Written by Edward Marlo

Work of Edward Marlo

348 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings by Bob Nelson.
Language: English

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Edward Marlo Olram's Hidden Count five as four, one hidden and not displacedAlso published here
Edward Marlo, Alex Elmsley The OPEC Count Out of Position Elmsley Count, tip
Edward Marlo Triple Reverse using technique from referenceRelated to
Edward Marlo Transposition Card To Wallet Tip usage of stranger cardRelated to
Edward Marlo, Jay Ose Tabled False Cut end of foreword, based on Ose's Cut
Edward Marlo Further Adventures of Punch dealing almost any Full House called for, all cards punched, method how to punch 1
Edward Marlo Punch Strike Deal three different positions 2
Edward Marlo Punch Pushoff Deal fourth and fifth position 7
Edward Marlo The Scratch Deal scratch-marked instead of punched cards 9
Edward Marlo Scratch Marked Deck scratch that can be felt, one mark for two values 9
Edward Marlo The Sight Marked Deck one mark for two values 10
Edward Marlo Scratched Deck as a Reader card counting application 12
Edward Marlo One Way Scratch Deck dealing any full house with a one way deck 12
Edward Marlo Combination Advantages combining scratch deal with bottom deal to deal full houses 13
Edward Marlo Combination One-Way Punch and Scratch both punch and scratch indicate one-way feature, full house deal 14
Edward Marlo Punchless Deal several methods to achieve full house deal with borrowed deck 14
Edward Marlo Pseudo Memory ungaffed punchdeal, cards injogged instead of punched 14
Edward Marlo Indeterminated Poker Deal four of a kind deal, second deal and 4 injogged cards 17
Edward Marlo Indeterminate Pseudo Stack estimation one riffle shuffle stack with second deal and injogged cards 18
Edward Marlo Pseudo Ten Hand Poker Stack estimation one riffle shuffle stack with second deal and injogged cardsRelated to 18
Edward Marlo Best Punchless Deal - So Far mirror/shiner 18
Edward Marlo Added Tips for Punch Deal 21
Edward Marlo Any Number 3 To 10 spectator chooses number of players, you get winning hand, scratch mark 21
Edward Marlo Any Sucker Hand Called For eight hand deal, dealer aces, any other kings 23
Edward Marlo The Stripper Deal punch deal with stripper deck and fine strip out condition 23
Edward Marlo The Sting punch deal with natural edge marks, Bee deck 24
Edward Marlo 3 Positions for 2nd Deal punch deal context 24
Edward Marlo Modified Mechanic's Grip for punch deal 26
Edward Marlo On The 2 Card Pushoff 2nd Deal 26
Edward Marlo More Punchless Approaches two methods using crimps 27
Edward Marlo, Art Altman Tips: 1. using Altman's false shuffle (page 63) as red black separation technique 30
Edward Marlo Punch Tip certain different positions for punches 30
Jon Racherbaumer On Karl Fulves's Shuffle Off seventeen page long Zarrow/Shank credit fight essayInspired by 31
Jon Racherbaumer on Harry Green encounter with Marlo 39
Edward Marlo No-Angle Center Transfer 46
Edward Marlo Marlo's Fine Stripout Shuffle 48
Edward Marlo Marlo's Control alternative to Steven's CullVariationsAlso published here 49
Edward Marlo Percentage Full House riffle culling a full house 50
Edward Marlo Tabled Pop Up Lift two methods 53
Edward Marlo Refined Simplex Stripout Shuffle Related to 54
Edward Marlo What! Another Triumph no selection 56
Edward Marlo Two-Shuffle Stripout Sequence with Block Transfer 56
Edward Marlo, Bernard Bilis I Missed impromptu version of Bilis' "Calculated Triumph", packet cut off, Triumph with rest, selection between two face up cards whose values add up to number of cut off cards 57
Edward Marlo Full Deck Oil and Water red black separated deck is faro shuffled and separation preserved 61
Edward Marlo Overhand Shuffle Finesse shuffling bottom card(s) to top without the usual single card run, break 62
Edward Marlo Buckling in Overhand Position 62
Art Altman Art Altman's False Shuffle strip out, see also pages 30, 99 63
Art Altman Art Altman's Multiple Shuffle Shift overhand shuffle 65
Edward Marlo Marlo's Variation of Altman's Multiple Shuffle Shift 66
Unknown Riffle Convincer card(s) injogged, open look 67
Edward Marlo One Shuffle Eddie aces face up in different parts 67
