27 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Christoph Borer
Language: German
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Christoph Borer Vorwort
Christoph Borer Alcon words written on paper change color, clever switching pad
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Christoph Borer Das Svengali-Spiel
  • Das Svengali-Spiel (general comments)
  • Das Forcieren einer Karte (forcing a card, spectator shuffles deck)
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Christoph Borer Giant Count reinvention of "Dr. Jaks Kartenbluff", selected card is shuffled into the deck and cards put in inside jacket pocket, small number is named and on that position performer produces a jumbo card which has the same value as the selection, with a half forcing deck
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Christoph Borer, Michel Gammenthaler Boga-Boga matchbox is thrown in the air and a match is lit
Also published here 12
Christoph Borer Die Kartenlegerin chosen card has pentagram on back
Also published here 14
Christoph Borer BOE spectator's name written on slate transforms into chosen word from a newspaper
Also published here 16
Christoph Borer Die Intuition des Spielers
Also published here 19
Christoph Borer Filmstars prediction of a VIP, Svengali force
Christoph Borer Die Kraft des Pendels performer divines selected city on a map with a pendulum
Also published here 24
Christoph Borer Die fehlende Seite three books, from two words are divined, the third spectator writes his chosen page number on a piece of paper which is burnt and eventually a burnt hole is found in his book at the chosen page
Also published here 26
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