Written by Adrian Vega

Work of Adrian Vega

90 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: Spanish

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Adrian Vega Introducción 7
Adrian Vega Antes de empezar 7
Adrian Vega El juego que yo haría a W. Thomas after a number gag with fingers under handkerchief a card is named and performer has this card in hand folded and held together with a paper clip 11
Adrian Vega Four Fly Restored selection is signed on both sides and torn in quarters, pieces travel from hand to hand and card restores piece by piece 19
Adrian Vega Baraja Apuñalada deck in case is pierced with a knife, knife pushed through all the cards and when pulled out sideways from deck only selection is found on knife 29
Unknown Dribble Force with gaffed deck 31
Adrian Vega Four for CAAN card found at named number is predicted, fold card secured with paperclip 35
Adrian Vega Carta Predicción four-way out card 35
Adrian Vega Mercury (Jazz Aces) jazz aces with four aces and four mirror cards 41
Unknown Wild Card Turnover Switch Hofzinser turnover switch 43
Adrian Vega Mi carta gafe hipnótica four aces change into selection and back, selection is found in center of the deck reversed and turns out to be the four aces again and where the aces were is now the selectionRelated to
  • "Helder Skelter" (Helder Guimarães, DVD "Red Mirror", 2011)
Unknown Biddle Steal 49
Unknown Side Steal to palm 51
Unknown Diminishing Lift Sequence 52
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer 54
Adrian Vega, Jim Steinmeyer Código Secreto lie detector with two sets of eight cards 55
Adrian Vega Close Up Scene 61
Adrian Vega Tequila Güey (Apilamiento Dados) magical dice stacking routine where lemon, salt shaker and glass of Tequila appears 61
Adrian Vega Foco Atencional y Alcance Atencional on attention and direction 77
Adrian Vega Magia de Cerca en grandes teatros performing close up magic in big theaters, with camera 79
Adrian Vega Despedida y juego final 81
Adrian Vega Ending CardBox case changes to a printed jumbo card where "The End" is written on it 83
Adrian Vega No es un adiós... 89