Written by Roberto Giobbi

Work of Various

325 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Barbara Giobbi-Ebnöther.
Language: English

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Roberto Giobbi Thanks! xxix
Arturo de Ascanio Foreword xxxv
Roberto Giobbi Words for Enthusiasts - An Enticement to the Introduction
- Contents
- What Is in These Books?
- The Principle of Reading Satisfaction
- Principles Rather than Techniques
- The Study
- Trust
- Intellect, Intuition and Inspiration in Practice
- The Sensuality of Card Magic
- Gestalt
- What Else?
- The Prop as Instrument
- Simplicity
- Selecting the Right Trick
- The Iceberg
- The Secret
Roberto Giobbi Some Comments on Terminology - Reactions to Date
- Absolute Versus Relative Frames of Reference
- Card College References
Roberto Giobbi Assorted Techniques and Refinements 505
Elmer Biddle The Biddle Steal 507
Unknown Biddle Oil & Water 4&4 508
Juan Tamariz Counting Cards in a Fan 509
Roberto Giobbi, Roger Klause, Alex Elmsley Counting Cards while spreading them between the Hands double pushover technique 510
Unknown Setting Multiple Key Cards two methods 511
Max Malini The Spin Revelation and Display 512
Dai Vernon The Vanish of a Card peek technique, using saliva or glue stick 513
Edward Marlo, Roberto Giobbi The Bluff Cut similar to bluff passRelated toAlso published here 514
Unknown Holding back a Card in the Card Case 515
Dai Vernon The Transfer Move 516
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo The K. M. Move secretly reverses one or more cards; various applications 518
Dai Vernon The Vernon Addition secretly adding cards to a group of cards 520
Dick Ferguson, George G. Kaplan, Roberto Giobbi The Invisible Card selected card vanishes from five card packet and reappeares reversed in the deckInspired by
  • Hugard's Magic Monthly, Dick Ferguson aka. Richard Bruce, Sept. 1951, p. 835
  • The Lie Detector (Unknown, 1948)
Lin Searles, Roberto Giobbi The Four Seasons quick ace assembly with poetic patternInspired by 525
Roberto Giobbi Techniques with Breaks, Steps and Injogs intro 527
John Carney The Dribble Break method of obtaining a break above or below a card 529
Unknown The Crocodile Technique injog technique when card is returned into in-the-hands spread for marking a position or starting a control 531
Unknown Transferring a Break from the little Finger to the Heel of the Thumb - Two-Handed Method
- One-Handed Method
Rafael Benatar Inserting a Card into a Break from front 533
S. W. Erdnase The Erdnase Break 534
Unknown Ribbon Spread and Step 535
Unknown A Spectator holds the Step bold handling 536
Dai Vernon Fan and Step 536
Paul LePaul The LePaul Automatic Jog-Control 538
Unknown The Drop Jog dropping upper half on lower half with jogRelated to 540
Unknown The Diagonal Insertion and Fan 540
Unknown An Injog Handling maintaining an injog while dribbling the whole deckRelated to 541
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi Injog and Step after the Cut 542
Unknown General Reflections on Injogged Cards 543
Martin A. Nash, Roberto Giobbi The Master Grip a peeked card is plucked from a turning ribbon spreadInspired by 544
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Christoph Borer Remember and Forget magician finds two cards (one thought of and one "forgotten") of two spectators Also published here 546
Roberto Giobbi Card Controls, Part 2 549
Larry Jennings, Edward Marlo The Convincing Control 551
Frederick Montague, Fred Kaps, Tommy Tucker, Paul LePaul, Roberto Giobbi The Bluff Pass Also published here 555
Unknown A Direct Overhand Shuffle Control Lift shuffle 559
Daryl Martinez The Logical Control patter that explains why apparently no control is possible, to a specific location in the deck 560
Unknown The Spread Crimp 561
Unknown The Bridge Control 562
Unknown Refinements and Final Thoughts - Security
- The Spectator Shuffles
- Psychology
- A Lost Card
Dai Vernon Emotional Reaction clever and subtle use of a keycard in a challenge situation 564
Larry Jennings, Roberto Giobbi A Sure Bet magician finds wrong card which then changes into spectator's choiceAlso published here 565
