Written by Jon Racherbaumer, Thomas Alan Waters

Work of Various

32 pages (Stapled), published by Stevens Magic Emporium
No illustrations.
Language: English

(25 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Thomas Alan Waters Introduction 3
Jon Racherbaumer Introduction 3
Ian Adair The Sound of Music video casette put in its case, it vanishes and in its place is a dancing ballerina puppet 4
Pete Biro Billion-Dollar Bill Switch switch that ends clean, magnet unload in back pocket 5
Steve Bryant Everywhere and Nowhere Goes Hollywood Inspired by 6
Steve Bryant, Jean-Pierre Vallarino Personalized Rhumba Count 8
Aldo Colombini Sand-Which two selections appear between two tabled sandwiches 10
Jack Avis Siva Count brief 10
Karrell Fox Pieces of Eight four wrong cards produced, when they are turned over they form a jumbo version of the selection 11
Mark Garetz, Al Koran Persistence of Thought with camera flash unitInspired by 12
Pat Hennessy, Dai Vernon Dai's Wager dice bet with odds in performer's favorRelated to 14
Roger Klause Two Teasers - First Teaser fake multiple lift demo with apparently thick blockVariations 14
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli), Ken Krenzel Mechanical Reverse 14
Roger Klause Second Teaser depth illusion / Vernon-Houdini ambitious phase teaser for magicians 15
Simon Lovell The Supra-Selling of the Lemming Man - Selling the Roll Out (four-coin roll-out flourish)
- Selling the Six-Dice Stack
- Grandfather's Beer (beer production from dice stacking cup)
Billy McComb At Homb with McComb - Sympathetic Silks 19
Tom Mullica Mullica's Four-Ace Ending card joins other three Aces underneath spectator's hand, for Christ Aces 21
Anthony Owen Magic for the Rest of the Week using skin cream as open daub type item for pseudo explanation, all other cards are "wrinkled" at finale 23
Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer Marlo's Favorite Devilish Miracle 24
Edward Marlo Kick-Count from break 24
Unknown Ireland Block Shuffle shuffling off block in middle 25
Mike Rogers On Line, Who Is, And Who Cares? about online forums 28
Thomas Alan Waters Gypsy Cursive 29
Thomas Alan Waters Broken Hamman Count first pile tabled in middle of count 29
Ron Wilson Double Restoration Rope Also published here 32