Written by Roberto Giobbi

Work of Various

250 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Barbara Giobbi-Ebnöther.
Language: English

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Roberto Giobbi Thanks iv
Roberto Giobbi Dedication x
Juan Tamariz Foreword xi
Roberto Giobbi Introduction to Volume 1 xiii
Roberto Giobbi The Art of Performing Magic with Cards - A Personal Note
- How to Get the Most from this Book
- The Best Way to Learn from this Book
- A Comment on the Illustrations
- On the Terminology
- Thinking Beyond What is Immediately Required
- Art and Expression in the Handling of Cards
- How Much Theory is Necessary?
- The Path of the Master
Roberto Giobbi A Brief History of Playing Cards 5
Roberto Giobbi Instruments and Tools The Hands
- Hand Care
The Playing Cards
- Card Decks
- Card Size
- The Finish
- Face and Back Designs
- The Card Case
- Treating the Cards
- General Remarks
The Close-up Pad
- Pad Size
- Material
- Color
Roberto Giobbi Fundamental Techniques introduction 13
Unknown Dealing Position - open dealing position
- straddle dealing position
Unknown The End Grip - open end grip
- covered end grip
Unknown Elevated Dealing Position 18
Unknown Squaring the Deck 19
Unknown The All-around Square-up honest 20
Unknown Giving the Deck a Complete Cut 21
Unknown Spreading the Cards in the Hands 21
Unknown Outjogging Cards as They are Spread between the Hands 23
Unknown Dribbling Cards 24
Unknown Dealing Cards 24
Unknown Dealing Cards Face Down - The Draw Method 25
Unknown Dealing Cards Face Up - The Stud Method 26
Unknown The Swing Cut 27
Roberto Giobbi The Break introduction 28
Unknown The Little-finger Break 28
Unknown Forming a Little-finger Break Under the Top Card - Two-handed Method 29
Unknown Forming a Little-finger Break Under the Top Card - One-handed Method 30
Unknown Forming a Little-finger Break Under Multiple Cards 31
Unknown The Thumb Break 32
Unknown The Step 33
Unknown The Riffle also while holding break 34
Unknown The Ribbon Spread 35
Roberto Giobbi Overhand Shuffle Techniques, Part 1 introduction 37
Unknown The Overhand Shuffle 39
Unknown Running Single Cards 42
Unknown Control of the Top and Bottom Cards - Control of the Top Card
- Control of the Bottom Card
Unknown Controlling the Top Stock of the Deck - The Injog Shuffle 44
Unknown Controlling the Bottom Stock 47
Jean Hugard, Roberto Giobbi, Arthur Finley Thought Stealer spectator spells name of his thought of card, progressive set-upInspired by 49
Bob Veeser, Larry Jennings The Spectator Cuts the Aces Also published here 51
Roberto Giobbi False Cut Techniques, Part 1 introduction 55
Unknown An Optical False Cut from the Hand 57
Bobby Bernard The False Swing Cut for credit information see referenceRelated toVariations 58
Unknown A Simple False Cut 59
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster, Jay Ose A Triple False Cut (should really be credited to Jay Ose, I don't think the Conradi precursor - see reference - is close enough DB)Related to 60
Unknown The Slip Cut from Dealing Position 61
Unknown Hat Trick Magician cuts to three mates of three previoulsly tabled random cards 62
Nick Trost Court Card Conclave twelve court cards pair themselvesAlso published here
  • in "3 Pet Secrets" (Nick Trost)
Roberto Giobbi Card Controls Introduction 65
Unknown The Overhand Shuffle Control 67
U. F. Grant The "Whoops!" Control bold, but clever methodRelated to 68
Unknown The Diagonal Insertion into squared deck, or into fan 69
Unknown The Peek Control including a method for letting the spectator peek 72
Dai Vernon The Post-peek Overhand Shuffle Control Related to 74
Roberto Giobbi Peek Check Points selling peeked card as thought-of card 74
Edward Marlo A Peek Control for Two Cards 75
Dai Vernon The Multiple Peek Control 76
Ken Krenzel, Roberto Giobbi The One-card Middle Pass 77
Various Other Controls reference list of different controls in the CC-course 79
Unknown The Shamus Card chosen card is found in the deck by a randomly determined shamus card 80
Karrell Fox The Question is... the "point" of a ribbon spread question mark is the chosen card 81
Roberto Giobbi Force Techniques, Part 1 Introduction 83
Max Holden The Crisscross Force 85
Ed Balducci, Henry Christ, Edward Marlo The Balducci Force cut deeper 86
Horace Goldin The Goldin Force also suitable for standing performances 88
Unknown The Ten-to-twenty Force mathematical principle 90
Unknown The Lie Detector 91
Roberto Giobbi Transfer Cuts introduction 93
Dai Vernon, Roberto Giobbi The Double Cut Variations 95
Dai Vernon The Triple Cut from Top to Bottom 97
Dai Vernon The Triple Cut from Bottom to Top 98
John Scarne, Roberto Giobbi Triple Coincidence spectator and magician exchange three cards from two decks - they matchInspired by 99
Jean Hugard, Roberto Giobbi Seventh Son of a Seventh Son spectator finds three matesInspired by 101
Roberto Giobbi Riffle Shuffle Techniques Introduction 103
Unknown The Closed Riffle Shuffle 105
S. W. Erdnase Squaring after the Shuffle 107
Unknown The Open Riffle Shuffle 108
Unknown Riffle Shuffle Stock Controls - Control of the Top Stock
- Control of the Bottom Stock
- Tip For Both Shuffles
