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268 pages (Loose-leave collection), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Joseph K. Schmidt.
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1 1
Karl Fulves Interlocutor - 2
  • The Magazines
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2 3
Karl Fulves Watch Reel watches build from coins, other uses for it
Related to 2 4
Karl Fulves Pocket Calculators building small calculators in pads for addition effects
2 4
Karl Fulves Direct Dial device built into phone that instantly calls a number as soon as phone is lifted
2 4
Karl Fulves Book Reviews intro to column
2 5
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Highly Mediocre Tricks by Peter McDonald 2 5
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Best Magic Tricks by Lu Brent 2 5
Karl Fulves (reviewer) L. W. Card Mysteries by William Larsen (written by T. Page Wright) 2 5
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Illusionettes by William Larsen 2 5
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Dove, Silk & Flower Magic by John D. Pomeroy 2 5
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Marvelous Mysteries of Marvillo by Arnold Liebertz 2 5
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Off Beat Mentalism by Arthur Setterington 2 6
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Book of Thoth by Stephen Minch 2 6
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Calculating Book by James T. Rogers 2 6
Karl Fulves (reviewer) S'komplimentary Mentalism by Steve Skomp 2 6
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Smellavision 2 6
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Fifty Years Later by Alan Hodgson 2 6
Karl Fulves Interlocutor - 3
  • The Jordan Book
3 7
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Paul Curry Presents by Paul Curry 3 8
Karl Fulves (reviewer) A Glimpse Into The Unknown by J. Stewart Smith 3 9
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Here's "Hoo" With Coins by Bill Spooner 3 9
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Slippery Silver by Bill Spooner 3 9
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Wit Kit by Wilbur T. Kattner 3 9
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Mathematical Carnival by Martin Gardner 3 9
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Houdini Vanishes! by Wilbur T. Kattner 3 9
Karl Fulves Methods With Cards on the series and the need for part four
Related to 3 10
Karl Fulves Close-Up Mental Magic on the cards that came with the book
Related to 3 10
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Confessions of a Psychic by Uriah Fuller
on the author, not really a review
4 11
Karl Fulves Launch Pad on building black art possibilities into close-up pad
Related to 4 11
Karl Fulves Holdouts on holdout work in close-up magic
4 12
Karl Fulves Letters anecdote about reader that did not notice that he got two copies of volume One
4 12
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Roy Walton Dept. by Roy Walton
reviews of "Card Warp", "Card Script" & "Cascade"
4 13
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Scarne on Card Tricks by John Scarne 4 13
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Apparitions, Animations And Aces by Ron Ferris 4 13
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Super Clipline by Al Mann 4 14
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Super Subtle Card Miracles by Frank Garcia 4 14
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Magic Circle Of Dr. Faustus by Anthony Raven 4 14
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Rip Off & Strike One by Rick Johnsson 4 14
Karl Fulves (reviewer) And Then There Were 3 by Tony Shiels (written by Anthony Raven) 4 14
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Magic Manor by Sid Lorraine 4 14
Karl Fulves Controversy on handling controversies in print
5 15
Karl Fulves In Re York controversy about Scotty York and xeroxing his (expensive) lecture notes, recounting a meeting with York
5 16
Karl Fulves Interlocutor - 6 on recent delays and what was published in 1975, 12h day-job
6 19
Karl Fulves Electronic Magic describing several electronic effects, see following items
Related to 6 19
Karl Fulves (1) The Pencil That Remembers What It Writes after examining pencil, performer knows what was written with it, electronics, no details given
Related to 6 20
Karl Fulves (2) Dialing Death phone conversation despite having removed mouth piece or ear piece, electronics, no details given
6 20
Karl Fulves (3) Sea Chanty sound of sea out of shell or glass tumbler, electronics, no details given
6 20
Karl Fulves (4) Raising Hell spectator feels someone choking him, apparently electronics, no details given
6 21
Karl Fulves (5) Electronic Book Test on back of book a display shows which page is open, electronics, no details given
6 21
Karl Fulves (6) The Mary Shelley Problem doll pieces examined and assembled, then comes to life, electronics, no details given, isoforms, also for non-thread animation of origami figures or Haunted Deck, pipe dreamy
6 22
Karl Fulves Francis Carlyle on the circumstances of his death
Related to 7 23
Karl Fulves L. Vosburgh Lyons on his death
7 23
Karl Fulves Lou Derman on his death
7 24
Karl Fulves Magic On Television Slydini on Cavett, Doug Henning praise and criticism
7 24
Karl Fulves Electric Ink looking for normal looking metallic ink
7 25
Milbourne Christopher Houdini - A Mystery to Henning?
