Written by Edward Marlo

Work of Edward Marlo

349 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Bob Nelson, Barry Price.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Edward Marlo Control Throw-Offs in foreword, apparently magician follows control of card, three approaches
Edward Marlo Slip Cut Removal in foreword, card changes place with card sandwiched in centre of deck, slip cut under side-jog
Jon Racherbaumer Eidetic Change Variation in foreword, sandwiched card changes
Geoffrey Latta Eidetic Change Variation in foreword, coin is placed on tabled double
Edward Marlo The Marlo Punch Deal putting in the work, feeling and dealing 1
Edward Marlo The Marlo Punch Deal - Routine and Presentation dealing a full house, seven players, punch deal 4
Edward Marlo Aces and Kings or Jacks and Queens - The Multiple Combination punch deal, ginving spectators choice up to 4 sets, punch in different positions 6
Edward Marlo The Pushoff Second Deal plus comment about edge mark work 7
Edward Marlo Aces at any Number four Aces at four numbers via edge marks and second deal 8
Edward Marlo The Punch Cut cut to a full house, punched cards as crimped cards 9
Edward Marlo The Edge Mark Cull face down while counting cards to table 10
Steve Draun Steve Draun's Idea using one-way deck instead of punchRelated to 11
Edward Marlo One Way Combination Deal dealing full house, three pairs to choose from, punch, edgemark, one way 11
Edward Marlo A Tip for Mental Over Physical Related to 13
Bob Nelson Nelson's Punched Cards invisible from the face 13
Edward Marlo On the Card to Case Ace through Seven, selection from packet travels to case, more than ten methodsVariations 14
Edward Marlo 9 as 6 14
David Solomon Solomon's Original Method Ace through Seven, selection from packet travels to case 18
Edward Marlo Ninth Method use in card to case effect 24
Unknown Stranger Corner sticking corner on card making a fake index card 28
David Solomon The Other Solomon Original Ace through Seven, selection from packet travels to case 32
Edward Marlo Manual Methods ten methods for the card to case effect 35
Edward Marlo First Method card from right hand Fingertip Edge Palm under case and out of case 35
Edward Marlo Second Method from right hand Fingertip Edge Palm 37
Edward Marlo Fifth Method from Kelly Bottom Placement 44
Baltazar Fuentes Baltazar Fuentes' Method from deck into case, no Kelly Bottom Placement action 45
Edward Marlo Suggested Alternatives loading the deck from deck, full palm or Tenkai palm 47
Edward Marlo Deal Switch card is Tenkai palmed as cards are counted on table 52
Edward Marlo Deal Switch - Different Handling card is Tenkai palmed as cards are counted on table 54
Edward Marlo Deal Switch - 3rd Handling card is Tenkai palmed as cards are counted on table 57
Edward Marlo Turnover Deal Switch with pen in switching hand 59
Edward Marlo, Dai Vernon Adding A Retention Of Vision to the Vernon Tenkai Change 62
Edward Marlo More Thoughts on Card To Case 63
Edward Marlo Double Undercut Palm - First Method 67
Edward Marlo Double Undercut Palm - Second Method 68
Edward Marlo Table Edge Holdout thumb clip position 69
Edward Marlo An Application application of double undercut palm 70
Art Altman The Art Altman Technique double undercut palm 72
Edward Marlo The Marlo Technique double undercut palm 73
Edward Marlo Single Cut Center Steal card(s) cut to center are palmed out 76
Edward Marlo Double Reverse and Transposition two cards in two halves reverse and transpose, see also page 83 for alternative handlings 78
Edward Marlo Undercut Shuffle Reverse top cards to bottom during overhand shuffle 79
Art Altman Variation of Undercut Shuffle Reversal top cards to bottom during overhand shuffle 81
Edward Marlo Single Cut Top Palm Related to 82
Edward Marlo Book Break with two breaks 85
Edward Marlo A Palming Tip handling deck with palmed cards 86
Edward Marlo Palm Replacement Pivotal Palm ReplacementRelated to 86
Edward Marlo As a Color Change palm replacement as a color change 88
