Written by Christian Scherer

Work of Christian Scherer

204 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Christian Scherer.
Language: German

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Christian Scherer Vorwort 5
Christian Scherer Nicht ganz hunderprozentig card is found with two locator cards, with improvisation part 7
Frank Kelly, Joseph Ovette Kelly-Ovette Bottom Placement to second from bottom 7
Christian Scherer Das Orakel von Bern 12
Unknown Turnover Book Break in turning cards over, break to step 14
Edward Marlo Breakless Curry Change 15
Christian Scherer Blitz-Asse II four aces are produced at the same time, in the handsRelated to 19
Christian Scherer Ganz einfach deck under handkerchief held by spectator, performer reaches under silk and produces selectionInspired by 24
Christian Scherer, S. W. Erdnase Karte durch Tuch no palming method for card through handkerchiefInspired by 27
Christian Scherer Fernseh-Asse performer cuts to the aces one by one 34
Christian Scherer Jass Deal winning hand for Swiss card game "Jass", all cards are known and performer gets winning hand 37
Christian Scherer Hier oder da - oder wo? two card transposition, three phases on spectator's hands, last phase card from pocket changes with card in spectator's hand 40
Harry Lorayne Illogical Double Lift 41
Norman Houghton Pocket Load 46
Paul Curry Curry Turnover 47
Christian Scherer Paradoxes focieren sighting the card while explaining the concept, stop force 53
Christian Scherer Spielerisches Abheben in the hands false flourish cut 56
Christian Scherer Scherer Card Index system and construction details of the Scherer card index 62
Christian Scherer Multiple Card Throw Variation Impeccable Double variationInspired by 68
Christian Scherer Gut beobachtet two kings on spectator's hands transform into aces, kings are the produced in the deck 71
Christian Scherer Ehrgeiziger geht es nicht mehr ambitious card sequence with torn cornerRelated to 74
Christian Scherer Impeccable Prediction Plus two phases, second phase with torn corner of prediction cardInspired by 78
Christian Scherer Einmalig face of card with signed back and torn corner changes 85
Unknown Riffle Force brief 85
Hippie Torrales While Burned top change handling 85
Harry Lorayne Relativity Color Change 88
Christian Scherer Einzelne Karten ins Topit befördern 1. Eine (oder mehrere) Karte(n) vom Spiel ins Topit befördern
(to topit one or several cards from the deck)
2. Eine (oder mehrere) Karte(n) von einem kleinen Paket ins Topit befördern
(to topit one or several cards from a small packet)
2.1 Mehrere Karten in eine verwandeln
(transform several cards into one card)
3. Eine von zwei (als eine Karte vorgezeigt) Karte ins Topit befördern
(topit one of two cards, which are held as one card)
3.1 Sichtbare Verwandlung
(visual transformation)
3.2 Verzögerte Verwandlung
(delayed transformation)
Christian Scherer Entwischt four kings under handkerchief change into a joker, kings are found elsewhere 102
Christian Scherer Robotranspo signed card travels from among four red backed kings to four blue backed kings, both packets secured with rubber bands 104
Christian Scherer Ich steh' drauf! two card transposition, one under spectator's foot other in performer's pocket, signed 108
Christian Scherer Die Karte in der Kristallkugel crystal ball turns into signed card under handkerchief 110
Steve Bedwell The Dribble Toss Control 110
Christian Scherer Phantasmagorie case and deck put in a bag and is shaken up, signed card is found inside the box 121
Christian Scherer Die Umdrehpalmage as top card is turned over, similar to Marlo's Stud Turn PalmRelated to 128
Christian Scherer Kartenfärbung color change with Umdrehpalmage 130
Christian Scherer Offenes Kolorieren color change with Umdrehpalmage 132
Christian Scherer Center Double Lift 132
Christian Scherer Die Umdrehpalmage als Rückseitenfärbung color change of the back of a card, with Umdrehpalmage 138
Christian Scherer Spektraldruck blank deck turns into normal deck 140
Christian Scherer Schnelldruck blank case is printed 152
Christian Scherer Materialisiert deck appears in the hands of the performer, in front of the body 158
Christian Scherer Gigantisch deck with selection changes visually into a jumbo card matching the selection 162
Christian Scherer, Dr. Jacob Daley Nicht die letzte Variation Daley's last trick variation, with a glass, two phases 166
Christian Scherer Reflexartig reflex variation, with small toy gunInspired byRelated to 172
Christian Scherer Rekordverdächtig in the hands, without selection 175
Looy Simonoff Flippant 182
Christian Scherer Die vier Prinzessinen with fairy tail presentation and mechanical music boxInspired by 183
Christian Scherer Ascanio Spread Variation 191
Christian Scherer Hofzinsers Handschuh cards put in a box, selection is fished out with a glove, that holds the card in an eery wayVariations 194
Christian Scherer Literatur 201