Also published here
  • New York Times, April 1976
7 25
Karl Fulves, John Standridge, Walter B. Graham Printing Fake Cards
7 26
Karl Fulves Pallbearers Review on reprints and new projects
8 27
Karl Fulves Hummer, Jaks on compiling a book about Bob Hummer's and Stanley Jaks's work
8 27
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Slydini Book by Slydini (written by Lewis Ganson)
comparing Ganson's "The Magic of Slydini" with "The Best of Slydini...and more"
Related to 8 28
Karl Fulves Straight-Deck Brainwave named card has different back color, different approaches:
  • Optica deck
  • 104 thin cards in roughed pairs
  • chemical backs
  • gaffed mat
Related to 8 29
Karl Fulves The Jordan Book on xerox copies sold in New England
8 30
Karl Fulves Watch Reel a source for a half-dollar watch via John Cornelius
Related to 8 30
Karl Fulves The New Alchemy on new discoveries in physics and science, Uri Geller
9 31
Karl Fulves Al Flosso
9 33
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Vernon Lecture by Dai Vernon 9 33
Various (reviewer) Confessions of a Psychic by Uriah Fuller
quoting reviews by others
9 33
Karl Fulves, Lyon Sprague de Camp More On Houdini quote from de Camp about Houdini
Also published here
  • biography on H. P. Lovecraft by Sprague de Camp
9 34
Karl Fulves The Magazines on the delay of Pallbearers Review and Epilogue, last issue of a Fulves magazine is always announced in first issue (sometimes in code)
10 35
Karl Fulves Paid Subscriptions turning away subscribers past 2500, on exclusivity in magic
10 36
Karl Fulves Clippings on collecting odd and accidentally funny newspaper clippings
10 36
Karl Fulves Cold Readings questions to get information, discussions with Tom Harris, L. Vosburgh Lyons
10 37
Karl Fulves Card Problems - (1) deck wrapped in newspaper, card stabbed with knife, rest of deck vanishes, posed as problem
10 38
Karl Fulves Card Problems - (2) card through handkerchief, first card is wrong, slid back in, then right one, posed as problem
10 38
Karl Fulves Card Problems - (3) doing a trick with an unusual structure in which first the performer demonstrates how the trick ends, then does it anyway, posed as problem
Related to 10 38
Karl Fulves The Perfect Crime on detective stories and perfect murders, locked room mysteries with magical ending
Related to 11 39
Karl Fulves More Electronic Magic describing several electronic effects, see following items
Related to 11 39
Karl Fulves (1) Calculuxe spectators do equation on calculator, final result predicted, transposing memory and equal buttons
11 40
Karl Fulves (2) Vox Box spectator records something on cassette, spectator hears his voice from the cassette itself, electronics, posed as problem
11 40
Karl Fulves More On Slydini more on "The Best of Slydini...and More" and on John Ramsey
11 41
Karl Fulves Book Tests Doomed on reading and spelling ability of population, with anecdote
11 42
Karl Fulves, Verne Bloch Verne Bloch Letter on alcoholism
Related to 12 43
Karl Fulves Autokito problem of a automatic Okito box turnover, powered by rubber band, paper, ...
