Written by Goutam Guha

Work of Goutam Guha

24 pages (Stapled), published by Electro Fun
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Goutam Guha The Jardine Ellis Ring - The Apparatus
- Basic Moves
Goutam Guha Basic Move No. 1 removing shell from ring 3
Goutam Guha Basic Move 2 removing shell from ring, one-handed 4
Goutam Guha Basic Move 3 removing shell from ring, one-handed 5
Goutam Guha Basic Move 4 removing shell from ring, on table, lapping 6
Goutam Guha Ring on the Ribbon 8
Goutam Guha Ring off the Ribbon 9
Goutam Guha Continuous Production of Rings with handkerchief 11
Goutam Guha Ring Penetrates the Handkerchief 13
Goutam Guha Ring Penetrates Through the Palm ring placed on closed fist 15
Goutam Guha Ring on the Spoon ring pushed over bowl of spoon 17
Goutam Guha Ring Through the Tunnel ring penetrates paper tunnel 19
Goutam Guha Ring on Chopstick 21
Goutam Guha The Flying Ring ring travels from under a cup to under another cupRelated to 23