Edward Marlo Eddie Still Shuffles Once aces in different parts, suits separated 69
Edward Marlo A Subtle Tip delaying the strip out 70
Edward Marlo Simplex Topsy-Turvy Aces 70
Edward Marlo Easy Tabled Shift 72
Edward Marlo Riffle Shuffle Stacks stacking aces for seven hands after spectator dealt two to four hands, scoop up procedure and riffle shuffle stack 73
Edward Marlo One Riffle Ten Hand Stack 76
Edward Marlo Kings and Aces Aces to tenth player, Kings to ninth player 78
Edward Marlo Placement Cull as stacking procedure for ten-hand stack 78
Edward Marlo Added Method for 10 Hand Poker Deal 80
Edward Marlo On These Subjects procedure for locating nicked, scratched, edge marked cards while riffle shuffling 81
Edward Marlo Handling Bellied Strippers riffle culling "inverse" belly stripped cards 82
Edward Marlo Kings to Aces four kings are riffle culled that turn out to be aces, "inverse" belly strippers 83
Edward Marlo Sophisticated Suggestion aces to one hand, kings to other hand, "inverse" belly strippers 84
Edward Marlo Key Card Subtlety narrow or bellied card and tabled riffle shuffle after placement 85
Edward Marlo Triple Power Poker bottom deal, overhand and riffle stacking demo 86
Edward Marlo Story Book Poker Deal ace cutting, repeat six hand stacking, all have quartets as climax, "inverse" belly stripper 88
Edward Marlo Bonus 10 Hand Stack one shuffle, "inverse" belly strippers, aces and kings 90
Edward Marlo Efficient 5 Hand Stack "inverse" belly strippers, aces and kings 91
Edward Marlo Finally making belly strippers 91
Edward Marlo Slick Sorcery several applications (8 pages) of slick cards like ace cutting, stacking, including silicone method of preparationRelated to 92
Edward Marlo First Routine spectator shuffles between each aces, then magician a bit too, slick cards 93
Edward Marlo Second Routine spectator shuffles, slick aces 94
Edward Marlo Third Routine slick aces, any ace called for 94
Edward Marlo Fourth Routine slick aces, one-handed, not recommended by Marlo... 95
Edward Marlo First, Second, Third Method controlling slick aces to bottom via riffle shuffles 95
Edward Marlo Bottom Riffle Stack using slick aces 97
Edward Marlo Fifth Routine riffle cull and bottom deal with slick aces (reduces friction) 98
Edward Marlo Overhand Cull and Stack using slick aces 98
Edward Marlo Tilt Tip front tilt handling 99
Art Altman, Edward Marlo Art Altman's False Shuffle shuffle on table, strip out in hand, see page 63 99
Edward Marlo Multiple Convincing Control tip for "Convincing Control Reverse" from Vol. 3 99
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Tip using short cards 99
Jon Racherbaumer On The Spread Cull nine page long credit fight on the Convincing Control 100
Edward Marlo New Approach Convincing Controls six methods, see also pages 257 & 268 109
Edward Marlo Convincing Control Bottom Palm see steps 8 and 9 110
Edward Marlo Convincing Control Reverse see step 10 111
Edward Marlo Second Method 112
Edward Marlo Third Method - Cards to Pocket and Wallet three selection, two to pocket, one to wallet 114
Edward Marlo, Harry Lorayne Convincing Control to Bottom or Tenkai Palm starting at step 7, for Lorayne-credit see Apocalypse, page 1092Related to 118
Edward Marlo The Marlo Cull see also tip on page 268 122
Edward Marlo Multiple Convincing Control also into palm 124
Edward Marlo 3 Cards To 3 Pockets steps 11 and 12 127
Edward Marlo Incomplete Convincing Control as a center palm 127
Edward Marlo Faked Convincing Control cards apparently in different parts of fan 127
Edward Marlo Instant Collection cards apparently put in different parts of fanRelated to 129
Edward Marlo Easy on the Tears Related to 130
Edward Marlo Variation on the Original variation on original handling 131
Edward Marlo Another Multiple Convincing Control 132
Edward Marlo Unlimited Convincing Control suitable for a lot of cards 133
Edward Marlo Center Deal Tip slick cards, no break or step 134
Edward Marlo New Palms two techniques, see also page 159 135
Edward Marlo New Palms - Second Technique 136
Edward Marlo As a Rear Clip Palm bottom, left hand 137
Edward Marlo Application to an Effect "Sleeve Aces" - handling 137
Edward Marlo Marlo's Bottom Palm 139