12 43
Karl Fulves Card To Wallet cased deck in one pocket, then wallet removed but loose cards are in upper pocket, in case is the wallet with selection, posed as problem
12 44
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Early Tendencies by Edward Marlo
offering opinion on Ed Marlo
12 44
Karl Fulves Sealed Empty sealed can turns out to be empty
Related to 12 45
Karl Fulves Frank Thompson
12 45
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Magic Of Francis Carlyle by Francis Carlyle (written by Roger Pierre) 12 46
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Ever So Sleightly by Martin A. Nash (written by Stephen Minch) 12 46
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Mind and Matter by Stephen Minch 12 46
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Feature Magic For Mentalists by Will Dexter 12 46
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Show-Biz Comedy Service by George Schindler
shop review
12 46
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Search For Superman by John Wilhelm
book on psychic scene
13 47
Karl Fulves The Service rant on the postal service, UPS
13 48
Karl Fulves Workshop (1) card vanishes from deck and appears on ceiling, posed as a problem
Related to 13 48
Karl Fulves Workshop (2) paper discs punched out of bill change to coins, posed as a problem
13 49
Karl Fulves Workshop (3) two books, one with blank pages, named page transposes from regular book with blank page in other book, posed as a problem
Related to 13 49
Karl Fulves (4) Ships That Pass spectator mails a card to you and you on the same day a card to him, when envelopes are opened, the cards have transposed
  • Variation A: cards are the same card
  • Variation B: full decks are mailed with one reversed card
  • Variation C: spectator mails a card to himself and it changes to another or has now performers signature
posed as problems
13 49
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Tarbell #2 by Harlan Tarbell
on the additional chapter
13 50
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Al Mann Exclusives by Al Mann
short comment on "Master Slate Secrets" and "The Thinking Machines"
13 50
Karl Fulves Who Dunnit on receiving ransom money
Related to 14 51
Karl Fulves, J. W. Sarles Short Story "Jo Sarles", anecdote about long repair of reel
14 51
Karl Fulves You Are Note Alone weird shipping requests he gets from subscribers
14 52
Karl Fulves Gambling Info on Jeff Busby's lists of gambling equipment
14 52
Karl Fulves The Possibilities Of CB stopping a card with CB broadcast technology, not much details
14 52
Karl Fulves Psychology Dept. why there are not many picture cards used in illustrations by J. K. Schmidt
14 53
Karl Fulves Voice From Beyond shattering a glass with recorded noice, posed as a problem
14 54
Karl Fulves Invisible Inc. looking for ink that appears when dry
14 54
Karl Fulves Generation jokers duplicate cards put between them, posed as a problem
Related to 14 54
Karl Fulves Super Psychic Feats "Controlled Sound", performer honks any car honk from a distance, stunt
15 55
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Films Of Boris Karloff by Ken Beale (written by Richard Bojarski) 15 56
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Holbrook Lecture Notes by Brad Holbrook
with credit information about "Salute To Vernon" by Al Koran
Related to 15 57
Persi Diaconis Diaconis Business Card reproduction
15 57
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Trigger by Roy Walton 15 57
Karl Fulves More Than A Game on cheating at Bridge
15 58
Karl Fulves The GIT-M Move related to rhythm count, dated to 1969
16 59
Karl Fulves Funny Cards four jokers, two turn over, then all change to Aces
16 60
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Zetetic by Marcello Truzzi 16 60
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Phil Goldstein Books - Classic Tackler by Philip T. Goldstein 16 61
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Blue Book Of Mentalism by Philip T. Goldstein 16 61
Karl Fulves Book List on the book list by Tony Vander Linden
16 61
Karl Fulves Jeff Busby Book Lists
16 61
Karl Fulves Impromptu Levitation comment on the Balducci trick
Related to 16 62
Karl Fulves NewsClips
16 62
Karl Fulves French Moroccan Wallet where to obtain it
Related to 16 62
Karl Fulves Words To Live By various quotes
16 62
Karl Fulves M. G. vs. P & T Martin Gardner vs. Puthoff and Targ, on writing about psychic things
17 63
Karl Fulves The Bogus Pirated Xerox Concept giving a correction sheet with Marlo's Magazines that makes no sense
17 63
Karl Fulves One Way Cards on using printing defects
17 63
Karl Fulves John Scarne Dept. on Scarne's gambling expertise
17 64
Karl Fulves Card Problems (A) spectator remembers card and its position, deck cut, card is still at same position, posed as a problem
17 65
Karl Fulves Card Problems (B) Ace assembly with leader packet in case, posed as a problem
17 65