Edward Marlo The Spider Return tabled deckVariationsAlso published here 89
Edward Marlo The Pickup Replacement picking up tabled deckAlso published here 89
Edward Marlo One Hand Palm and Spread during a table spread 90
Edward Marlo The Invisible Capping tabled deckAlso published here 92
Edward Marlo The Fingertip Steal from center to top 95
Edward Marlo The Instant Trap 98
Edward Marlo Another Fingertip Side Steal 99
Edward Marlo The Marlo Card Clip position and top palm and applications on the following pages 100
Edward Marlo Four Ace Reverse cards are spread, respread and aces appear face up 100
Edward Marlo Card Clip Table Spread Reverse 101
Edward Marlo One at a Time four aces turn over one at a time 102
Edward Marlo A Color Change using card clip 104
Edward Marlo The Appearance two selections appear on top and bottom, using card clip 105
Edward Marlo An Optical Illusion selection appears and vanishes on tabled deck, using card clip 106
Edward Marlo Sinlge (?) Card Change card on table, using card clip 107
Edward Marlo As an Exchange as card is thumbed off from face-up deck, with Devilish Miracle application 109
Edward Marlo Card Clip Replacement into center 110
Edward Marlo Ungaffed Tosheroon card changes under coin, on tabled deck 110
Edward Marlo Visual Poker Hand Change aces are laid down face up and change into royal flushVariations 112
Edward Marlo As an Ace Effect using clip palm 114
Edward Marlo Sudden Interlaced Vanish using three duplicates 116
Edward Marlo No Duplicates without duplicatesRelated to 117
Edward Marlo Borrowed and Face Up interlaced vanish to pocket 118
Edward Marlo Interlaced Transposition three cards from between Aces to KingsVariations 119
Edward Marlo The Undercut Clip from top 120
Edward Marlo The Sandwich Transposition 121
Edward Marlo A Ribbon Spread Tip hiding reversed cards under top card in table spread 123
Edward Marlo Couting Less as More first false count 124
Edward Marlo Counting More Cards as Less first false count 127
Edward Marlo To Count Less Cards as More second false count 128
Edward Marlo Third False Count Variations 129
Edward Marlo Fourth False Count 130
Edward Marlo Fifth False Count 132
Edward Marlo Sixth False Count only one move needed, re-loading count 134
Edward Marlo False Count for the Interlaced Vanish 139
Edward Marlo Seventh False Count 140
Edward Marlo Flexible Combination Counts five counts to show five cards as five while hiding two 142
Edward Marlo OPEC Four Ace to Four in order 144
Edward Marlo The Marfoe Count (Jan. 1977) - First Count three as four, hiding one 147
Edward Marlo Second Count Marfoe Count, three as four, optionally hiding one 148
Edward Marlo Third Count Marfoe Count, three as five, hiding one 150
Edward Marlo Fourth Count Marfoe Count, three as five, hiding one 151
Edward Marlo Fifth Count Marfoe Count, three as five 151
Edward Marlo Sixth Count Marfoe Count, three as five 152
Edward Marlo Seventh Count Marfoe Count, three as six 153
Edward Marlo Count Conjuring five cards, three selections appear one by one, indifferent cards vanish 153
Edward Marlo Turndown Reverse Larreverse alternatives, three methods 157
Edward Marlo More Turndown Reverses more Larreverse alternatives, three methods 162
Edward Marlo Multiple Reverse reversing multiple cards while turning over one, Larreverse alternative 168
Edward Marlo An Approach to D.F. Aces deal four Aces face down, yet they are double facers, roughed 172
Edward Marlo The Tabled Charlier 173
Edward Marlo Marlo's Combination Pass 176
Edward Marlo Bold Tabled Shifts two methods, angly 180
Edward Marlo The Table's Edge Charlier pass at table edge 185
Edward Marlo Another Combination Pass 187
Edward Marlo Additional Observations cover tips 189
Edward Marlo A Tip on the Pass left thumb across inner end to avoid flash of moving packet 191
Edward Marlo Marlo's Havana Deals stud bottom deal, six methodsAlso published here 192
Edward Marlo One Hand Bottom Deal over the short front side, four techniques 199
Edward Marlo A Card Case Tip removing only one flap 203