Edward Marlo Turn and Palm as deck is tabled and cut 140
Edward Marlo First Effect two cards travel from packet to packet, repeat 141
Edward Marlo Second Effect two cards to pocket with visible vanish from face of deck 143
Edward Marlo Third Effect ace to four to pocket 143
Edward Marlo Multiple Tabled Palm 144
Edward Marlo Replacement Side Steal 144
Edward Marlo Riffle Shuffle and Palm 145
Edward Marlo Side Squaring Bottom Palm for one card, see also page 156 for handling from center 146
Edward Marlo New Palms Replacements two methodsVariations 147
Edward Marlo Single Cut Palm - Covered Related to 149
Edward Marlo Thumb Across Palms palming top card(s) while left thumb is across deck, three methodsAlso published here 150
Edward Marlo Double Action Palm using riffle shuffle, classic palms 152
Edward Marlo In Passing Palms while right hand passes across deck, from deck and packet 153
Edward Marlo A Multiple Change indifferent cards to aces 154
Edward Marlo Additional Suggestions variation of "Side Squaring Bottom Palm" (page 146) from center 156
Edward Marlo Ribbon Clip Palm deck is ribbon spread, card stolen in right hand clip palm, two handlings 156
Edward Marlo Card from Pocket from Clip Palm 157
Edward Marlo A New Cap from gambler's flat palm 158
Edward Marlo Added Notes variation of techniques on page 135 159
Edward Marlo Marlo's Cop from bottom into left hand rear clip palm 160
Edward Marlo R.C.S. Palm Transfer left Rear Clip Steal into right full palm 160
Edward Marlo Olram's Key Card glueing single cut out spade pip on card 161
Edward Marlo New Side-Steals - First Method 162
Edward Marlo Overhand Shuffle Gesture claimed with 1961 date 162
Edward Marlo Second Method 163
Edward Marlo Third Method - Fourth Method "New Side-Steals" 164
Edward Marlo The Invisible Side-Steal angly 165
Edward Marlo Pivot Steal and Replacement Related to 166
Edward Marlo Technical Variant Side-Steal variation of Dan McMillen Steal from "The Gambler's Palm Revisited" 167
Edward Marlo Disarming Side-Steal 168
Edward Marlo Center Deal Steals one-handed push-out technique with unusual applications 170
Edward Marlo The Basic Mechanics 170
Edward Marlo First Application one-handed against body, push-out technique 171
Edward Marlo Second Application one-handed push-out technique, center to right Tenkai palm, curling right hand to fist with palmed card 172
Edward Marlo Third Application using one-handed push-out technique 172
Edward Marlo Fourth Application adding a card from center to packet using one-handed push-out technique 173
Edward Marlo The Fingertip Peek Steal fingertip peek handling, to top or Tenkai palmRelated to 173
Edward Marlo Tenkai Palm to Gambler's Flat Palm Transition step 8 174
Edward Marlo Delayed Side-Steal dribble action while card is side jogged 175
Edward Marlo The Tabled Side-Steal deck dribbled to table 175
Edward Marlo Marked or Known Card Tip controlling known or glimpsed card via riffle cull 176
Edward Marlo Spider Return Tip little tipInspired by 176
Edward Marlo Spade Add Variation (Feb. 1947) 177
Edward Marlo Olram's Jinx Switch Also published here 178
Edward Marlo Slip Switch Jinx Switch variation, switching x-1 of x cards 179
Edward Marlo In-Jogged Add On three methods, deck and packetInspired byVariations 179
Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse brief 180
Edward Marlo Side-Jogged Add On using packet or deck, see also page 215 for tip 183
Edward Marlo Olram's Tent Switch starting with cards palmed or sleeved or at the body 184
Edward Marlo Tent Switch Effect 185
Edward Marlo Olram's Neo Tent Switch two methods 185
Bob Nelson The Nelson Card Rise pinky pushes up card at the pack, one-handed 187
Bob Nelson, Edward Marlo Multiple Bluff Rise three aces rise, indifferent card rises and changes to ace, similar to up and up rise change 188
Edward Marlo The Rising Add On using rising card technique 188
Edward Marlo Tabled Add On 189
Edward Marlo The Spectator Lays Out The Aces angly display 190
Edward Marlo Pivot Switchout 192
Edward Marlo Marlo's Method Switch two methods, on table 192
Edward Marlo Drop Off Add On as aces are tossed on table 195
Edward Marlo Single Cut Add On aces are tabled, deck cut and placed aside 196
