Written by Karl Fulves
Work of Karl Fulves
39 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt
Language: English
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Karl Fulves Introduction stating the problem: a deck is shuffled in any in and out sequence and from final order, a shuffling sequence is derived to return to the original order
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Karl Fulves Least Totals six-card deck solution for problem in introduction
Karl Fulves Flotation Device another solution for problem in introduction
Karl Fulves Ring Diagrams
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Karl Fulves A Catalog of Shuffles another solution for problem in introduction
Karl Fulves The Uniqueness Theory on the uniqueness of the order after a random in/out faro shuffle sequence
Karl Fulves Transpoker two poker hands, each Ace through Five in red and black, spectator names one of the values, performer shuffles the hands together and deals, named value is only odd-backed card in both hands, "transposition shuffle"
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Karl Fulves Time Bent Back what one knows about the last shuffle of an in/out faro shuffle sequence
Karl Fulves Separation Shuffles faro shuffle sequences that mix each half within itself, keeping them separated
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Karl Fulves Singleton Shuffles "separation shuffles" that allow one card from both halves to transpose
Karl Fulves Transpoker II another method
Inspired by 17
Karl Fulves Transpoker III reverse faro method
Inspired byRelated to 18
Karl Fulves Mechanical Faro shaving the ends to make faros easier
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Karl Fulves If Known another solution for problem in introduction if total number of shuffles is known
Karl Fulves Shuffle Diagrams
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Karl Fulves The Stay Stak Constraint as stay stack features applies to problem in introduction
Karl Fulves Ring Subset
Karl Fulves How Many States?
Karl Fulves Primitive Cycles
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Karl Fulves Basic Shuffle Equations how many shuffles it takes to get a deck back to original order
Karl Fulves Position Equations notation for faro shuffling
Karl Fulves Mix Relativity faro type from the point of view of the card
Karl Fulves Expanded Decks notation for faro shuffling
Karl Fulves Not in Descartes futile method of Cartesian notation
Karl Fulves Faro Trees "The faro tree gives a clear, unambiguous picture of what happens to the deck as it is shuffled."
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