Edward Marlo Marlo Card Switch table edge, also as packet or deck switch 204
Edward Marlo Suit Selection Routine using two decks and a switch, find duplicate in second deck 206
Edward Marlo One at a Time Switch one from group switched, table edge 207
Edward Marlo They Don't Remember four cards change to aces 208
Edward Marlo Mental Over Physical spectator stops at thought-of card, four methods, ungaffed and duplicatesRelated to 209
Edward Marlo First Switch, Second Switch, Third Switch card, packet or deck switch, lapping or palm to palm, Tenkai palm 213
Edward Marlo The Torn and Fully Restored Card signed 219
Edward Marlo More Deck Switches - Ringing In The Deck
- Taking Deck Out Of Play
- Before and After Rest Position
six methods, tabled
Edward Marlo Dissertation on a Slip Cut historic information, reply to Karl Fulves sections 230
Edward Marlo Braue Addition credit claimRelated to 231
Edward Marlo Move #3 - Top Card Slip Cut 232
Edward Marlo The Secret Slip Cut 233
Edward Marlo Secret Slip Cut Transposition card sandwiched in center with top card 234
Edward Marlo The Fingertip Slip Cut tabled 235
Edward Marlo The Raised Marnase False Cut Related to 236
Edward Marlo One Hand Bottom Slip Cut on the table, four techniquesAlso published here 237
Edward Marlo Ace Cutting Effect bottom slip cut application 241
Edward Marlo Another Ace Cutting Effect bottom slip cut application, step 34 243
Edward Marlo A Three Card Monte step 39Related to 243
Edward Marlo A Tip on the Secret of the High Rise general technique credited to Magick here 244
Edward Marlo The Visual Poker Routine poker hands change 245
Edward Marlo Commercial Poker poker hands change, fake indices at non-index corners 248
Edward Marlo A Presentational Angle Inspired by 253
Dr. James Nuzzo The Card Through the Knee 255
Dr. James Nuzzo Card under Knee 256
Edward Marlo No Pass Ace X Ace face up aces in different parts trap selection 258
Edward Marlo Center Card Displacement in context of sandwich routine 260
Edward Marlo Straightline Transport black card from black half into red half 262
Edward Marlo Diagonal Steal 262
Edward Marlo Hiding Perpendicular Card Under Spread 266
Edward Marlo Red Black Shuffle breaks on both sides 268
Edward Marlo A Multiple Shift Tip concerning the insertion 271
Edward Marlo The Key Move - Red and Black Packet Switch with cover cards 272
Edward Marlo Key Move Extension two different colored decks switched with cover cards 275
Edward Marlo Double Odd Thought two deck brainwave, thought of card is odd backed 276
Edward Marlo Pseudo Deck Switch apparently deck switch is demonstrated 277
Edward Marlo O.K. - Let's Play - Game #1-5 actually Switchless Switch handling, overcount and show the Kings from top of the deck 278
Edward Marlo Game #6 - Slip Count show and take Kings from deck while only having three 283
Edward Marlo Full Deck Olram Subtlety olram with top four cards of the deck 284
T. Page Wright Wright/Allerton Move credit information 285
Edward Marlo Bold Olram Subtlety hiding two of four 286
Edward Marlo Flexible Hindu Count hiding two of four 287
Edward Marlo The Future Classic Transition four Aces of Spades to Queens 288
Edward Marlo The Jimmy Cricket Count three Gemini Count alternatives 290
Edward Marlo The Unknown Card - It Can't Be card placed aside is later chosen selection, two methods 291
Bob Veeser The Card-Puter prediction of freely selected card 298
Bob Veeser Vanish card vanishes from aces and appears somewhere else 299
Edward Marlo Olram's Ultimate Blues divided backs, fake indices 301
Edward Marlo Gaffed Go Back Aces fake indices, three methods 306
Edward Marlo Real Gone Come Back Kings real gone aces with reverse 318
Edward Marlo Neo Ace Assembly five different methodsVariations 327
Edward Marlo The Inverted Assembly hearts with inverted pips (for partial diamonds displays) 340
Edward Marlo, David Solomon The Solmar Reversed Assembly with variations and presentational ideasRelated toVariations 344
David Solomon A Change in Handling Inspired by 349