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Harry Blackstone Introduction
James G. Thompson Jr. Preface
James G. Thompson Jr. Pasteboard Presto
Oscar Weigle Challenge Blindfold Routine genuinely blindfolded
Effect No. 1: think stop
Effect No. 2: performer stops while dealing
Effect No. 3: spectator reads cards and performer detects card by voice
Effect No. 4: performer stops spectator's deal and even names card
Also published here 13
Lin Searles The "So Simple" Force portion cut and turned over, then deck secretly turned over
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Once in 635,013,559,600 with story presentation
Related to 16
Arthur H. Buckley False Shuffle
Related to 19
False Cut
Louis Histed The Pocket Pass pass done as deck is pocketed
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Unabridget bridge demonstration
J. B. Bobo The Traveling Joker one black card placed among twenty-six red cards always ends up on top, then card travels from packet to packet
Also published here 22
James G. Thompson Jr. Sleight Intended reference lists for basic moves
  • Controls
  • Changes
  • Forces
  • Miscellaneous
Morgan Flip Switch
Frank Butler Butler Fan Force card dragged to other side underneath thumb fan
Related to 28
James G. Thompson Jr. Peas and Cues routine, several phases
Also published here 32
James G. Thompson Jr. Two Minds Get Together several things written on business cards are divined by performer, living and dead test
Also published here 37
James G. Thompson Jr., Verne Chesbro, William H. McCaffrey, Gerald Kosky Strike One longer routine with matchbooks and matches, matchbook appears, match penetrates card, color of head change color, paddle routine, prediction of amount of matches and eventually matches transform into salt
Related toAlso published here 44
James G. Thompson Jr. Matchbook Switch
John Scarne, Verne Chesbro, James G. Thompson Jr., Ben Dalgin Spheroid Skulduggery balls appear, split and change into small skull then into bigger skull, two in the hand one in the pocket
Also published here 57
Push Through Drop Vanish
Shuttle Pass
James G. Thompson Jr. Safety Pin-Up five safety pins link and unlink, moved on handkerchief and one is stretched as a climax
Also published here 64
James G. Thompson Jr. Double Ring Ceremony longer routine with two Jardine Ellis Rings, off rope and ribbon, on wand and with a tube where a ball appears
Also published here 73
James G. Thompson Jr. Tarot Telepathy medium divines selection
Also published here 83
James G. Thompson Jr. Hoiman, the Spirick routine für Dr. Taylor's Improved Spirit Buzzer, electronic
Also published here 89
James G. Thompson Jr., Franklin V. Taylor Cups and Balls ball on a string inside cup
  • Taylor's Cups and Balls Variation
  • Cups and Balls, classic routine with three cups
  • Benson Bowl Routine Variation
Inspired byAlso published here 93
James G. Thompson Jr. Strictly One Sided three routines with different paddles
  • Jumping Gems
  • Mystery Paddle
  • Thompson's Magic Maker
Also published here 108
James G. Thompson Jr. The Real Top Secrets
Also published here 117
James G. Thompson Jr. Presto - The Coins Through the Table four coins
VariationsAlso published here 120
James G. Thompson Jr. Holding Back a Coin
Related to 121
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