Unknown Multiple Buckle with small packet 567
Roy Walton, Dai Vernon, Al Baker Ambitious 1-2-3-4 Related to 568
Roberto Giobbi The Double Lift, Part 3 571
Dai Vernon, Martin A. Nash, Edward Marlo The Push-over Double 573
Larry Jennings A Double Lift from the Center spinning out 575
Brother John Hamman Small Packet Double Lift no get ready 577
Daniel Rhod The Optical Replacement Related to 579
Juan Tamariz, Frederick Braue, Gordon Bruce The Turnover Replacement 580
Dai Vernon The Vernon Replacement method to unload the bottom card of a doubleAlso published here 582
Unknown A Double Lift Finesse double lift with a snap 584
Roberto Giobbi The Palindrome Cards a five-card row magically reverses its order several timesVariations 585
Steve Freeman The Time Machine two-card transpo plus Ambitious Card themeRelated toVariations 588
Bill Simon, Roberto Giobbi Rise and Switch Double Rise plus transpoInspired by 590
Roberto Giobbi False Display Counts, Part 2 593
Arturo de Ascanio The Ascanio Spread 595
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio Spread Laydown setting all four cards on table, two methods 597
Reinhard Müller The Ascanio Spread Fan 598
Arturo de Ascanio, Ken Krenzel The Open Display five as four 599
Edward Marlo, Christian Scherer The Olram Subtlety 603
Brother John Hamman The Gemini Count a four-card packet is shown to consist of two pairs of duplicate cards 604
Unknown The Over-count off the top of the deck 606
Larry Jennings The Multiple-lift Display Sequence four cards are shown as identical 607
Brother John Hamman, Norman Houghton The Flushtration Count 609
Edward Marlo Displaying all the Cards as Identical uses Swing cut instead of Hindu ShuffleRelated to
  • "In Lieu of the Hindoo Shuffle: Second Method" (Ed Marlo, Ibidem No. 15)
Carmen D'Amico The D'Amico Spread 611
Richard Vollmer The Strasbourg Waltz Aces twist, change places and transform into KingsAlso published here 613
Dai Vernon Twist Flourish 614
Paul Harris, Richard Vollmer, Bernard Bilis Set-Reset Plus 616
Bernard Bilis One Handed Snap Display one-handed, top card snapped off with first finger 617
Roberto Giobbi, Jean-Jacques Sanvert The Dance of the Cannibals Inspired byAlso published here 619
Roberto Giobbi Riffle Shuffle Techniques, Part 2 627
Herb Zarrow The Zarrow Dynamic breakdown of the basic procedure 629
Herb Zarrow The Zarrow Shuffle 632
Herb Zarrow, Juan Tamariz, Unknown The Direct Zarrow Shuffle - With a Slip Cut
- A Shuffle Strategy by Juan Tamariz
- A Refined Block Cover
- With Running Cuts
Unknown The Pull-Through False Shuffle basic method 637
Dai Vernon Vernon's Pull-through Shuffle Variant 641
Dai Vernon The Triumph Shuffle 642
Various A Combination False Shuffle Zarrow and Triumph combined 645
Martin A. Nash Controlling the Top Stock with a Riffle Shuffle 645
S. W. Erdnase A Combination False Shuffle and Cut 646
Dai Vernon The Block Transfer the top stock is maintained with a Triumph Shuffle, Stevens alternative 648
Dai Vernon, Juan Tamariz, Fred Black A red-black False Shuffle spectator pushes cards together 649
Roberto Giobbi An In-the-hands False Shuffle Also published here 651
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi Triumph using Zarrow shuffle 654
Roberto Giobbi Dad Stevens, King of the Card Cheats a king is controlled, then all four Kings appearVariations 657
Unknown Tabled Transfer Cut 658
Roberto Giobbi The Multiple Shift 660
Unknown The Insertion of the Cards for Multiple Shift
- The Standard Method
- The Fan Method
- The Ribbon Spread Method
Neal Elias, Edward Marlo Swing Cut Multiple Shift 664
Norman Houghton Bluff Multiple Shift riffle forcing consecutive cardsRelated toAlso published here
  • Abracadabra, No. 1050, also Wit & Wizardry, p. 14
Dai Vernon The Vernon Multiple Shift 669
Cardini, Charlie Miller Cardini's Overhand Multiple Shift 671
John Carney Carney's Natural Multiple Shift culling 673
Edward Marlo The Simple Shift - Using a Thumb Count
- Using a Glimpse
- Variations with a Glimpse
Edward Marlo, Christian Scherer, Martin A. Nash The Tabled Multiple Shift Inspired by 676
