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205 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Marshall D. Smith.
Language: English

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S. W. Erdnase Preface 3
S. W. Erdnase Introduction 9
S. W. Erdnase Professional Secrets 13
S. W. Erdnase Hold Outs information and opinion 14
S. W. Erdnase Prepared Cards information and opinion 15
S. W. Erdnase Confederacy 19
S. W. Erdnase Two Methods of Shuffling 20
S. W. Erdnase Primary Accomplishments false shuffling and cutting 21
S. W. Erdnase Possibilities of the "Blind" 21
S. W. Erdnase Uniformity of Action 22
S. W. Erdnase Deportment 22
S. W. Erdnase Display of Ability 23
S. W. Erdnase Greatest Single Accomplishment bottom dealing 23
S. W. Erdnase Effect of Suspicion 24
S. W. Erdnase Acquiring the Art 24
S. W. Erdnase Importance of Details 25
S. W. Erdnase Technical Terms 25
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase System of Blind Shuffles - Position for Shuffle Related to 28
S. W. Erdnase Blind Shuffles - I. To Retain Top Stock Related to 29
S. W. Erdnase II. To Retain Top Stock and Shuffle Whole Deck Related to 31
S. W. Erdnase III. To Retain Bottom Stock and Shuffle Whole Deck Related to 32
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase System of Blind Riffles and Cuts - I. To Retain the Top Stock Related toVariations 33
S. W. Erdnase II. To Retain the Bottom Stock Related to 36
Unknown Blind Cuts - I. To Retain Bottom Stock. Top Losing One Card 39
Unknown II. To Retain the Complete Stock Also published here 40
Unknown III. To Retain the Top Stock running cut with breakRelated toVariationsAlso published here 41
S. W. Erdnase IV. To Retain the Bottom Stock VariationsAlso published here 42
S. W. Erdnase V. To Retain Bottom Stock. Riffle II and Cut IV Combination Riffle and Cuts 44
Unknown Fancy Blind Cuts - I. To Retain the Complete Stock 44
S. W. Erdnase II. To Retain the Complete Stock Variations 45
Unknown One-Handed Fancy True Cut tabledRelated to 46
Unknown To Indicate the Location for the Cut - I. This is located by the Crimp bridge crimp, for use after overhand shuffleVariations 48
S. W. Erdnase II. This is located by the jog for use after overhand shuffle 50
Unknown III. This is located by the crimp bridge crimp, for use after riffle shuffle 51
Unknown IV. This is located by the jog for use after riffle shuffle 51
S. W. Erdnase Bottom Dealing featuring the Erdnase GripRelated toVariationsAlso published here 52
S. W. Erdnase Top and Bottom Dealing with One Hand using the Erdnase Bottom Deal 56
S. W. Erdnase Second Dealing two methodsRelated to 58
S. W. Erdnase Ordinary Methods of Stocking, Locating and Securing different methods while toying with the deckVariations 60
Unknown Stock Shuffle milk build, also for more hands at onceVariations 65
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase System of Stock Shuffling - Two-Card Stock
- Three-Card Stock
- Four-Card Stock
- Five-Card Stock
- Twelve-Card Stock--For Draw Poker
- Euchre Stock--Four-Handed Game-1
- Euchre Stock--Four-Hande Game-2
Inspired byRelated toVariations 68
S. W. Erdnase The Erdnase System of Cull Shuffling - To Cull Two Cards
- To Cull Three Cards
- To Cull Four Cards
- To Cull Nine Cards
Related toVariations 78
S. W. Erdnase The Erdnase System of Palming - Top Palm. First Method Related to 83
S. W. Erdnase Top Palm. Second Method 85
S. W. Erdnase Draw Replacement deck drawn to table edge 86
S. W. Erdnase Bottom Palm. First Method with left little finger optionRelated toVariations 86
S. W. Erdnase Bottom Palm. Second Method 88
S. W. Erdnase Bottom Palm Replacement Related to 90
S. W. Erdnase Bottom Palm When Cards Are Riffled almost tabled after riffle shuffle, two methods 90
S. W. Erdnase Top Palm When Cards Are Riffled after riffle shuffle 92
S. W. Erdnase To Maintain the Bottom Palm While Dealing delaying its use 93
S. W. Erdnase To Hold the Location of Cut while Dealing delaying a shift or similar action 94
S. W. Erdnase Shifts 95
Unknown Two-Handed Shift 97
S. W. Erdnase The Erdnase Shift. One Hand VariationsAlso published here 99
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Shift. Two Hands 102
S. W. Erdnase To Ascertain the Top Cards while Riffling and Reserve them at Bottom see elegant title, tabled double cutVariations 103