Karl Fulves Card Problems (C) cased signed card transposes with other card, no gaffs, posed as a problem
17 65
Karl Fulves Card Problems (D) packet with divided red and black cards, spectator inserts joker, exactly at dividing point, posed as a problem
17 65
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Al Mann Exclusives by Al Mann
Master Slate Secrets Parts 2-4
17 66
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Jeff Busby Books by Dai Vernon (written by Frederick Braue)
Dai Vernon's first California lecture
17 66
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Magic As A Performing Art by Robert Gill 17 66
Karl Fulves For The Love Of It on Dai Vernon's unflattering stories about other magicians
18 67
John Scarne John Scarne Challenges Dai Vernon Scarne on controversy with Vernon, 25000$ challenge
Related to 18 67
Karl Fulves More Inner Secrets on the biographical material from the Buffum tapes used in the Vernon Folios
Related to
  • "The Vernon Touch" (Dai Vernon, Oct. 1977, Genii)
18 69
Karl Fulves To: William Larsen
18 69
Karl Fulves Monte Carlo spectator makes calculations starting from 27 by choosing plus or minus cards, arrives at 64, force
18 70
Karl Fulves Getting Into The Whole Laid-Back Mellowed-Out Value-Judgement Trip on Doug Henning, his publicity and "Transcendental Meditation" stuff, with reader letter
19 71
Jay Scott Hennings wants to fly - higher and longer
Also published here
  • "Henning wants to fly" (Jay Scott, The Globe and Mail, Sept. 5, 1977)
19 72
Karl Fulves Sports Of The Mind on Martin Gardner
19 73
Unknown Martin Gardner republished profile
Also published here
  • "Martin Gardner" (The Washington Post, March 11, 1976)
19 73
Karl Fulves More Words To Live By collection of some quotes
19 74
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Andrus Card Control by Jerry Andrus 20 75
Karl Fulves, Carmen D'Amico Panoramic Shift Anecdote how Ed Marlo "took" Jerry Andrus' sleight
Related to 20 75
Karl Fulves Calculator Madness calculator as receiver and transmitter, putting it in a microwave
20 75
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Palm Changes 1 & 2 by Bill Wisch 20 76
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Poker by Hardison by Theo Hardison 20 76
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Desperado Deals by Ron Brinegar 20 76
Karl Fulves UFO's theory on UFO sightings
20 77
Karl Fulves The Reference Shelf reference on "Royal Backs"
Related to 20 77
Karl Fulves Visual Code on a machine that shows morse code onto a display
20 78
Karl Fulves Programs watch-size programmable calculators
20 78
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Shrinking Card Case by John Cornelius 20 78
Karl Fulves (reviewer) 5-Card Polka by Philip T. Goldstein 20 78
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Street Magic by Edward Claflin 20 78
Karl Fulves Tuned Dice using dice with notes on corners to generate melodies, "Juke Box"
21 79
Karl Fulves Force Books on "Aftermath" and "Mother Good" (Martin Gardner)
Related to 21 81
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Mother Goose by Martin Gardner
book test with nursery rhymes
21 81
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Jennings On Card & Coin Handling by Larry Jennings (written by Jeff Busby) 21 81
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Baccarat Fair & Foul by Professor Hoffmann 21 81
Karl Fulves Chess Cube idea of chess variation with a dice that has chess figures on the sides
  • Shadow Chess
21 82
Karl Fulves Roundupp on cheating article in March 1977 issue of Saga
21 82
Karl Fulves At Random postal problems
22 83
Karl Fulves Current Comedy confusing coin magic patter
22 83
Karl Fulves More Random stab on "Good Turns" and "Watch Closely", Scarne paradox, Goldston's locked books
Related to 22 83
Karl Fulves Coin Problems (A) Chinese coin through trouser pocket directly onto ribbon, posed as problem
22 84
Karl Fulves Coin Problems (B) coin in drinking glass changes to copper coin or to die, posed as problem
22 84
Karl Fulves Coin Problems (C) coin stands against glass and penetrates side, posed as problem
22 84
Karl Fulves Coin Problems (D) coin in envelope between to glasses that stand on top of each other, another coin on top of envelope, envelope pulled out and both coins transpose, posed as problem
Related to 22 85
Karl Fulves Sponge Ball Problem sponge ball inflates visibly or in paper bag, posed as problem
Related to 22 85
Karl Fulves Card Problem named card on top of deck changes back color and back, posed as problem
22 85
Karl Fulves Kid Stuff magic as extension of a boyhood fantasy
Related to
  • Epilogue #23
22 85
Karl Fulves How To Invent Card Stuff Trick Brain type lists
22 86
Karl Fulves Please Note complains about postal service
23 87
Karl Fulves Pallbearers Review overview of page numbers, value of complete file
23 87
Karl Fulves Trick Titles list of trick titles for inspiration
23 88
Karl Fulves Milt Tropp Dept.
