Written by Jorge "The Jack" Garcia

Work of Jorge "The Jack" Garcia

121 pages (Paperback), published by Coleccion Renglones
Illustrated with drawings by Marcos Vergara.
Language: English

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Ian Rowland Prologue 9
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Mentalism As a Real Experience extendedAlso published here 13
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Can Minds Be Read? extendedAlso published here 15
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Generating Sense extendedAlso published here 16
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia How to Structure a Mentalism Show extended articleRelated to 17
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Control 1) Script Your Routines
2) Being Interesting
3) Find Common Themes with the Audience
4) Ask Questions to some Members of the Audience with an Open Response
5) Ask Questions to the Audience with a Closed Answer
6) Humour
7) Showmanship
8) Staging
Also published here 22
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Conclusion amount of reaction by audience, extended versionAlso published here 31
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia The Needle in the Balloon as an opener, thoughts on starting a program 32
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia A Think and Stop Card Trick Inspired byAlso published here 43
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia ESP Reading two sets of five, performer starts putting cards on table, standard methodInspired by
  • Hen Fetsch's "Symbologic" and a routine by Derren Brown
Also published here
Unknown Bottom Deal bottom take, stand up 48
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia One Head triple prediction with rolled up papers in glass, with mental calculator 50
Bob Farmer Toxic forcing a number with a calculator 51
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Switching Notepad 52
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Illgoical Bet five rolled up papers, on four is written 'lose' on one 'win'Also published here 54
Unknown Billet Switch rolled up billet 56
Francisco Nardi Mind Track selection is divined in a doodle made by a spectatorVariationsAlso published here 57
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia L-Mental three spectators, without lookingAlso published here 58
Daniel Celma Blindfold Act 6 phases, blindfolded seeing with the fingertipsAlso published here 62
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia No Read Center Tear password is divined 67
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Cold Reading - The "Barnum" Effect
- The Drawing and the Personality Interpretation
- Cards
- Face Reading
- Names, Words, People, Characters
- Conclusions
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Ideas 97
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Pseudo Psychometry drawings in envelopesInspired by 99
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia An Idea for the "Mind Track" divining a word from a spectator's doodleInspired by 105
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia The Mystery of the Red Envelope prediction in red envelope, about how to build up suspense and using a prediction as a cyclic element 106
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia, Juan Esteban Varela The Interactive Experience mentalism with the entire audience and using social media, group pendulum routine 110
Jorge "The Jack" Garcia Final Words 115