag, spectator removes some, performer too and the rest is given to a second spectator, performer divines amount of red and black cards each spectator is holdingRelated to 26
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes comment on A Mental Puzzle 27
Robert A. Nelson Gene Grant short bio on Gene "Phantini" Grant 28
Gene "Phantini" Grant Phantini's Thought Card to Pocket one glued long short card 28
Gene "Phantini" Grant Phantini's Miracle Gimmick pad, paraffin impressionInspired by 28
Robert A. Nelson Dick Johnson short bio on Dick Johnson 29
Dick Johnson Ouija - Ouija idea for contact reading climax 29
Dick Johnson The Spirit Speaks thread with weight is attached in empty bottle and begins to move, pendulumRelated to 29
Dick Johnson Impromptu Headline Prediction prediction in envelope, opened with pair of scissors 30
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes comment on Impromptu Headline Prediction 31
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes on using pads 31
Dick Johnson Group Reception version of Vernon's Five Card Mental Force, on stage, majority of audience chose same card out of five 31
Robert A. Nelson Sid Solomon short bio on Sid Solomon 34
Sid Solomon Undue Influence card is removed face up, second card is choses face down it's the same with different back 34
Robert A. Nelson Dr. Spencer Thornton short bio on Spencer Thornton 36
Dr. Spencer Thornton Predicted Action prediction of any actions a performer wants to perform in front of the audience 36
Robert A. Nelson (reviewer) North Bigbee short bio on North Bigbee 38
North Bigbee Registro Prediction prediction by mail, gaffed envelope to insert billet 38
North Bigbee Secret of the Flame message in envelope, secret reading method, candle 41
North Bigbee Double Divination drawn ESP symbol is divined and one out of five persons, the person who drew the symbol, blindfolded 42
North Bigbee Duplico blindfolded performer duplicates drawn ESP symbol 43
Robert A. Nelson Clettis V. Musson short bio on Clettis V. Musson 45
Clettis V. Musson Predicto cards with four digit numbers, two numbers added, sum was predicted 45
Robert A. Nelson Nelson Notes on the marking of the cards for predicto 46
Robert A. Nelson Sid Bergson short bio on Sydney Bergson 46
Sydney Bergson Recognizing the Unknown cards in pocket, one by one is removed and when spectator stops performer, card is the previously selected one 46
Robert A. Nelson Jim Auer short bio on James Auer 48
James Auer Mental Blocks spectator and performer put different colored cubes in a tube, same order, both blindfolded 48
Robert A. Nelson Dr. Chet Miller short bio on Chet Miller 52
Dr. Chet Miller Math-O-Matics seven digit number added to other numbers 52
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes comment on Math-O-Matics 53
Robert A. Nelson Gerald Kosky short bio on Gerald Kosky 54
Gerald Kosky En Rapport Psychic Thought deck with names of famous people, selected name is found on named number and was predicted earlier 54
Robert A. Nelson Orville Meyer short bio on Orville Meyer 55
Orville Wayne Meyer Mental Cocktail book test with bartender's guide, thought drinks are served 55
Orville Wayne Meyer Match-O-Matic three people, amount of matches is divined 56
Robert A. Nelson James G. Thompson, Jr. short bio on J. G. Thompson, Jr. 57
James G. Thompson Jr. Premonition, A Prize Winner "The Little Man" 57
Robert A. Nelson Robert G. Tripp short bio on Robert G. Tripp 61
Robert G. Tripp A Deck of Cards and a Miracle deck is cut and a card named, performer names position 61
Robert A. Nelson Stewart Judah short bio on Stewart Judah 63
Stewart Judah Number Affinity sum divination 63
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes comment on Number Affinity 63
Robert A. Nelson Dave Dowds short bio on Dave Dowds 64
Dave Dowds Telesthesia with a card stand / frame 64
Robert A. Nelson Nelson Notes comment on Telesthesia 66
Robert A. Nelson Alan Milan short bio on Alan Milan 66
Alan Milan The Devil Speaks toy phone, spectator divines card, same as Douglas Kelley's Telephone TrickRelated to 66
Alan Milan Publicity Dictionary Test gaffed book, as a prediction in a newspaper 67
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes 67
Alan Milan A Few Thoughts on Radio Publicity 69
Alan Milan Long Distance Telephone Test selection is divined 72
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes 73
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes comment on Brain Waves Deluxe 74
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Final Notes 74