23 89
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control Placement for Perfect Speller
Inspired byRelated to 23 89
Karl Fulves 4-Card Brainwave credit information
Related to 23 89
Karl Fulves Nielsen-Fulves Book Test Controversy using a stooge in a book test, gag examples
23 89
Karl Fulves More Words To Live By some quotes
23 90
Karl Fulves Random Walk on Op-Trik, Bob Fitch, coin banks that look like cans, chop cup with dollar bill cone
Related to 24 91
Karl Fulves The Four-Color Theorem thoughts on the proof of this math theorem, with New York Times article by Edward Edelson
24 92
Karl Fulves (A) In God appearing writing on a bill, exploiting 1950 misprint
24 93
Karl Fulves Ideas/Problems (B) tattoo of clockface on arm always show correct time, posed as problem
24 93
Karl Fulves, Don Nielsen Changing Slide Projections changing image that is projected right on the screen, posed as problem
Related to 24 93
Karl Fulves (C) The Problem At Draw three hands dealt, performer has Aces, Aces put in center and repeated, repeat with Royal Flush, even though the performer deals himself only three cards, posed as problem
Related toVariations 24 93
Karl Fulves (D) Pendant living-dead test in which slip with dead person travels into a container, posed as problem
24 94
Karl Fulves (E) Cup Gaff thin cup shell, posed as problem
24 94
Karl Fulves (F) Rub It In Aces penetrate into pocket one by one from four-card packet, as finale the three travel back from inside pocket, posed as problem
24 94
Karl Fulves (G) Heart Throb a heart pip floats up and back down, posed as problem
24 94
Karl Fulves (H) Jet Second lapping top or second card during stud-type deal, posed as problem
Related to 24 94
Karl Fulves More Trick Titles list of trick titles for inspiration
24 94
Karl Fulves The Three-Foot Shelf list of items that Karl Fulves published since November 1965
Related to 25 95
Karl Fulves Genius At Work on actors wanting to become stars, on geniuses in magic
Related to 25 96
Karl Fulves Big Mac on beating a MacDonald's contest
25 97
Unknown Nothing Changes "A Swindle, but Not Quite a Con"
Related toAlso published here
  • "A Swindle, but Not Quite a Con" (New York Times, Feb 12, 1978)
25 97
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Practical Impossibilities by Rick Johnsson 25 98
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Any Second Now by Martin A. Nash (written by Stephen Minch) 25 98
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Busby Publications - Back To Back by Jeff Busby (written by Gene Matsuura) 25 98
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Coin In The Beer Can by Larry Jennings (written by Jeff Busby) 25 98
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Stabbed Coincidence by Larry Jennings (written by Jeff Busby)
25 98
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Takagi's One-Cup Routine by Shigeo Takagi (written by Jeff Busby) 25 98
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Takagi's Coin Assembly by Shigeo Takagi (written by Jeff Busby) 25 98
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control further ideas for the Riffle Shuffle Control placement
(A) building set-up for next trick
(B) following with Ten Card Poker Deal
(C) delaying use of set-up
Related to 26 99
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Magic Stuff by Ross Bertram
with some credit conflicts
26 100
Karl Fulves, Allen Okawa Malini with newspaper quotes about Malini
26 101
Karl Fulves (reviewer) You Are Magic #6 by Father Cyprian 26 102
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Transpo Tumbler by Bob Read 26 102
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Green Book of Mentalism by Philip T. Goldstein 26 102
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Fred Braue on False Deals by Frederick Braue (written by Jeff Busby) 26 102
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Loose Ends by Jerry K. Hartman 26 102
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Pure Magic by Henry Gross 26 102
Karl Fulves Psychic News on Keane's "Psychic Mafia", Geller Effect, Shackleton
27 103
Karl Fulves A Psychic Secret "Piped in Sound", how to overhear conversations in other rooms with a piece of paper via plumbing
Related to 27 103
Karl Fulves Cheap Radio Transmitters buying toys
27 104
Karl Fulves Missing Link comments on linking card effects
Related to 27 105
Unknown Playing-Card into Chain constructing a linked chain of playing cards out of a single card with cutting
27 105
Karl Fulves Perfect Speller spelling random things
