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Work of John F. Mendoza

137 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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John F. Mendoza Introduction
John F. Mendoza Topsy-Turvy Aces 1
Unknown Partial Table Faro brief 2
Unknown Tabled Slip-Cut 2
Piet Forton Forton Pop-Out 4
John F. Mendoza The Zarrow Shuffle 5
John F. Mendoza Impossible Poker Demonstration aces cut to in named order, shuffled back and cut to again (Estimation Aces), roll-over production with Royal Flushes, ten handed deal first with aces, then two royal flushes (Marlo-Gardner principle), optional color changing deck kickerInspired by 7
Unknown Chair Pulling Deck Switch brief 14
John F. Mendoza, Derek Dingle, Bruce Cervon The Uneral-Geniversal Card odd-backed Ace of Spades changes into four selections one by one 16
John F. Mendoza A word about double lifts praising the strike lift 16
Unknown Packet Stop Force during running card from hand to table 17
John F. Mendoza Routined Poker Mental princess card trick with lie detection presentationVariations 19
John F. Mendoza The simple collectors 24
Edward Marlo ATFUS 24
Edward Marlo Cover-Up Cut 25
John F. Mendoza, Jim Ryan Vice-Versa two spectators get the wrong card, then they transpose, duplicateInspired by 27
Charlie Miller, John F. Mendoza The Miller(?) Change card rises from back of deck, changes thereRelated toVariations 29
John F. Mendoza Lightning Inspired by 31
John F. Mendoza Twisting The Aces Again last Ace changes into odd-backed King 33
John F. Mendoza The Quick Cull downjog cull 35
John F. Mendoza The Quick Cull - Effect cards shuffled face-up and face-down, all cards right themselves except for named four-of-a-kind 35
John F. Mendoza The D'Amico Spread also for more cards 37
John F. Mendoza Invisible Palm Aces 38
Unknown Tent Vanish brief 38
John F. Mendoza Guessing Game guessing game with four Kings, they change into Tens 39
John F. Mendoza All Gone card selected and returned, performer names it, it turns over and is odd-backed, rest blank, with variationInspired by
  • "Triple Chance"
Related to
  • "Paleface Pasteboards"
Don Alan Blackjacked brief, suggested as combination 46
John F. Mendoza Have You Ever Heard Of? four-card montes with Ace through Four which change into four Aces 47
Edward Marlo Mechanical Second Deal as glide substitute 48
John F. Mendoza On The Elevator two handlings, with climax (either faces or backs transform) 49
Bruce Elliott Elliott's Card Change 50
Edward Marlo, Tony Kardyro K.M. Move 51
John F. Mendoza The Coin Routine (No. 1) copper and silver coin transpose, both change to copper, then silver, then into four dollars, coins across with those, two more dollars appear and a copper coin, coins through table, drill production from purse 54
Jules DeBarros The Ishtar Move showing two copper/silver coins from both sides 55
John F. Mendoza, Slydini One-Handed Imp Pass retrieving a coin into hand 56
Larry Jennings, Al Schneider Pop Up Move 56
John F. Mendoza Han Ping Chien Move 58
John F. Mendoza The Coin Routine (No. 2) from handkerchief first three dollar, then four giant coins produced, then 6'' coin followed by 12'' coin, TV production 62
John F. Mendoza Sitting Spellbound II dollar changes to jumbo coin, several more changesInspired by
  • "Sitting Spellbound" (John Mendoza Lecture Notes)
John F. Mendoza Standing Spellbound jumbo coin kicker 70
John F. Mendoza Mendoza Matrix jumbo coin kicker 72
John F. Mendoza Simplified Pick-Up Move 73
John F. Mendoza The Automatic Deck sliding block productionInspired byRelated to 78
Frederick Braue Braue Addition & Switch as multiple control 78
John F. Mendoza The Lump of Coal (TLC) lump of coal appears under fez after short coin interlude, then hat is full of penniesInspired by 83
John F. Mendoza The Ultimate Torn and Restored Card signed on front and back, torn into eighth and restored, last corner restored as well
- Restoration of the Torn Corner
John F. Mendoza The Bowl Routine longer combinationInspired by 92
Roy Benson The Basic Move Benson vanish with wand 97
John F. Mendoza The Coin Casket marked quarter to brass box, routine for prop in which marked coin changes, then grows, then changes into the box, Benzais China Change 98
John F. Mendoza, George LaFollette The Card In The Wallet no palm 101
John F. Mendoza Interlude III ending for "Interlude II" from Johnson Products 103
John F. Mendoza The Chop Cup 105
John F. Mendoza, Steve Spain Steve France hot dog production after Jean Merlin's bill routineInspired by
  • "The Little Travellers" (Jean Merlin)
John F. Mendoza Copper, Silver Brass..What a Gas! 110
Scott Drake Drake-Trix four different coins 114
Barry Nelson The Flash Cups very short routine (one minute) that ends with final loads 116
Barry Nelson Jennings Improved Inspired by 119
David Stahl The World's Most Expensive Okito Box Routine different coins from box with hole to under crossed cards 121
Unknown Coin Load under Card 121
David Roth Fake Insertion 123
John F. Mendoza The First Stage of My Career bare-handed dove production from candle on table 126
John F. Mendoza The Ring Routine three rings 128
John F. Mendoza In Closing 136