Written by Karl Fulves

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48 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
Language: English

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Karl Fulves Introduction with credit information on multiple shifts 1
Frank Thompson Multi Shift aka Straddle Shift, also for single cardVariations 2
Harvey Rosenthal, Frank Thompson Variations of Multi Shift
- reversing cards (Rosenthal)
- palming cards in classic palm (Thompson)
- palming cards in Tenkai palm (Rosenthal)
Inspired by 4
Harvey Rosenthal Center Load from Tenkai Palm Related to 5
Harvey Rosenthal Rosenthal Straddle Trap selection in upper half appears in face-up sandwich in lower half 6
Karl Fulves Straddle Pass Inspired by 7
Karl Fulves Recapture card appears between top two black Aces with unusual presentation 8
Karl Fulves Boxed In four Aces shows, one named, aces dropped on case, named ace penetrates into case 9
Karl Fulves Transitrap card transposes with sandwich pair 10
Derek Dingle Bluff Shift Also published here 11
Karl Fulves PDQuickie Aces placed in different parts of the deck, one cut, two hands dealt and performer gets Aces (doubles inserted) 14
Karl Fulves Outjogged Poker apparent stacking with outjogged aces as demo, when dealt aces fall to spectator, yet performer gets acesRelated to 15
Dr. Jacob Daley Bevel Multiple Shift Also published here 18
J. Stewart Smith Hindu Shift similar to Vernon Multiple ShiftAlso published here
  • "Hindu Shift" (Steward Smith, One More Thought on Cards, 1955)
Karl Fulves Strip Stack pairs of Twos through Sixes are upjogged and then squared, one shuffle and deal for two players, both get straights, one hand changes to AcesInspired by 21
Karl Fulves To Hindu hindu shuffle 22
Karl Fulves Cut or Shuffle arguing that cut multiple shifts are better than shuffle shifts 22
Milton Brooks The Longitudinal Shift reprinted from reference, somewhat jiggle relatedRelated toAlso published here
  • "Longitudinal Shift" (The Word's Best Book of Magic, Walter Gibson, 1927, p. 178)
Karl Fulves Longitudinal Aces paper clip on top card, deck set on table, when spectator turns over top card with clip it changed into previous selection or
(B) into the four Aces
(C) into named Ace
Variations 24
Derek Dingle, Karl Fulves Remote Collectors Aces remain on table separated from deck, dated 1972Variations 26
Derek Dingle, Karl Fulves Loading Cards into Center same result as Deep ATFUS 26
Larry Jennings L.J. Angle Steal 28
Dai Vernon Collectible Aces remain on table separated from deckInspired by 30
Edward Marlo ATFUS 30
T. Page Wright Plunger Shift simple version with two cardsAlso published here
  • Page Wright's Notebook (1933, p. 20)
Karl Fulves Full Court Press widely separated sandwich cards come to trap selection, sandwich cards remain outjogged, with "bluff spacing" for visible variationRelated to 32
S. W. Erdnase The Diagonal Palm Shift reprinted from referenceAlso published here 34
Karl Fulves KF Note on the Diagonal Palm-ShiftRelated to 36
Karl Fulves Excursion Aces pushed into different parts of deck, deck slapped, only Aces remain and deck traveled to four pockets, posed as problem 37
Karl Fulves One-Handed Multiple Shift posed as problem 37
Karl Fulves Cased Multiple Shift posed as problem 37
Karl Fulves Autopalm three Aces, one chosen and all three put in deck, deck cut at other two Aces, chosen one is palmed and produced from anywhereRelated to 38
Karl Fulves Card from Case Removal handling from left cop position 40
Jack Birnman Swivel Multiple Shift & Palm tabled push-through action for multiple shift, then deck picked up and cards palmed out, also as bottom palm 42
Karl Fulves Swivel Stack Aces placed in different parts of deck and squared, then Kings, two hands dealt, they are Aces and Kings 44
Karl Fulves Overshift two cards in different parts come together to trap selection, overhand shuffle & multiple shift comboVariations 45
Karl Fulves OS II sandwich placed in different parts of deck, later it is back together but with different selectionInspired by 47