Inspired by 27 106
Karl Fulves Riffle Shuffle Control sorting a one-way deck with the incomplete Riffle Shuffle Control placement
27 106
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Harvey Rosenthal Publications - Close-Up Sampler 1 by Harvey Rosenthal
27 106
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Close-Up Sampler 2 by Harvey Rosenthal
27 106
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Share My Pleasure by Harvey Rosenthal
27 106
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Match-Go by Harvey Rosenthal 27 106
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Ray Grismer Publications - Handy by Ray Grismer
27 106
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Loopy by Ray Grismer
27 106
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Shorty by Ray Grismer
27 106
Karl Fulves They're Here more on UFO sightings, with New York Times article
28 107
Karl Fulves Hypercard on the idea of combining Hypercard with Moebius strip
Related to 28 108
Karl Fulves The Talking Card Box on Marvin Berger card box with plastic strip that generates sentence when clicked with finger nail, bottle application
Related to 28 108
Karl Fulves Draw me! gag contest
28 109
Karl Fulves Cheating At Dice on gambling books and a method to short-change casino chips
28 109
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Swinford's Lecture Notes by Paul Swinford 28 109
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Notions by Philip T. Goldstein 28 109
Karl Fulves, Howard Hamburg The Substitution Trunk idea with black and white people
28 110
Karl Fulves Einstein Centennial thoughts on various ideas in physics
  • Bang Bang
  • 90% Paradox (Sturgeon's Law)
  • Time Out
29 111
Murray Bonfeld Morray Bonfeld's Faro Program program for programmable calculator to find how many faros are required for recycling the order
Related to 29 112
L. Vosburgh Lyons Vosburgh Lyons Puzzle number theory puzzle in building pairs of numbers
Variations 29 113
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Bryant on Cards by Steve Bryant 29 114
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Magic Catalogue by William Doerflinger 29 114
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Tesseract by Al Mann 29 114
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Permutations by Cutting & Shuffling by Murray Bonfeld 29 114
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Melt Thru by Harvey Rosenthal 29 114
Karl Fulves Psychic Stuff on Geller Effect, Paul Kurtz, Douglas Dean, Marcello Truzzi
30 115
Karl Fulves Rumors rumor regarding John F. Mendoza's book, apparently spread by Richard Kaufman
30 116
Karl Fulves Letters on publishing more letters
30 116
Tom Hubbard From Tom Hubbard
Related to 30 117
Charles Steele From Charles Steele
Related to 30 117
Dan Mayer From Dan Mayer opinion regarding the Challenge in reference
Related to 30 117
Karl Fulves Regarding the Scarne-Vernon Challenge more opinion regarding the Challenge in reference
Related to 30 118
Karl Fulves Letters on the First Annual Magic Fest
31 119
Bruce Arnold From Bruce Arnold
Related to 31 119
Mark Szydelko From Mark Szydelko
31 119
Phil Houghton From Phil Houghton
31 120
Sam Schwartz From Sam Schwartz solutions to problem
Inspired by 31 120
Allen Okawa From Allen Okawa
31 120
Dan Mayer From Dan Mayer definition of genius
Related to 31 120
Bob Rosen From Bob Rosen
Related to 31 120
Steve Bryant From Steve Bryant
31 120
Raymond Hafler From Ray Hafler on Al Mann
31 120
Ed McDowell From Ed McDowell
31 120
Karl Fulves Seem Familiar? credit information on the in-the-hands slip cut, left thumb holding back card
31 121
Frank Lane A Good False Cut from a 1931 book, slip cut in the hands with left thumb
31 121
Karl Fulves Dice Trap
Related to 31 121
Karl Fulves The Channel 5 Bet betting that one can set channel selector in such a way that when the tv set is turned on, it will not be tuned to channel 5
31 121
Karl Fulves Random Notes learned animals, melting snow in bathtub, psychic healer Dean Kraft, practicing with shaving mirror, Seseme St.
Variations 31 121
Karl Fulves Brainstorm III effect with full deck outlined, no method given
Related to 31 122
Karl Fulves More Letters catalog for the blind, Bob Lund, J. K. Hartman manuscripts
32 123
Brian Holland From Brian Holland Edinburgh Magic Circle, Cardorama, Pat-Page's Trick-A-Tapes
32 123
John A. Beck From John A. Beck
32 124
Jim Snapp From Jim Snapp "Where will they find 500 people who will sit through 2 hours of card magic?"