S. W. Erdnase Mode of Holding the Hand how to hold the hand for poker playing 104
S. W. Erdnase Skinning the Hand to rearrange a heavy poker hand 106
S. W. Erdnase Small Packet Top Palm 107
S. W. Erdnase Dealing Without the Cut dealing from half pack to avoid shift and simplify bottom deal 109
S. W. Erdnase The Player without an Ally 109
S. W. Erdnase Replacing the Cut as Before bold 110
S. W. Erdnase Holding Out for the Cut 110
S. W. Erdnase Shifting the Cut tips for the card table 111
S. W. Erdnase Dealing Too Many dealing too many cards in a game, double deal is only hinted at 112
S. W. Erdnase Crimping for the Cut using crimp in a game, player cuts to crimp 113
S. W. Erdnase Replacing Palm When Cutting two for top, one for bottom 113
S. W. Erdnase The Short Deck playing with a short deck, card table advantage 116
Unknown Three Card Monte two methods for the Throw Switch 117
Unknown Mexican Three Card Monte featuring the Mexican Turnover 122
S. W. Erdnase Legerdemain 125
Charlier Single Handed Shift also for control 128
S. W. Erdnase The Longitudinal Shift Also published here 130
S. W. Erdnase The Open Shift color change mention on page 134Related toVariations 132
S. W. Erdnase The S.W.E. Shift color change mention on page 136Related toVariations 134
S. W. Erdnase The Diagonal Palm-Shift mention of top palm, bottom palm, multiple shift on page 141Related toVariationsAlso published here 137
S. W. Erdnase The Blind Shuffle For Securing Selected Card with palm off for a spectator shuffle 141
Unknown Forcing Variations 142
S. W. Erdnase Palming two methods
- without apparently touching the deck with right hand
- single card à la Vernon's Topping the Deck
Related toVariations 144
Unknown The Back Palm 145
Unknown Changes - The Top Change old style with finger change 147
Unknown The Bottom Change 148
Adrian Plate The Palm Change uncredited 149
Prof. Robert Hellis The Double-Palm Change Related to 150
S. W. Erdnase, Unknown Transformations. Two Hands six methodsRelated to 151
S. W. Erdnase Sixth Method featuring unusual palmVariations 154
S. W. Erdnase Transformations. One Hand one-handed, two methods 156
Unknown Blind Shuffles, Retaining Entire Order. - First Method Related to 159
Unknown Second Method can be done without tableRelated to 161
Unknown Third Method similar to second method, can be done without tableRelated to 163
Unknown Fourth Method Greek Shuffle 164
Charlier Fifth Method 165
Unknown Methods for Determining a Card Thought Of A. By the Riffle
B. By Springing Flourish
C. By the Cut
D. By the Gaze
Related toVariations 165
Unknown To Get Sight of Selected Card with spectator insertion subtlety, three centre glimpses 168
Unknown The Slide Related to 168
Unknown Catching Two Cards at Fingertips "Favorite Sleights for Terminating Tricks" 169
Unknown Leaving Selected Card in Hand of Spectator hitting deck out of his hand 169
Unknown The Revolution air pressure turnover 170
Unknown Card Rising from the Hand 170
S. W. Erdnase Card Tricks 171
S. W. Erdnase The Exclusive Coterie Related to 172
S. W. Erdnase The Divining Rod blindfoldedRelated to 174
S. W. Erdnase The Invisible Flight 177
S. W. Erdnase Tricks with the Prearranged Deck Eight Kings - set up explained with methods to calculate cards and their positions (applicable for any cyclic stack)Related toVariations 179
S. W. Erdnase Weighing Cards 180
S. W. Erdnase Producing Any Card Called For 181
S. W. Erdnase Naming Cards... 181
S. W. Erdnase Knowing Position of any named Card 182
S. W. Erdnase The Traveling Cards Related to 185
Unknown The Row of Ten Cards spectator displaces x cards in packet, an x value card is produced 188
S. W. Erdnase The Acrobatic Jacks kind of Cavorting AcesRelated to 191
S. W. Erdnase A Mind-Reading Trick one out of four, "did you see your card already" and fishingRelated to 194
S. W. Erdnase Power of Concentrated Thought number up to tenRelated toVariations 196
Unknown The Acme of Control old effect with pair of pseudo duplicates 197
S. W. Erdnase The Card and Handkerchief Variations 198
S. W. Erdnase The Top and Bottom Production ladies looking glass 200
S. W. Erdnase The Three Aces Ace of Hearts poses as Diamonds, distributed Aces are together after one cutRelated to 202
S. W. Erdnase The Card and Hat card to under hatVariations 204