Written by Roy Walton

Work of Roy Walton

12 pages (Stapled), published by L. Davenport & Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Gordon Bruce.
Language: English

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Roy Walton Introduction 1
Roy Walton Trigger apparently deck is turned over but it is cut in the process, similar to a turnover passVariations 2
Roy Walton Showdown top and bottom card vanish and are found reversed in the deck 4
Roy Walton Variation Involving Three Cards sandwich version of Showdown 5
Roy Walton Hop-A-Long Hofzinser Related to 6
Roy Walton Trigger Happy four kings on top change places with face up ace in the middle, finally backs change colors 7
Roy Walton Jail Break four aces vanish from between two jacks in the middle of the deck and appear on top one by one 9
Roy Walton Greenhorn face down selection transpose with card on face of the deck 10
Roy Walton Horse Sense ungaffed version, four cardsInspired by 11