Unknown The Waterfall Riffle Shuffle 110
Persi Diaconis, Roberto Giobbi, Harry Lorayne The Red-Black Location free chosen card is found in a flashInspired by
  • Persi Diaconis trick from foreword of "Revelations"
Charles T. Jordan Red-Black Shuffle 113
Bruce Cervon, Ian Baxter, Bob Veeser Royal Flush Finale four ace production plus cutting to a Royal Flush 114
Eddie Taytelbaum Pop-Over Production 115
John Benzais Spin Cut 116
Unknown Flip-Over Flourish half set on top of other half at edge, turns card over by gravity after a short moment 116
Bruce Cervon Pivot Production from riffle shuffle position 117
Roberto Giobbi The Glide Introduction 119
Unknown The Glide 121
Edward Marlo, Roberto Giobbi The Acrobat Family variation of Marlo's Elevator Cards 123
Partagas, Jean Hugard The Coué Test righting a wrong card - "psychological" presentationInspired by 125
Roberto Giobbi The Double Lift, Part 1 Introduction 127
Unknown A Double Lift 129
Unknown A Double Turnover safe method 130
Sven Maro Rise and Swap 132
Theodore Annemann A Card in Hand locator card changes into spectator's card - in his handRelated to 133
Roberto Giobbi The Key Card introduction 135
Unknown The Key Card in a Hand-to-hand Spread 137
Unknown Key Card in a Ribbon-Spread 138
Unknown Glimpse and Placement from dribble 140
Unknown Control in a Hand-to-Hand-Spread "Location, Identification and Control with a Key Cards" 142
Unknown Tabled Ribbon Spread Control with a key card 143
Unknown Further Thoughts on the Key Card - Shuffling with a Key Card 144
Unknown Letting the Spectator Shuffle with a Key Card 144
Juan Tamariz, Moe Seidenstein, Jimmy Grippo A Phenomenal Memory performer apparently remembers a whole spread and thus identifies a chosen card that has been moved from its position 145
Paul Rosini Your Number - Your Card Related to 147
Sam Schwartz Thot Echo two card location, straight set-upRelated toVariationsAlso published here 149
Roberto Giobbi Hindu Shuffle Technique Introduction 154
Unknown The Hindu Shuffle 155
Unknown Glimpsing the Bottom Card with a Hindu Shuffle 157
Unknown Placing a Key Card with the Hindu Shuffle 157
Unknown The Hindu Shuffle Force 158
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Card Controls 160
Unknown The Lucky Card Spectator locates his card with his Lucky Card 164
Unknown The Magus Card spectator cuts to a card that matches a mysterious prediction 166
Roberto Giobbi Flourishes, Part 1 Introduction 167
Unknown Turning Over the Top Card 1 169
Unknown Turning Over the Top Card 2 170
Unknown Turning Over the Top Card 3 171
Charlier The Charlier Cut 172
Nate Leipzig The Swivel Cut 173
Unknown The Boomerang Card 175
Unknown The Spring Riffle Shuffle flourish 176
Jack Merlin Jack Merlin Riffle Shuffle flourishRelated to 177
M. Jules Dhotel The Pop-up Card 178
Unknown The Wind-up Gag 179
Unknown The Two-handed Fan 179
Unknown The Broad One-handed Fan 181
Unknown The Reverse One-handed Fan with blank application 182
Unknown The Ribbon Spread Turnover 183
Roberto Giobbi Spread Cull Techniques Introduction 186
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser The Spread Cull 187
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Roberto Giobbi, Fred Robinson The Under-the-Spread Force 189
Edward Marlo, Roberto Giobbi The Magic Phone Number spectator touches four cards and finds the four Queens next to them 191
Unknown As You Like It magician cuts to named four-of-a-kind 192
Roberto Giobbi Useful Auxiliary Sleights Introduction 196
Unknown Thumb Counting plus suggestions for management of this technique 197
Unknown The Little-finger Count plus many applications 201
Unknown The Secret Addition of Cards 203
Frederick Braue The Braue Addition 204
Stanley Collins The Tip-over Addition Related to 206
Edward Marlo, Alex Elmsley ATFUS 208
Unknown The Single, Double and Multiple Push-over 211
Unknown Buckling One or More Cards 212
Roberto Giobbi Force Techniques, Part 2 Introduction 216
Unknown The Classic Force - Technique, Handling and Structure
- The Psychological Management of the Spectators
- The Inner Game of the Performer
- How to Practice the Classic Force
Roberto Giobbi Outs for the classic force
Direct Methods:
- The "Whoops!" Method
- A Direct Exchange of the X-Card for the Two of Spades
Indirect Methods:
- The Crisscross Force
Another Trick
Final Observations
Rainer Teschner, Roberto Giobbi The Riffle Force 224
Unknown The Jumping Pulse a chosen card is found by feeling the spectator's pulse 227
Theodore Annemann, Roberto Giobbi, Kenneth Chamberlain Headliner! image of chosen card appears printed in newspaper 228
Roberto Giobbi The Top Change introduction 231
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Roberto Giobbi The Top Change 233
Unknown, Roberto Giobbi Top Change Covers five different natural situations 236
Roberto Giobbi The Top Change as an Out for the Classic Force 238
Larry Jennings, Roberto Giobbi Metamorphosis spectator finds three matching values for a "prediction card"Inspired by 239
Jack Merlin, Roberto Giobbi The Jinx Change 240
Roberto Giobbi The Lucky Coin spectator locates a chosen card with a coinRelated toVariations 241