Written by Jan Torell
Work of Jan Torell
30 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
16 entries
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Jan Torell The Pull to make a large silk vanish, with examples
Also published here 3
Jan Torell The Pocketlift silk rises from breast pocket
Jan Torell Silkproduction multiple handkerchief production, thread
Also published here 7
Jan Torell Torell Handkerchief Fold brief, small bundle to make it appear
Jan Torell A Clip for a Silk holder
Jan Torell A Giant Card to Silk card to silk, then more handkerchiefs and cards are produced
Variations 13
Jan Torell Trick with 3 Giant Cards three jumbo cards, silk is produced and back of one card changes color
Jan Torell Dice Card jumbo card changes to jumbo die
Jan Torell Card Frame card in frame / houlette changes into silk
Jan Torell Quick Colour Change of a Silk
Jan Torell Cigarette Box cigarette box changes into pack of playing cards, piece of paper changes into thimble
Jan Torell Thimble Sequence finger with thimble is removed, gag
Jan Torell Silk Dyeing in a Paper-Tube in rolled up paper
Also published here 23
Jan Torell Floating Glasses glass sticks to tray, to silk and floats slowly on a table
Jan Torell A Hint for the Multiplying Candles
Also published here 28
Jan Torell The Acrobatic Match-Box stands up on stretched out palm and lid opens
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