Written by Al Mann

Work of Al Mann

17 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Gary Mason The Mastic Mysteries impression device, clipboard, no wax or carbon, different uses 1
Al Mann The See Through GM Board Gary Mason's The Mastic Mysteries impression device, with a see through board 2
Al Mann The RMS Principal RMS (Reversed Magic Slate), see through impression device, picture duplication without touching the clipboard 3
Al Mann The Deluxe Jupiter Gimmick impression gimmick falls in performer's handRelated to 4
Al Mann The Gemini Slate design duplication slate, impression device for design duplications, dated to 1968 5
Gary Lee Williams Donovon's Dust clipboard impression device, dry anti-perspirant 6
Al Mann, Anthony Raven, Anna Eva Fay Cero-Mentics wax impressions devices, Fay type 7
Al Mann Thought Prints on impression devices 7
Al Mann The Fellow Traveler Gimmick index card attached to newspaper with a paper clip, impression device, carbon, see also p. 11 8
R. F. Provan, Al Baker The Million Dollar Gimmick variation on Baker's Note Book, carbonRelated to
  • C. L. Boarde "Mainly Mental Vol. II" p. 121
Al Mann The Unseen Specter impression device book, carbon 10
Al Mann The Inverted Mark note pad, carbon, reversed impression 10
Al Mann The Medium's Tablet school board impression device, wax 12
Al Mann Conclusion comments on impression devices 13
Robert A. Nelson Bob Nelson's Miracle Pad pad, carbon 13
Al Mann The Genii in the Bottle something written on paper and put into a bottle, performer divines thought 13
Al Mann The Book from Sumer word from a book is noted and billet burnt, performer opens book at the page and ashes are rubbed on page, chosen word appears 14
Robert Dorian Miracle Dept brief effect descriptionRelated to 17