Written by José Carroll

Work of José Carroll

123 pages (Paperback), published by Editorial Frakson
Illustrated with drawings by Luis H. Trueba.
Language: English

(19 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
José Carroll Reflections four Aces change 6 times, Universal Card plot with aces 9
John Carney Versa Switch as addition and later switch 12
Unknown Ditching from packet while sliding back pack on table 14
Unknown The Propeller turning double card between fingers 20
José Carroll All Backs - The Creation handling for beginning and end, tarot cards 22
Unknown Pivot Toss deck tossed in other hand, top cards turn over, as transformation 27
José Carroll Card Pages deck of cards into notebook 29
José Carroll Crystal Transposition black card in glass, two cards in hand 32
José Carroll Transposition at the point of no return cards with one and two hatpins in it 34
José Carroll Handling with Help, or Handy Handlings double card handlings with extra card 37
José Carroll The Card-Calculator ambitious card, card to number, stop trick, card folded to calculator 47
Unknown The folding Card mercury card fold in quarters 53
José Carroll Oil and Water in a Wine Glass plays large, vertical, 4&4, one color disappears as climaxVariations 59
José Carroll Flying Aces gaffed 73
José Carroll Cannibals! elaborate routine involving fake mustache and teeth, half eaten cards... 85
José Carroll Mir...ages reflection of chosen cards appears on four mirrors 102
José Carroll Illusion, Reality and Magic mirror turns to glass, card appears in mirror 105
José Carroll Through the Looking Glass face of card is transferred into card shaped mirror leaving a blank card behind 106
José Carroll Triple Tack...er three selections nailed to board, when deck is thrown towards it 110