Edward Marlo Olram's Tabled Spread hiding cards 197
Edward Marlo Tabled Thumb Count mainly for riffle shuffle context 198
Edward Marlo While They Argue - Tip tip for routine on page 205 198
Art Altman Flip Flourish Discovery two cards produced 199
Art Altman, Edward Marlo Marlo's Four Ace Production 200
Edward Marlo Spin Out Aces alternative to Benzais' cut with less hand movement 200
Edward Marlo Techniques for Ace Cutting two methods 202
Edward Marlo While They Argue aces fly out of deck, see tip on page 198 205
Edward Marlo The Push-In Shift 205
Edward Marlo Second Method Push In Shift 208
Edward Marlo Tip on Avoiding the Double Lift 209
Edward Marlo Crimp Conjuring spectator shuffles, magician locates aces two times, then stacks them, similar to snap crimp 210
Edward Marlo Sneaking In Mexican Joe putting crimp in cards while performing packet estimation effect 213
Edward Marlo (A) Red Black Sensing mexican joe crimp 215
Edward Marlo (B) Stop Effect mexican joe crimp 215
Edward Marlo (C) Ever Ready Black Routine with Mexican Joe applying mexican joe crimpInspired by 215
Edward Marlo On The Side-Jog Add On tip for add on on page page 183 215
Edward Marlo Refined Ace Cutting from "Lost Shuffle Manuscript", using crimps or raised surfacesInspired by 216
Edward Marlo Crimp Control seven methods to control selection with crimped deck, also key card handlings 223
Edward Marlo Scratch Sorcery or Nickromancy nicked or scratched key card and riffle shuffle control 227
Edward Marlo Palm Replacement 230
Edward Marlo The Ace of Spades Trick three methods with alternative approaches 231
Edward Marlo In Lieu of the Second Deal II in the handsRelated to 231
Edward Marlo Mental Spelling Effect selected card not known by performer is spelled out 232
Unknown Table Reverse during Riffle Shuffle 234
Edward Marlo Face Up Benzais Cop 235
Edward Marlo Infallible Estimation Spell fingertip peek and cut, selection spelled to 236
Edward Marlo Direct Observation Test aces, kings, queens, jacks dealt on four piles, one value assembles on one packet, Benzais Cop 237
Edward Marlo One Hat - No Ribbon triple stop routine with fair conditions 238
Dai Vernon Vernon Change Tenkai Palm 239
Edward Marlo Count Cop as Trick interesting, top card switched for copped card 240
Edward Marlo Taking a Chance spelled to any named card, percentage effect 242
Edward Marlo Mental Spell spelled to thought-of card card 242
Edward Marlo Any Card Spell spelled to any named card 243
Edward Marlo On Submarine Card sandwiched card travels to bottom of sandwich, half card gaff 243
Edward Marlo Spectator's Ace Cutting twelve methods, some where the spectator turn over the aces, some quadrupel stop effects, for 11th method see page 284 244
Edward Marlo Gambler's Falt to Tenkai Transition right hand 244
Edward Marlo Basic Production Move apparently turning over top card of tabled deck but producing from a stack of palmed cards 244
Edward Marlo Packet to Packet Transfer in context of spectator ace cutting routine 246
Edward Marlo Spread Finger Classic Palm Hold Out 247
Edward Marlo Bottom Lateral Palm right hand 251
Edward Marlo Top Palm "Estimation Approach Palming" 254
Edward Marlo Impromptu Card Shelf 255
Edward Marlo 1st Method of "New Approach Convincing Control" tip for control on page 109, see also page 268 257
T. Page Wright Wright/Allerton Move brief 257
Edward Marlo Cardician's Mind Keeps Working draw shift variationRelated to 258
Edward Marlo Bored With Triumph 259
Edward Marlo Tabled Tilt Pass tabled top card cover passRelated to 260
Edward Marlo Unconventional Passes - First Method (table or in-the-hands)
- Second Method
Related toVariations 262
Edward Marlo Fingertip Pass 264
Edward Marlo Olram's Bobble Cover cover for herrmann type passes 265
Edward Marlo Tips Marlo Cull (page 122) as multiple control and tip for Convincing Control (see pages 109 & 257) 268
Edward Marlo Sophisticated Simplex Multiple Shift three methods 269
Edward Marlo The Two Finger Take straddle grip 271
Edward Marlo Combination Stud Deal combining Stanley James Stud Second (RCT)Related to 272
Edward Marlo Marlo's Unbelievable Ribbon Spread Control plunger principleRelated toVariations 275
Edward Marlo Spectator Does It All Inspired by 277