Related to 32 124
Ronald Zollweg From Ron Zollweg more on the Talking Card Box, Frank Lane's "Chatterbox", Bottomless Glass
Related to 32 124
Robert Parrish On Rosini's Cups & Balls Routine
32 124
Ken Beale From Ken Beale covered slip cut, Parallel Principle
Related to 32 125
Karl Fulves Notes In Passing Vernon Lounge in the Castle
32 125
Karl Fulves The Omega Count credit information
32 125
Karl Fulves The Sliding Knot credit information
Related to 32 126
Karl Fulves Non-Existent Books on book titles that he did not publish
32 126
Karl Fulves The Trap comedy prediction in which five from six cards are in rat traps, then traps in bag, performer reaches in and gets his hand in the trap multiple times, comedy routine
33 127
Karl Fulves The Ace In The Case comedy routine with screeching sound as deck or cards are removed from case
33 129
Karl Fulves Titles some trick titles for inspiration and comments on titles
33 130
Karl Fulves Credit on Joseph K. Schmidt
33 130
Karl Fulves Hints/Tips additions to routines
34 131
Karl Fulves Infra Red 4&4, addition to referenced trick
Inspired by 34 131
Karl Fulves Cricket addition to referenced trick
Inspired by 34 131
Christopher Morgan Computer Card Trick with introduction by Karl Fulves
computer program with which any selected card can be divined, program guesses color, suit, etc. correctly
VariationsAlso published here
  • "Computer Card Trick" (Christopher Morgan, On Computing, Fall 1979)
34 132
Karl Fulves Words Of Wisdom quotes on history and memory
34 136
Karl Fulves Interlocutor - 35 about the fifth year of the magazine and its success
35 137
Karl Fulves Snark Hunt clue to the method
Related to 35 137
Karl Fulves Linkage more on linking card effects, with problem in which card frame catches card with slit out of deck
35 137
Karl Fulves Gorgeous George spectator draws disguise on George Washington on dollar bill, performer predicted it, posed as problem
Related to 35 138
Karl Fulves Crackerjack borrowed ring vanishes and reappears in box, posed as problem
35 138
Karl Fulves Bowling Pin Gaff threading bowling pins together to facilitate strikes
35 138
Karl Fulves Letters memorizing suit rotation
35 138
Charles Rose From Charles D. Rose melting snow in bathtub
Inspired by 35 139
Ray Grismer From Ray Grismer on why he won the Lin Searles award
35 139
John H. Christgau From John H. Christgau on doing magic for young people
35 139
Neal Elias From Neal Elias
35 139
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Beware Familiar Spirits by John Mulholland 35 140
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Fr. Cyprian Tricks by Father Cyprian
"The Solid Gold Credit Card", "Back To Back", "Hofzinser's Departure"
35 140
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Crabtree Connection by Roger Crabtree (written by Lewis Ganson) 35 140
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Verbal Control by Philip T. Goldstein 35 140
Karl Fulves Interlocutor - 36 psychic book "Mindreach" (Targ/Puthoff)
36 141
Karl Fulves R. J. Dept. satiric article on Rick Johnsson
36 141
Karl Fulves Another Link old topological puzzle in which three parts must be linked, credit information on no-gaff linking cards
Related to 36 142
Karl Fulves Ethnic Rocket on the rocket paper napkin, see also p. 182
36 142
Karl Fulves Liar's Stop Trick card at number remembered, then a different number checked and the card is now there, posed as problem
36 142
Karl Fulves Fooled Again on Pete Biro's credit claims about Persi Diaconis's inventions
Related to 36 143
David Hoy Letter from David Hoy credit information on Tossed-Out Deck
36 143
Karl Fulves Notes on "Confessions Of A Psychic", Spellbinder, Ibidem reprint, Jenning's Siderise
Related to 36 143
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Catalog of Magic by Marvin Kaye 36 144
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Scarne's Guide To Casino Gambling by John Scarne 36 144
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Allan Hayden's Lecture Notes by Allan Hayden 36 144
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Ramsay Classics by John Ramsay (written by Andrew Galloway) 36 144
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Door To Door Card Sharp by Father Cyprian
