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22 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Al Mann Foreword
Al Mann The Bends coin is bent and folded
Related to 1
Al Mann A Pause on moves and magnets in mentalism
Al Mann Permutation of Matter - A Solid Through Solid Effect safety pins link together, three phases
  • Part I - three pins link in spectator's hand
  • Part II - safety pin links with finger ring, phase with Andrus Linking Pin gimmick
  • Part III - pins are magnetized (inspired by Rink's Acrobatic Paperclips)
Inspired byRelated to 3
Al Mann The Spikes of Asmodeus historical comments on bending nails, nail bending act with several nails and spectator participation
Related to 8
Al Mann The Frankenstein Affair several dead ants and a dead fly come back to life, ladybug recommandation
Related to 12
Al Mann Imponderable Energy abnormal lift, person is lifted by four spectators on their index fingers
Related to
  • Professor Nika in Teral Garrett's "Psycho-Gizmo Vol. 4"
Al Mann The Reach of the Mind box with several pendulums of different lengths, chosen one starts to move
Related to 16
Al Mann Merlin's Magic Marionettes puppet starts to move (wiggle, move head and hands) on performer's command
Related to 17
Al Mann The Secret of the Ancients levitation off a chair, brief discussion on seance levitation
Inspired by
  • U.F. Grant's "Bodies in Orbit", 1963
Al Mann Notes on The Bends, Permutation of Matter, The Nail Act, Merlin's Marionettes, The Frankenstein Affair
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