Written by Joseph Leeming

Work of Joseph Leeming

112 pages (Hardcover), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Joseph Leeming How We Got Our Pack of Cards History of playing cards 1
Unknown Tossing Cards Into a Hat Technique taught for tossing cards into a hat accurately 7
Unknown Magnetizing A Card Sticking a playing card to a wall with static electricity 8
Unknown The Five Touching Cards Challenge audience to arrange five cards so that each card is touching the other four 8
Unknown An Amusing Card Catch Five cards arranged on table. Remove two cards, add three cards to get the same arrangement of cards 9
Unknown The Six-Card Lift Interlock six cards together so they can be picked up together 10
Unknown The Old Army Game Which two Jacks were rejected by the American Army? (one-eyed) 10
Unknown A Surprising Card Deal Down Under Deal on eight cards, result in a row of cards alternating face card and spot card 11
Unknown One Card Under The Other How to hold a card under a King on the table, without moving the King 12
Unknown The Master Aim How to drop a card into a hat without the card fluttering away 12
Unknown To Make Four Fives Equal 16 Lay four Fives on the table so they total sixteen 13
Unknown The Thirty-Card Race Spectator and magician pick up one to six cards from a pile of thirty, last person to take a card wins, magician always wins 13
Unknown The One-Two-Three Card Race fifteen cards, take turns taking one, two or three cards, takes the last card is loser. Magician always wins 14
Unknown Making a Card Invisible Challenge: make a card invisible to one person, but visible to everyone else 14
Unknown Standing A Card On Edge 15
Unknown The Whispering Queen Queen of Hearts whispers to you identity of person who was secretly chosen by audience when you left the room 15
Unknown You Can't Lose Predict that when spectator's cards and magician's cards are added together, there will be an even number or odd number 16
Unknown Coin On Card Stunt Balance card and coin on finger, flick card out under the coin 16
Unknown Card Cross Stunt Six cards used, form two rows of cards with four cards in each row 17
Unknown All In Order Down Under Deal on thirteen cards, get Ace to King in order 18
Unknown A Baffling Card Stunt The Trick That Fooled Einstein with cards 18
Unknown What's On Your Mind? Six cards dealt to two people, each person get three cards - spectator always gets three Queens (spectator always thinking about women?) 19
Unknown The Elevens Stunt Mathematical stunt, place three cards on table, numbers can always be divided by eleven 20
Unknown Building Card Castles 21
Unknown Spelling Bee Spell Ace, Two, Three... by moving cards to bottom of the packet one by one, each time getting the Ace, Two and so on 22
Unknown Telling a Chosen Card Divine value of playing card via mathematical method (multiply by three, add six, divide by three) 25
Unknown The Reversed Card Spectator reverses any card in a row of five cards (end for end) while magician's back is turned, magician can tell which card is turned 25
Unknown Cut The Pack Cross Cut Force 26
Unknown The Lie-Detector Trick Simple card divination with lie detecting premise 27
Unknown Instantaneous Reversal Seven of Clubs and Eight of Spades placed in deck, instantly reverses in deck 28
Unknown Mystic Tappit Clock Trick type of routine 29
Unknown Sure Way to Find a Chosen Card Basic key card location of selection 30
Unknown Four-Ace Production Deck placed in pocket, can extract and locate four Aces 30
Unknown The Three Friendly Queens One Queen on top, one Queen in middle, one queen on bottom. The deck is cut, all three queens are together in the deck 31
Unknown The Three-Card Answer Mathematical number divination with playing cards 31
Unknown A Famous Four-Ace Trick One Ace placed on top, one Ace placed on bottom, two Aces placed in middle of the deck. They assemble together in the middle. 32
Unknown The Great "Stop!" Trick 33
Unknown Magic Card Revelation Pull out cards from pocket that always add to selected card 34
Unknown Instant Card Location Two halves, cards selected in one half replaced in the other, easily located 34
Unknown Hit The Deck Weird card location with key card 35
Unknown The Mahatma Marvel Card Trick Location with spectator dealing and distant key card 35
Unknown Miracle Spot Revelation Divine number of spots on card, very procedural and mathematical 36
Unknown Changing The Rows 41
Unknown The Add-To-18 Puzzle 42
Unknown Three-In-A-Row 43
Unknown The Sixteen-Card Puzzle 43
Unknown Alternate Cards 43
Unknown The Five-Kings Puzzle 43
Unknown The Noble Lords and the Commoners 44
Unknown Tricky Triangle 45
Unknown Face-Up 46
Unknown The Star Puzzle 46
Unknown The Jealous Kings 46
Unknown The Hourglass Puzzle 47
Unknown The Eighteen-Card Circle 48
Unknown A Card Brain-Twister 49
Unknown How Can This Be? 49
Unknown Card Pickup Puzzle 50
Unknown Turn Over All But One 51
Unknown The Give-and-Take Puzzle 51
Unknown Odd Or Even? 52
Unknown The Twenty-Four Card Puzzle 52
Unknown Silly Sam's Pack of Cards 54
Unknown The Reverse-Order Puzzle 54
Unknown Card Leapfrog Puzzle 55
Unknown Put-Them-In-Order Puzzle 56
Unknown Ace-Two-Three-Four Puzzle 57
Unknown Canfield 77
Unknown Klondike 80
Unknown Elevens 83
Unknown Perpetual Motion 83
Unknown Even Up 85
Unknown Beehive 85
Unknown Gaps 87
Unknown Roll Call or Talkative 88
Unknown Idle Year 89
Unknown Round the Clock 90
Unknown Pirate Gold 91
Unknown Lazy Boy 93
Unknown Auld Lang Syne 94
Unknown Grandfather's Clock 95
Unknown Idiot's Delight 97
Unknown Streets and Alleys 99
Unknown Royal Marriage 101
Unknown Hidden Cards 102
Unknown Fifteens 104
Unknown Ten of Clubs 106