Written by Frederick Braue, Jeff Busby
Work of Frederick Braue
45 pages (Spiralbound), published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
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Language: English
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Jeff Busby Preface
Frederick Braue The Braue System of Second and Bottom Dealing from same grip
  • The Normal Deal
Frederick Braue The Second Deal
Frederick Braue The Bottom Deal buckling and relaxing fingers
Frederick Braue The Fred Braue Double Deal historical comments
  • The Normal Deal
  • The Double Deal
Frederick Braue One Handed Second Deal
Related to 8
Frederick Braue Braue Bottom Deal
Frederick Braue Two Letters to Gus Southall on The Second Deal
  • 1960-02-27
  • 1960-02-28
Frederick Braue Parallel Thumb Second Deal from letters to Gus Southall, with practice tips
Frederick Braue The Braue Handlings twelve cards, seconds and bottoms
  • Six and Six alternating
  • Alternating to Pairs
  • Alternating to Triplets
  • Pairs to Alternating
  • Pairs to Triplets
  • Triplets ot Alternating
  • Triplets to Pairs
  • Alternating to Six Red, Six Black
Frederick Braue A Routine
Gustave Southall The Gus Southall Routine from a letter, 1961-01-10
optional stripper deck finale
Frederick Braue Impromptu Poker Deal
Inspired by 22
Frederick Braue The Self-Arranging Pack counting off random cards from shuffled deck, a Ten at position ten and so on
Related to 23
Frederick Braue Dealing the Aces four aces found at numbers called for
Related to 24
Frederick Braue Middle Deal Demonstration with reversed indicator ace and slip cut, last ace to pocket
Variations 25
Martin Gardner Middle Deal Demonstration - Variation
Inspired byRelated to 26
Frederick Braue The Punch Deal
Related to 27
George H. Pittman Four Ace Fooler ace production with red-black transposition surprise
Frederick Braue Simpatico spectator removes card from one deck, duplicate found from other deck via stop trick
Also published here 30
Frederick Braue Rapid Transit
Inspired by 31
Frederick Braue Flash Cards thirteen mixed-up cards are dealt out in order, alternate top bottom deals
Inspired by 32
Gustave Southall Dialing the Cards telephone number of spectator dealt out with "the spectator cuts to and counts down to the Aces" procedure
Frederick Braue Count-Down Reverse featuring automatic third deal (saliva), stop trick with face-up card, spectator stops one before
Gerald Kosky Three Wheeling spectator's card changes into indifferent card and back
Frederick Braue The Topdowner
Gustave Southall Instant Memory cards at three named positions are named by performer in shuffled deck
Gustave Southall Second Card Glimpse
T. Nelson Downs Down's One-Handed Second Deal
Related to 40
Frederick Braue FB Slow-Motion Second Deal buckling the top card
Dr. James William Elliott Dr. Elliott's Second Deal
Related to
  • "Dr. Elliott's Method of Dealing Seconds" (Tricks and Illusions, 1903, Will Goldston, p. 73)
Bottom Deal
Second Dealing stud deal
Tip on Second Dealing product to put on fingers
Related to 42
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