Written by Juan Tamariz

Work of Juan Tamariz

314 pages (Hardcover), published by Editorial Frakson
Illustrated with drawings by Marga Nicolau.
Language: English

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Arturo de Ascanio The Juan Tamariz Experience 7
Juan Tamariz Introduction 11
Juan Tamariz Arturo De Ascanio (magipoem) poem 17
Juan Tamariz To Ascanio ode to Ascanio 19
Juan Tamariz The Tamariz Perpendicular Control (TPC) Basic Move, bringing inserted card in perpendicular positionRelated toAlso published here 21
Juan Tamariz TPC, stripping out beneath the spread Also published here 27
Juan Tamariz 1. From Extracted PP to Left Hand Palm TPCAlso published here 28
Juan Tamariz 2. From TPC to Bottom (INF) Also published here 30
Juan Tamariz 3. From TPC to INF-2 or INF-3 Also published here 32
Juan Tamariz 4. From TPC to INF-7, INF-8, or any other Position in the Deck Also published here 32
Juan Tamariz 5. The TPC with Several Cards Also published here 34
Juan Tamariz Lapping with the TPC Also published here 34
Juan Tamariz Concealment in Left Hand Fan TPC 36
Juan Tamariz Concealing the card in PP by Bending it TPC 37
Juan Tamariz Glimpse with TPC 38
Juan Tamariz Effect 1. The Direct Sandwich Also published here 40
Juan Tamariz Effect 2. Hidden Sandwich Also published here 41
Juan Tamariz Hidden Sandwich between 4 Aces Variation of effect 2 on same pageAlso published here 41
Juan Tamariz Effect 3. Anti-Ambitious card to bottom, see also The Magic WayAlso published here 42
Juan Tamariz Effect 4. Two Cards Over VariationsAlso published here 43
Juan Tamariz Effect 5. Repoker of the Chosen four selections are controlled in one hand, aces, royal flush, with impromptu versionAlso published here 45
Juan Tamariz Study of the Mexican Turnover finessed handling 47
Juan Tamariz The Peruvian Turnover finessed handling where the tabled card is crimped 53
Juan Tamariz Double Peruvian Turnover double crimped for identification 54
Juan Tamariz Peruvian Transposistion using techniques explained on previous pages 55
Juan Tamariz The Tamariz Turnover outjogged turnoverVariations 57
Arturo de Ascanio The Ascanio Addition to the Tamariz Turnover 61
Juan Tamariz 1. A Two Card for Two Card Switch The Doublets Change, using double cards on top of deckRelated to 63
Juan Tamariz 2. Variation for more than Two Cards 66
Juan Tamariz The Staircase Change four cards in ladder on deck, three switched out 71
Juan Tamariz 1. Changing all Four Cards for all four cardsInspired by 75
Juan Tamariz 2. Lapping switching out three cards from 4 and lapping themInspired by 76
Juan Tamariz The Cascade Shuffle - Total False Shuffle in Cascade with two strip out variationsVariations 77
Juan Tamariz Notes on the Faro and other Shuffles 1. On the supposed difficulty of the Faro
2. On the effects that can be performed with the Faro
3. On other uses
4. On subtleties, variations and new ideas
Juan Tamariz 1. To correct small errors 83
Juan Tamariz 2. To simulate errors seven Evil Ruses 85
Juan Tamariz The Antifaros dealing procedures for Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple and Quintuple Antifaro, later Antifaro-6 and -7 on page 96Related to 90
Juan Tamariz Justifying the Antifaros 94
Juan Tamariz Gathering up the Quadruple-Antifaro 95
Juan Tamariz General Rules for the Antifaro-3 in and out shuffle combinations 100
Juan Tamariz Dai Vernon "The Professor" ode to Vernon 107
Juan Tamariz Black Days seven black cards, selected one found, rest changes redRelated toVariations 109
Juan Tamariz Three Actors three selections are lost and found multiple times 114
Juan Tamariz Double Ambitious full routine with two ambitious cardsInspired by 119
Unknown Tabled Double Lift very brief 119
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Spread 123
August Roterberg Push In Change 124
Rafael Benatar Creating Injog in Center as top half is replaced 125
Frederick Braue, Juan Tamariz Double Pop-Up Card 126
Juan Tamariz The Talisman card changes under challenge conditions, several variations 131