Edward Marlo What If? controlling card put in ribbon spread 277
Edward Marlo The Last Resort multiple cards possible 278
Edward Marlo Tip on the AS Trick 279
Edward Marlo Black Jack spectator finds ace of spades to make perfect black jack hand 280
Edward Marlo Longitudinal Palm Switch lapping 281
Edward Marlo Olram's Card Switch 282
Edward Marlo The Laydown Switch 284
Edward Marlo Estimation Palm tip for 11th method on page 244 284
Edward Marlo On Card to Wallet using table edge 285
Slydini, Edward Marlo Slydini Switch in Wallet table edge 285
Edward Marlo Loading the Bombshell Wallet three methods 287
Edward Marlo Direct Mentalism any word predicted, Bendix Bombshell Wallet 290
Edward Marlo Tip on the Mullica Wallet 291
Edward Marlo Panic 292
Edward Marlo Transposition Card to Wallet transposition of two cards, one vanishes and reappears in walletRelated to 292
Edward Marlo An Effect from the 40's two selections produced from air, thumb clip steal from deck 293
Edward Marlo Marlo's Double Push-Off 297
Edward Marlo An Effect from the 50's two cards peeked, named from performer, produced from different pockets 299
Morris Loewy, Edward Marlo Loewy Palm while card is palmed in right hand 299
Edward Marlo Cased in Vanish deck vanishes from case 300
Edward Marlo The Olram Count Olram Subtlety as false count 301
Edward Marlo Olram's Count Routine "Olram's Famous Ten Card Trick" 302
Edward Marlo Olram's Vanish four kings, mentally chosen king vanishes, appears in deck 304
Edward Marlo The Libra Change 304
Edward Marlo Olram Subtlety brief 304
Edward Marlo No Palm Travelers signed, topit on both sides 305
Unknown Production from left Inside Pocket 306
Edward Marlo From Deck Into Jacket card from deck behind right side of jacket 306
Edward Marlo Almost No Palm Travelers 307
Edward Marlo Thumb Lapping 308
Edward Marlo This is Thumb Effect spectator chooses correct card, one out of five 309
Edward Marlo Misdirection Brushing Related to 310
Edward Marlo Dribble Free Force multiple dribble control, same position forcedRelated toVariations 311
Edward Marlo Dribble Glimpse bold 312
Edward Marlo Dribble Control full deck crimp 312
Edward Marlo Dribble Control with Break 312
Edward Marlo Dribble Application to O.K. Move multiple card control to bottom with kelly/ovette placement 313
Edward Marlo Dribble Plus Delayed O.K. Move 313
Edward Marlo Combination Control full deck crimp 313
Edward Marlo The Erratic Poker Deal spectator influence dealing, yet four Aces are dealt 314
Edward Marlo Some Dreams are Better than Others two selections, reverse one by one with transposition finale 315
Edward Marlo Ribbon Spread Turnover Switch reversed card in center, switched as spread is turned over, using ribbon spread hide-out, see also pages 317/318Related to 316
Edward Marlo Application to Open Prediction seven approaches, some using the Ribbon Spread Turnover Switch 317
Edward Marlo Gombert Pass Variation brief 319
Edward Marlo Vanish - Spell - Surprise aces to kings, ace spelling, assembly comboInspired by
  • "Discrepant Ace Routine" (Ed Marlo, Al Sharpe's Ollapodrida, July/August 1984)
Edward Marlo On Edge Marking tip 323
Edward Marlo Bold Card Control Related toVariations 324
Edward Marlo Unorthodox Second Deal 325
Edward Marlo Changing the Interchange Inspired by 326
Theodore Annemann Alignment Move "Anneman Line-Up Move" 330
Edward Marlo New Approach Digital Clock three methods 333
Edward Marlo Triple Change Sandwich selection appears between black 4s which change into other selections 336
Edward Marlo Student's Exchange two methodsRelated to 338
Edward Marlo Fake Inside Pocket Insertion card apparently placed in inside pocket, classic palmed in same hand 339
Edward Marlo Marlo Count Displacement five as four, card extracted with buckling at penultimate count, originally from TOPS 340
Edward Marlo Switchless Switch Variation 341
Edward Marlo The Real O'Henry Aces 342
Edward Marlo Marlo's Riffle Shuffle Expeditor using incomplete faro for faster stacking 345
Edward Marlo Snap Transposition 347
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Exchange Application brief 347
Edward Marlo New Appraoch Ace Assembly aces put on 4 packets, assemble on one packet 348