Written by Anthony Brahams, Mike Porstmann
Work of Karl Norman
81 pages (Hardcover), published by Anthony Brahams
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
32 entries
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Doc Eason Foreward
Mike Porstmann Introduction
Karl Norman Autobiography
Karl Norman Card Routine for the Bar - including Think of a Card 1 thought-of card to pocket, signed card under glass
Also published here 9
Karl Norman Pick One Out in Your Mind - Think of a Card 2 spectator thinks of a card, performer sticks a card to his forhead, it is the chosen card.
Karl Norman Pass Finesse subtelties for the classic pass
Karl Norman Spring Fever performer springs the cards, spectator says stop at the selected card (which is to only face up card in the deck)
Spring Flourish
The Dribble
Karl Norman Card On Ceiling
Also published here 20
Karl Norman Key Card Routines performer cuts exactly a number of cards, named by the spectator, performer finds three selects cards
Related to 23
Karl Norman Bottom Change
Karl Norman Follow-Up Routine Spectator selects a card, shuffles it back into the deck, selection ends up on top
Karl Norman The Coin Collection copper and silver coins change places with silver coin, twice, coins travel to empty box, climax: coins pentrate the hand
Karl Norman Copper Caper - Just using the Copper coin copper coins travels from left hand to right hand and back
Karl Norman Silver to Brass - Using these two coins silver coins travels from left hand to right hand where it joins the brass coin
Karl Norman Surprise Transposition - Using the coins, the Okito Box, and ? performer announces that the coins will travel from hand to hand, the box travels instead
Karl Norman Coin in the Bottle
Karl Norman Coins and Silk and Ring and Wand! series of transpositions, coins change places, penetrate a silk, finale: variaton of Ring on the Wand
Karl Norman Bill in the Cigarette
Also published here 45
Karl Norman Impromptu Torn & Restored Cigarette
VariationsAlso published here 49
Karl Norman Colour Changing Knives adaption of Matt Schulien's routine
Karl Norman The Linking Pins pins link and unlink, a pin is pulled from on end of the silk to the other (without destroying it)
Also published here 54
Karl Norman Matchbox Routine variaton of the "sympathetic matchboxes", climax: Ribbon through Steelplate
Karl Norman Multiplying Rabbits foam rubber rabbits
Karl Norman Ring Flight ring travels to key case
Also published here 62
Karl Norman Ring and Rope Routine piece of rope is cut and restored twice
Karl Norman Sucker Egg - Easy Method Stodare egg turns into a real egg
Karl Norman The Polish Rocket tissue paper starts to lifts off into the air when lighted, gag
Karl Norman The Carnival Loop knot appears on a solid metal chain, knot is plugged off the chain, loop pentetrates spectator's thumb
Also published here 72
Karl Norman Three Shell Game four phases, climax with shotglass
Anthony Brahams After-Words
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