Juan Tamariz The Romantic Prisoner only three cards, card vanishes from between jokers and appears in pocket, lappingAlso published here 137
Juan Tamariz Tamariz Change described with lappingAlso published here 138
Juan Tamariz Lapped Card From Inside Pocket Also published here 144
Juan Tamariz Royal Assembly Also published here 147
Juan Tamariz The Triple Colors Routine reds and blacks separated, one card chosen in each half, identified, cards change places, then whole packets change places (one in pocket) 159
Juan Tamariz Incomplete Faro Peek card peeked at and selected in lower half 160
Edward Marlo Incomplete Faro Transfer card peeked at in upper half is transfered to lower half 161
Juan Tamariz Inside Pocket to Lap apparently placing cards in inside pocket but lapping them 163
Unknown Classic Table Edge Switch 167
Juan Tamariz Lapped Cards From Inside Pocket 169
Juan Tamariz Marking Full Deck whole deck is marked to exclude switching it 171
Juan Tamariz Escorial-76 sorting in four suits, several methods 172
Edward Marlo, Juan Tamariz Preparing the Deal a) dealing first, second, third or fourth card on demand 174
Edward Marlo, Gabriel Moreno Preparing the Deal b) dealing first, second, third or fourth card on demand 175
Juan Tamariz, Luis Garcia, Gabriel Moreno Half-Escorial half the cards dealt face up, half face down, face up cards change back colorRelated to 180
Juan Tamariz Short Version cards face down separated in four groups, suit of chosen card all in one pile 185
Juan Tamariz, A. Moliné Stage Version Related to 188
Juan Tamariz The Hypnotic Power of the Jokers three chosen cards are selection from beginning, then it vanishes and appears in pocket 192
Juan Tamariz VI. Showing the Three Cards showing three cards alike with two jokers as tweezers 201
August Roterberg Push-In Change 205
Juan Tamariz Neither Blind Nor Silly red black stack, two cardsVariationsAlso published here 211
Unknown, Harry Lorayne Alternating Red & Black Overhand Shuffle preserving alternating set-up 213
Juan Tamariz A Clear Triumph 215
Edward Marlo 1. Ed Marlo's bottom card reverse bold 219
Dai Vernon 2. Vernon's ending classic rightening 219
Juan Tamariz I. Tamariz Jumble faro, cards rightened below table 221
Juan Tamariz II. Stripper Jumble stripper deck 221
Juan Tamariz P.S. Final Note shuffle for alternating cards 222
Juan Tamariz Total Coincidence first single cards from two decks match, then both decks are in exactly the same orderRelated toVariations 224
Juan Tamariz The Magic Card back and front of a card change multiple times, gaffed 233
Juan Tamariz The Travelling Cards two cards across, gaffed, seven peek deck cardsRelated toVariations 237
Dai Vernon Note II - Vernon Transfer 242
Juan Tamariz, Francis Carlyle Note III - False Count Tamariz' version of Carlyle's false countInspired by 243
Juan Tamariz The Three Goblets' Prediction fair prediction of one card, gaffedRelated to 245
Juan Tamariz Envelope Addition adding cards to deck while displaying envelope 246
Juan Tamariz Slydini ode to Slydini 261
Juan Tamariz 2. The Tamariz Twist 263
Juan Tamariz, Sainz de los Terreros 3. Utrarapid Double Twist 264
Juan Tamariz 4. The Trichange displaying three knives at once 266
Juan Tamariz The Travelling Penknife chosen knife of two travels to the pocket 269
Juan Tamariz In Which the Colored Penknives pass through a Handkerchief penetration routine with a lot of variationsAlso published here 272
Juan Tamariz Progressive Routine 1-2-3 - Blanca, the Indomitable three phase routine with one, two, then three knivesAlso published here 281
Juan Tamariz Capicua Routine capicua=palindrome, multiple phase routine 284
Juan Tamariz Rainbow of Penknives three knives change color multiple times, no switches 289
Juan Tamariz Miscellany of Ideas with Penknives nine ideas, linking knives, magnet holder, change of unprepared knives, knife-monte,... 298
Juan Tamariz 6. Twists with a Handkerchief 301
Juan Tamariz The Divining Rod magnet under table 304
Juan Tamariz The Author as seen by the Author biography 311