Written by Christoph Borer
Work of Christoph Borer
179 pages (Paperback), published by Zauberkabinett Shop
Illustrated with drawings by Christoph Borer
Language: German
97 entries
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Stephan Kirschbaum Vorwort
Christoph Borer Guten Tag
Christoph Borer Inspiration
Christoph Borer Nahe dran
Christoph Borer Alcon words written on paper change color, clever switching pad
Also published here 14
Christoph Borer, Michel Gammenthaler Alhambra prediction of named cigarette brand, words appear on flash paper
Also published here 18
Christoph Borer Bill in Envelope bill to envelope, serial number verification, creating two bills with same number
Related toAlso published here 21
Christoph Borer, Michel Gammenthaler Boga-Boga matchbox is thrown in the air and a match is lit
Also published here 24
Christoph Borer Der Zauberfreund number, city and word is selected and all predicted on a parcel encoded in the sender's address, clear forcing bag
Also published here 26
Christoph Borer Lasset die Musik erklingen! several cards with music titles, selection is predicted with mechanical music box
Related toAlso published here 28
Christoph Borer Münzen ins Glas three coins to glass
Also published here 30
Christoph Borer Pralinen five spectators select a chocolate-truffle from a box, they are all brown, the one that is remaining is white, poison story
Also published here 34
Christoph Borer Silk, Coin and Pen knot disappears from handkerchief, then coin appears which changes into chinese coin, eventually is transforms into jumbo coin
Also published here 36
Christoph Borer Coin Vanish
David Roth Coin Transformation coin to jumbo coin
Joe Berg, Dai Vernon Joe Berg Knot
Christoph Borer Spare in der Zeit bill transforms into coin, then a mini piggy bank appears from which a lot of coins are produced
Also published here 42
Christoph Borer Tüchlein, Du musst wandern handkerchief vanishes in a pyro flash and appears in matchbox, gaffed matchbox
Also published here 43
Christoph Borer Wer alles weiss, versteht nichts on theory and the importance of getting a distance from it and not knowing things
Also published here
  • Wer alles weiss, versteht nichts in "Magsiche Welt" 3/2003
Christoph Borer Karta Sutra
Christoph Borer Ace Flip four chosen cards change into Aces
Also published here 48
Father Cyprian, Al Smith Flip Flop Change
Christoph Borer Denken und Vergessen with two spectators
Also published here 49
Christoph Borer Die Traumfrau card with different colored back in wallet, turns out to be later signed selection
Inspired byAlso published here 52
Christoph Borer Double Thought half forcing deck, spectator and magician find the selection of the other
Also published here 55
Christoph Borer Eine halbe Sache back of selection change back, then back of color only change to the center, eventually all cards change back color, red/blue double backer
Also published here 58
Top Change face up, back color transformation
Christoph Borer Flash Production deck of cards appears in pyro flash
Also published here 62
Christoph Borer Gamblers Ace Opener
Also published here 64
Christoph Borer Gambler - Die Intuition des Spielers
Related toAlso published here 65
Christoph Borer Get Sharky! performer has one card in pocket, spectator peeks on card from the deck, the card vanishes and appears in the pocket
Also published here 68
Christian Scherer, Christoph Borer Hofzinsers Handschuh cards put in a box, selection is fished out with a glove, that holds the card in an eery way
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 70
Christoph Borer Die Macht der Psychologie
Also published here 73
Christoph Borer Matching the Himber Card matching the cards, first three cards found in wallet, Himber Wallet
Also published here
  • Matching the Himber Card in "ANAM CARA"
Christoph Borer Nichtraucher two cards, one is cut to, second is found under box of cigarettes, eventually a non-smoking sign appears on the first selection
Also published here 76
Christoph Borer Regenbogen back of prediction matches selection, rainbow deck
Also published here 79
Christoph Borer Card Force from Ribbon Spread in steps
Christoph Borer Svengali
  • Das Svengali-Spiel (general comments)
  • Das Forcieren einer Karte (forcing a card, spectator shuffles deck)
Also published here 83
Christoph Borer Giant Count reinvention of "Dr. Jaks Kartenbluff", selected card is shuffled into the deck and cards put in inside jacket pocket, small number is named and on that position performer produces a jumbo card which has the same value as the selection, using a Svengali deck
Related toAlso published here 84
Christoph Borer Der Messerstecher wrapped in newspaper
Christoph Borer Tear Off corner is torn from selection, card is then restored and all the other cards have a corner missing
Also published here 86
Christoph Borer Thought Rise thought of card ends up on top of the deck
Also published here 89
Christoph Borer T.M. - R.H.D. paperclip method, duplicate
Also published here 91
Christoph Borer Twisting the DF Underground twisting the aces, then aces change places with kings
Inspired byAlso published here 92
Christoph Borer, Roy Walton Woogie four jumbo card jokers with suits, suit that matches selection is turned-over and when turned over the jumbo card became the selection and the selection became a joker.
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Woogie in "ANAM CARA"
Christoph Borer Pause on breaks / intervals in magic shows
Also published here
  • Pause in "Magische Welt" 1/2003
Christoph Borer Pseudo-Wahrheiten on several magic guiding principles
Also published here
  • Pseudo-Wahrheiten in "Magische Welt" 6/2003
Christoph Borer Weiter Weg
Christoph Borer Bank Night four envelopes, apparently goes wrong, three consolation prizes which are better than the prize the spectator wins
Inspired by
  • Eckhard Böttcher's "Bank Night verkehrt" in "Magische Perlen Band 1 - Das Beste aus meinem Routinen-Service" 1995, P. 21.
