Written by Jon Racherbaumer
Work of Jon Racherbaumer
13 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
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Language: English
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Jon Racherbaumer Introduction
Jon Racherbaumer Exordium intro to effect
Jon Racherbaumer First Sandwich two cards selected, one appears in sandwich cards that are cut in deck, changes into second selection
Edward Marlo Cover-Up Cut
Edward Marlo Second Sandwich - Bluff Sandwich
Also published here 4
Edward Marlo Simple Sandwich Load
Edward Marlo Bluff Pass Riffle Force
Edward Marlo Third Sandwich - The Submarine Sandwich selection outjogged near top of deck, sandwich cards near bottom, pushed in, instant sandwich, cull
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Jon Racherbaumer, Eric Eicher Road-Runner Sevens "Fast/Faster/Fastest", three phases, last phase "Hull Version" (signed card type), Six & Seven pseudo duplicates
Inspired by 8
Edward Marlo Sudden Sandwich aka Jumping Jacks Three-Card-Catch precursor
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