Written by Ron Bauer
Work of Ron Bauer
32 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Sandy Kort
Language: English
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Ron Bauer Introduction
Ron Bauer Second Finger Top Deal Jacks shuffled into deck, yet shown on top, then dealt to partner as fake false dealing demo
Inspired by 2
Ron Bauer Insertion Stacking cards distributed into tabled deck via thumb count
Ron Bauer Gambler's Palm direct
Ron Bauer The Bevel is in the Details
Ron Bauer Table Riffle Shuffles
  • Easy Table Riffle Shuffle
  • Fundamentals of False Table Riffle Shuffling
  • Casino-Style Table Riffle Shuffle
Ron Bauer How to Climb the Ladder exercise before up-the-ladder cut
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller's Up The Ladder
Related to 24
"Senator" Clarke Crandall, Edward Marlo Crandall-Marlo Strip-Out Multiple Shift
Related to 26
Ron Bauer Double Undercut Block Transfer tabled cutting transfer of bottom cards to top
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