Al Baker, Roberto Giobbi The Vanishing Deck two selected cards are found beneath a handkerchief first, for handling with deck switch see referenceInspired byRelated to 679
Roberto Giobbi The Faro Shuffle 681
Unknown The Partial Faro 683
Edward Marlo, Robert Page The Faro Slough-off concrete application for the Partial Faro 686
Unknown The Perfect Faro 687
Edward Marlo The Incomplete Faro Control placing a noted card at a specific location 689
Unknown Faro Types glossary of the most common faro shuffle types
- The Partial Faro
- The In-Faro
- The Out-Faro
- The Straddle Faro
- The Incomplete Faro
Unknown The Mathematical Basis of the Perfect Faro Shuffle - Mathematical Principles 692
Paul LePaul, Peter Kane, Nate Leipzig The Acrobatic Aces four Aces are visibly produced, Gymnastic Aces phase 694
Peter Kane The Card Gun 695
Richard Vollmer, Gene Finnell The Two Detectives two red Jacks trap a freely chosen card between them, faro 697
Richard Vollmer, Henry Christ, Martin Gardner Numerology three numbers lead to discovery of freely chosen card, faro placement 700
Roberto Giobbi Advanced Palming Techniques Introduction 703
Unknown The One-handed Palm Related to 705
Unknown The Gambler's Cop 707
Roberto Giobbi, Fred Kaps Management Strategies for the Gambler's Cop - Seated at the Table
- Standing
- Replacing Card in Gambler's Cop Under the Deck
Dai Vernon The Transfer Palm Related to 710
Unknown Replacing Cards in Gambler's Cop under the Deck 710
Morris Loewy, Edward Marlo The Loewy Palm Related to 712
Unknown The Left-hand Bottom Palm 713
Unknown The Right-hand Bottom Palm 717
Larry Jennings The Right-hand Bottom Palm of Multiple Cards 720
Norman Houghton, Gordon Bruce Norman Houghton's Pocket Extraction Related to
  • "Production of a Palmed Card from the Shirt Pocket" (Ibidem No. 12)
Dai Vernon, Tommy Dowd, Edward Marlo Producing a Card from Your Inner Left Jacket-pocket (1) before you can show left hand empty, with credit information 724
Edward Marlo Producing a Card from your Inner Right Jacket-pocket (2) before you apparently show both hands emptyAlso published here 727
S. W. Erdnase Replacing Palmed Cards on the Bottom of the Deck 729
Vanni Bossi The Card in the Glass chosen card appears in glass, which is moved along tabled spread 731
Bernard Bilis The Open Prediction no trick cards or preparation requiredRelated to 733
Bernard Bilis Push-In Exchange outjogged card is pushed in and top half removed 734
Roberto Giobbi Color Changes introduction 737
Roberto Giobbi The Side-slip Color Change 739
Nate Leipzig The Slap Change Related to 741
Unknown The Wave Change 742
Harry Houdini, Roberto Giobbi, Howard Schwarzman The Houdini Color Change 744
Father Cyprian, Al Smith The Flip-flop Change time-delayed transformationRelated to 747
Jean Hugard, Roberto Giobbi The Fadeaway Card Change Inspired by 748
Roberto Giobbi Final Thoughts on color changes 750
Unknown Through and Through two chosen cards change places and penetrate a handkerchief 751
T. Nelson Downs Downs Change 753
Vanni Bossi Holy Smoke! Tosheroon, face card of the deck changes into chosen card under a candle 755
Roberto Giobbi The Side Steal and Diagonal Palm Shift introduction 757
T. Nelson Downs, Arturo de Ascanio, Edward Marlo The Side-steal Transfer Related to 759
Unknown Covers for the Side Steal - The Squaring Cover
- The Ribbon Spread Cover
- The Hand Spread Cover
- The Riffle Cover
- The Auditory Cover
Edward Marlo The Side-steal Bottom Placemant and Variations card is brought to the bottom instead of the topRelated to 764
Unknown The Side-steal Palm 765
Walt Lees, David Carré, Gordon Bruce The Simplified Side-Steal Palm Also published here 766
S. W. Erdnase, Dai Vernon The Diagonal Palm shift 767
Allan Ackerman, Frank Simon The Convincing Control Palm Related to 771
Roberto Giobbi, Mack Picknick Picnick at the Summit four aces travel from different positions to the top of the deckInspired by 773
Various, Roberto Giobbi, Paul Harris The Return of the Phantom a selected black card vanishes and reappeares between the red half of the deck as the phantom card, previously placed thereInspired by 775
Roberto Giobbi Bibliographic Notes 779