Written by Jon Racherbaumer
Work of Jon Racherbaumer
54 pages (Spiralbound), published by Spade and Archer
No illustrations
Language: English
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Jon Racherbaumer, Hideo Kato Hermetic Penetration spectator cuts to a card and inserts it in the center behind his back and then cases deck, performer divines it and it reverses itself
Also published here 5
Jon Racherbaumer Gaming the Rules "no joker" prediction with a full deck of jokers as climax
Inspired byAlso published here 10
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Hofzinser Scoop Switch wild card switch
Jon Racherbaumer Snap-Slap Transpo
John Guastaferro Free Will Refutation four cards predicted on business cards and chosen via Gemini Twins procedure, rest of deck blank
Also published here 16
Jack Parker Must Be 21 to Smoke "For Claude Raines"
card vanishes from packet of 21 cards, and reappears in packet
Also published here 23
Edward Marlo Automatic Replacement
Jon Racherbaumer Unlikely Triumvirate "Mathematician - Psychic - Magician"
sixteen-card packet, spectator choses card and its position, it's divined, in repeat it is the only odd-backed card
Inspired byAlso published here 30
Edward Marlo Biddling Brown in the Round
Inspired by 36
James Swain Shush three cards removed, performer divines them fairly, peek case with hole
Inspired byAlso published here 41
Cushing Strout As Far As You Want To Go
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 45
Jon Racherbaumer Wide-Open Prediction with repeat
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