Also published here
Christoph Borer, Michel Gammenthaler Card Stab covered by newspaper
Also published here 108
Christoph Borer Cosmos named card is found to be the only card with different colored back, deck in plastic bag
Also published here 110
Christoph Borer Denise one of twelve names is predicted
Also published here 112
Christoph Borer Mehrere-Würfel-Force
Christoph Borer Filmstars prediction of a VIP, Svengali force
Related to
  • Attila on "ANAM CARA"
Christoph Borer Geistertafeln spectator's name written on slate transforms into chosen word from a newspaper
Also published here 118
Christoph Borer Impossibile clever presentation, table is flipped over at the end
Also published here 120
Deck Switch brief
Christoph Borer Tuch färben color changing handkerchief, from red to yellow to green
Also published here 123
Christoph Borer Programmgestaltung für eine Zauber-Theatervosrtellung on how to structure a full evening show
  • Der zeitliche Ablauf
  • 1. Phase: Das Grundthema
  • 2. Phase: Das Konkretisieren
  • 3. Phase: Der letzte Schliff
  • 4. Phase: Die Nachbearbeitung
  • Die Gestaltung eines Programms
Also published here
  • Programmgestaltung für eine Zauber-Theatervorstellung in "Magische Welt" 6/2003
Christoph Borer Die schwarze Kunst
Christoph Borer Anagramm-Wahl from a piece of newspaper two selected words are mixed up to form a message, anagram
Related toAlso published here 131
Christoph Borer Brandloch three books, from two words are divined, the third spectator writes his chosen page number on a piece of paper which is burnt and eventually a burnt hole is found in his book at the chosen page
Also published here 133
Christoph Borer Duft-Dreieck prediction of chosen fragrances
Also published here 135
Christoph Borer Feuer und Tod cards in front of burning candles, candle with dead person in front extinguishes
Also published here 137
Christoph Borer Herz 10
Related to
  • Herz 10 in "Seminarnotizen 2006"
Christoph Borer Kartenlegerin chosen card has pentagram on back
Also published here 141
Christoph Borer Die Kraft des Pendels performer divines selected city on a map with a pendulum
Also published here 143
Christoph Borer Pendulum spectator finds selection of other spectator with a pendulum
Also published here 145
Christoph Borer Runenmirakel one of several rune stones is selected and spectator draws symbol, performer duplicates the drawing
Also published here 148
Christoph Borer Runen-Wunder selected rune stone is divined
Also published here
  • Runen-Mirakel in "Seminar 1997"
Christoph Borer Mentalmagische Gedankensplitter on mentalism
  • Grundeffekte in der Mentalmagie sin
-Direkter, aber nicht zu direkter Ablauf
  • Klare, meistens einteilige Effekte
  • Symbole vorsichtig einsetzen
  • Die innere Überzeugtheit macht die Echtheit aus
  • Bedeutung, eigene Klarheit
  • Wagnisse
  • Esoterik versus Mental
Also published here
  • Mentalmagische Gedankensplitter in "Magische Welt" 2/2003
Christoph Borer Dies und Das
Christoph Borer Tipps und Ideen
Christoph Borer 1. Münzen durchs Tuch subtlety for coin through handkerchief
Also published here 158
Christoph Borer 2. Expansion of Texture subtlety
Also published here 158
Christoph Borer 3. Der geschickte Zauberer matchbox is thrown into the air and match is lit
Also published here 159
Christoph Borer 4. Dribble Force subtlety Erdnase Break handling
Also published here 160
Christoph Borer 5. Seil zerschneiden finesse
Also published here 160
Christoph Borer 6. Kurz-Mittel-Lang with shoelaces, brief idea
Also published here 161
Christoph Borer Was ist Wo? on pocket management
Christoph Borer Brusttasche (Jacke und Hemd) three ways to use the breast pocket to vanish / ditch coins and objects and a way to produce an object from the breast pocket
Christoph Borer Innere Jackentasche using the inner jacket pocket to ditch / steal objects
Christoph Borer Äussere Jackentasche using the outer jacket pocket to ditch objects
Christoph Borer Vorderer Hosentasche ways to vanish objects in trouser pocket and to show it empty
Related to 166
Christoph Borer Ärmel on sleeving techniques
Christoph Borer Hosenumschlag on cuffing
Christoph Borer Hintere Hosentasche on using back trouser pocket to produce objects
Christoph Borer Ärmel Aussenseite on using the outer side of the sleeve for producing and holding out objects
Christoph Borer Hemdöffnung using space of shirt between buttons for producing / vanishing objects
Christoph Borer Jackenumschlag using the lapel to produce / vanish objects
Related to 171
Christoph Borer Krawatte using the tie to produce / vanish objects
Christoph Borer Kragen using the collar to produce / vanish objects
Thomas Otto, Christoph Borer Sugar Blues sugar packet vanishes and appears over selection in deck
Also published here
  • Sugar Blues in "Was ist wo?", 1990
Breast Pocket Vanish
Christoph Borer Kommerziell on being commercial, and performing situations
  • Auftrittsmöglichkeiten für Zauberkünstler
  • Öffentliche Auftritte
Also published here
  • Kommerziell in "Magische Welt" 6/2003
Christoph Borer Die einzige Regel im Showbusiness on the only rule in showbusiness
Also published here
  • Die einzige Regel im Showbusiness in "Magische Welt" 6/2003
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