36 144
Karl Fulves Gospel Magic Catalog comment
36 144
Karl Fulves The 80's Remembered predictions about the 80s decade
37 145
Karl Fulves The Next President comment about the next election
37 145
Karl Fulves Notes Magician's Week, typewriters
37 146
Karl Fulves Luminous Calculator Prediction calculator's numbers leaves prediction impression on luminous paint, only idea
37 146
Karl Fulves Dial A Deck Dept "gag" with phone dial on back design
37 146
Karl Fulves Trick Titles potential trick titles with comments
37 147
Karl Fulves (A) Haunted Halves coins flip over visibly on table or in stack, posed as problem
37 147
Karl Fulves (B) Leather Limit coin travel back to leather pouch repeatedly, posed as problem
37 147
Karl Fulves (C) Semi-Shears scissors rises up the rope, posed as problem
37 147
Karl Fulves (D) The Haunting light and sound effects from card castle, posed as problem
37 147
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Al Mann Publications - Classified by Al Mann 37 148
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Arca by Al Mann 37 148
Karl Fulves (reviewer) AME Mental Parcel by H. Penn (written by Al Mann) 37 148
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Busby Publications - The Little Secrets by Frank Bonville 37 148
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Koschitz's Manual by Koschitz 37 148
Karl Fulves (reviewer) Out Of Hand by Father Cyprian 37 148
Eddie McGuire (reviewer) Eddie "Tex" McGuire Letters by Max Malini (written by Lewis Ganson)
excerpts from various letters on Max Malini and the Malini Book, complaints about Dai Vernon, see also p. 235
38 149
Karl Fulves Well Connected on a TV show "Connections"
38 151
Karl Fulves Time Turned Backwards physics musings
38 152
Karl Fulves More Trick Titles
38 152
Karl Fulves The Ledge on the definition of "legend"
38 152
Jim Snapp Brainiac Card Trick computer program with which any selected card can be divined, program guesses color, suit, etc. correctly
Inspired by 39 153
Kurt A. Christoff Petals around the Rose roll of five dice is assigned a value, the puzzle is to find the rule, originally from "Mathematics Teacher"
Related toVariations 39 154
Karl Fulves Trick Titles
39 155
Karl Fulves Card Is Cigarette rolled "cigarette" appears in mouth when performer turns around which is actually rolled up selection, posed as problem
Related to 39 156
Karl Fulves Spoonering finger ring on spoon, getting it off the wide end, posed as problem
Related to 39 156
Karl Fulves Knot A Knot spectator makes number of knots and lays rope onto shoulder of performer, number of knots divined
39 156
Karl Fulves The List For 1979 list of items that Karl Fulves published in 1979
Related to 40 157
Karl Fulves Self Working Mental Magic on this new book
Variations 40 158
John Goodman Blockbusters gag story about "Tally Hogan"
40 159
Karl Fulves Trick Titles 160
40 160
Karl Fulves Sign Of The Times tasteless slogans
40 160
Karl Fulves, Alvin Stine To The Dogs newspaper test over phone by Alvin Stine with a special issue of NY Times
40 160
Frank Garcia A Message From Garcia on Harry Lorayne claims and various credits
Variations 41 161
Karl Fulves The Prince Of Pennies on David Roth
41 162
Karl Fulves Titles
41 163
Karl Fulves Gargoil oil & water combo with follow the leader, no method
41 163
Karl Fulves Mexican Revolution tabled spread turns over by itself, posed as a problem
41 163
Karl Fulves Penny Compass card with arrow on it spins by itself towards north, posed as problem
41 163
Karl Fulves Small Packet History credit information, E-Y-E count
41 164
Karl Fulves Add To 10 Principle credit information
41 164
Karl Fulves (reviewer) The Talon by David Britland 41 164
Karl Fulves Setting Records idea for speed stacking
42 165
Karl Fulves Beat The System gag money making schemes
(A) The Post Office
(B) Ultimate Blackjack System
42 165
Karl Fulves Ring Of Beauty idea for illusion in which a ring dropped over a person makes her vanish, no method
42 166
Karl Fulves Play Money magicians getting arrested
42 166
Karl Fulves Crazy Eddie on claims by Ed Marlo
Related to 42 167
Karl Fulves The Ghost Effect card thought of, five cards removed, one of them is the selection and the other the four aces, posed as problem
42 167